Auckland Blackpowder Club

Mangatawhiri Range

The Auckland Blackpowder Club's range is located in the lower Mangatawhiri valley in the Hunua Regional Park. The park is administered by the Auckland Regional Council and the club is fortunate enough to have access to this beautiful location on the second and fourth weekends of each month.

The range is open for shooting on Sundays and comprises a single 50m range with some shooting benches but no covered firing point. The line can accommodate up to 22 shooters firing on paper targets and there is a variety of steel gongs to be shot.

Special Rules: The range is certified for blackpowder long-arms (both muzzleloading and breechloading) and .22 rimfire rifles. No pistols of any kind or centrefire nitro firearms are permitted.

Camping is available on the Saturday and although the range is closed to shooting on this day, you will find club members camping and socialising nearly every scheduled weekend, even during winter. A number of club members also use this time to practice their 18th century camping skills. The campground is equipped with long-drop toilets, has plenty of shade trees and a stream, and is used year round. Camping fees are $6 per adult. No open fires permitted.

Access to the range is via a locked gate. Visitors please contact us for the combination.

Where to find us

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  • Exiting the motorway at  Papakura you will be on Beach road,
  • Proceed through two set of lights at the second set of lights  Beach road becomes Settlement road  (SHOPS ON YOUR RIGHT )
  • Proceed on Settlement road passing through another set of lights and go on to a roundabout and continue straight ahead.
  • You will pass shops on your left and after that look for  Hunua road on your right.
  • Turn right into Hunua road and continue for  14kms to Hunua  village.
  • Proceed through Hunua  village and as you exit  Hunua village you will see a supermarket  sign on your right.
  •   6.5kms from this point turn left into Moumoukai Rd
  •  After 1.5 kms  continue right still on  Moumoukai  Rd  this  is the  road to Mangatawhiri Dam.  (do not go left  to the  Wairoa  Dam).
  • Go up the hill and  the road becomes a  gravel road, through the gate at the top of the hill and down to the bottom of the hill.
  •  At the bottom of the hill take the right turn for about 100 yards and you will come to a locked gate. Enter the code if you know it or were given when you were briefed by the president. Lock the gate such a fashion that others can open it after not isolate the lock on its own!
  •  Please STRICTLY observe the 30kph speed limit after the locked gate, as we share the park with the public it is very likely you will encounter horses, mountain bikers, runners & trampers. We cannot afford any complaints regarding speeding or poor driving on the road in.
  •  Proceed through the gate and continue on Mangatangi Hill road for 3.7 kms, crossing a  ford and continuing  until you  sweep  around a gentle right hand curve  - do not proceed up the hill - but take the  turn  on your right into Graeme White  Road
  • Proceed  on  Graeme White  road for  3kms ending in a steep  descent   to the lower  Mangatawhiri  camp ground. This is where you will camp if you have come for the  gathering. You made it!
  •  To get to the range turn right at the ‘T’‘, proceed through the open gate and the range is the first turn on the left.

PLEASE NOTE:  Until you speak to an ABC club member, do not drive any further than the green portacom.  Park the car THERE and walk the rest of the way.  The Rangers have planted a llot of native trees and plants, and it is important that these are not damaged.

You've made it.