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Auckland Black  Powder Club

2017 gathering.

The  Auckland Black powder club anniversary weekend gathering was held  on the last weekend in January 2017.

By Friday evening  many shooters, wives, children and dogs were in residence at the lower Mangatwhiri  camp ground having arrived in various forms of transport from many parts of the country.  The club regrets that next year the family fees  and possibly adult fees too will have to rise – the Auckland regional council camp fee is now $8 per adult and $4 per child per night. 

The strict rules pertaining to open fires were explained; free rubbish collection bags were handed  out . The evening proceeded in a seemly manner: no  accommodation was burnt, no children were put in a rubbish bags - as far as the committee is aware. Conversation continued late into the evening in many camps but was not excessively noisy or raucous: a happy relaxed camp.

More attendees arrived on Saturday. Registration commenced shortly after 8am conducted by  Chris Nelson ( Secretary ) and Richard Lees ( Treasurer).  The briefing was conducted by   Mark  Brooke President of the club - in a light hearted manner wearing  mixed medieval/long rifle  attire, fashionable head dress and a knife that  would have won the knife showing competition had there been one.

 Shooting commenced at 1030 and proceeded throughout the day with a two hour break for lunch.  Some attendees shot on the range during the lunch period, appointing their own range officer. The afternoon was very hot. Mr Brooke- with the addition of dark sunglasses, was assisted in running the range by Mr Nelson and the Hobbit Mr Lees , who also wore sunglasses. 

In the cool of the evening a shared meal was held and well attended. A splendid repast was devoured and joviality was the order of the evening.

On Sunday shooting commenced at 10am and proceeded through until after lunch.  The Prize giving was held  late afternoon. Winner’s certificates were  presented by Mr  Brooke, still in the same attire as he wore Saturday, without the head attire, but sporting extensive Viking  jewellery and an even bigger knife worn at the navel ( fashionable at the moment).

 The overall winner was Darryn Holloway which occasioned much applause. Jared Rehm took out the firelock prize. The usual top shooters were well represented in the results: The Morris’ Family, the White’s, Kesten Lindquist and of course - the former treasure of the club now domiciled in Taupo - Mr Grant  Smeaton.

Mr Smeaton’s Beagle  Trading  ( smeatonlg@xtra.co.nz) did a steady trade in gun parts and we are indeed fortunate  to have Grant  provide this service at shoots;  a particularly valuable service given the regulations on importation of gun parts. We should support his business.

Following the prize giving many attendees left having to get home for  work on Monday. On Monday everyone except three  committee members had left by noon.  The club is indebted to those who helped make the shoot possible through setup, range officering and take down. We hope to see you all back next year.

 Richard Lees