Additional Instructions

Instructions and Cautions for BRMs

Brevets de Randonneur Mondiaux (BRMs) are conducted under the rules of AUDAX CLUB PARISIEN. All participants are expected to have read and understood AIR Ride Rules and 
ACP Rules for BRMs Worldwide.  


·      Please clarify any doubts before the ride.

·      Please report at the Start Point 30 minutes before the start time, to allow for inspections and to fill out your brevet cards.

·      If not paid, entry fee is to be paid at start point before inspection (medal fees are separate and not included in registration fees).


Inspection: Before being handed your brevet card, you will be inspected for —

·      Helmet

·      Front and rear lights

·      Spare batteries (not required for 200km BRM)

·      Reflective vest

·      Audax India Rider numbers displayed on front and rear of cycle, secured well in clear plastic (this will not be provided by organisers)

·      Credit/Debit/ATM card, number will be noted for reference when required (to be used at ATMs specified as unmanned controles)

Riders without any of the above will not be given brevet cards and will therefore not be allowed to ride


Ride instructions:

·      You will be given a printout of route details.

·      Please check out the route map, read the details of the route and get your doubts and directions clarified before the ride.

·      Hand over your brevet cards to the volunteers at each controle to be signed, stamped and time of arrival noted. It is your responsibility to retain your brevet card with you at all times throughout the ride.

·      Please call the volunteer at the next controle and ride co-ordinator in case you are abandoning the ride for any reason. Inform the ride-co-ordinator on your return to the organizing city.

·      While most controles are at restaurants/dhabas, you can suit yourselves and eat, water up and rest as you need.

·      Carry your debit/credit cards for the unmanned controls and some cash as instructed.

·      In case of unmanned controls, retain receipts of the restaurants and the ATMs and hand them in along with your brevet card.

·      Fill in the ride details and personal details in your brevet cards, and sign and tick if you want a medal before handing over the brevet card along with the medal fees.

·      Hand over your brevet card to the volunteer/official at the end point, or send it to your respective organiser within three days after the brevet.

·      After homologation, your brevet card will be returned along with medals in 4-6 months. You will be informed of their arrival. 


IMPORTANT - Check with your respective Organizer regarding any other Rules/Instructions/Cautions that may apply