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Welcome to the homepage for the Postage Calculator/ Auction Text Generator SourceForge project.

The software, in its simplest form, is designed to calculate postage rates for a given package based on its Height, Width, Depth (all in mm), and Weight (in g). The software currently comes with UK pricing information from Royal Mail but is configurable allowing people to add postal rates for their own countries.

For those that sell professionally the software will also allow you to add a "Handling Fee" to your postal charges that will cover your listing expenses (eBay listing fee calculator included, but you can add others), packaging costs, as well as any other expenses.

Finally in either form the application will generate a HTML page that can be added to your auction that will show all the postal options available to you.

This project is constantly evolving, if you have any comments, suggestions, or would like to contribute then please post a note in the Sourceforge Forums.

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- Andy Pellew (Project Developer)