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Forth coming shooting events 2015



 Everyone except the President and Vice President of the club had left. The van and the car were packed and now they sat in the hot, humid early afternoon shade on the only bench drinking cool ginger beer. They had walked the camp sites and found them clean with only the flattened grass showing where everyone had sat, talked, laughed and slept. “The boys,” said the vice president “were a credit to the black powder brother hood;” and the president agreed and a took a pull on his ginger beer.  He was wearing leggings, a breech clout, no shirt and moccasins; the vice president wondered what the mountain bike riders - who had just that moment ridden through the camp ground, thought of his attire.

“Let’s go before they clog up the road,” said the vice president and they got in their vehicles and slowly wound their way up the steep, dusty, manuka shaded hill.

And so ended the    2015 anniversary weekend shoot of the Auckland Black Powder Gathering.

Friday night was notable for a campervan fire. Unfortunately Graham’s camper van caught fire from a lamp and it was only the speedy action of people, firstly who noted it and raised the alarm and secondly prevented the situation becoming very serious. We were impressed that so many people responded so quickly and with five fire extinguishers and buckets of water the situation was quickly brought under control. Well done everyone, it was good to know that you had prepared for such and event. Undaunted, Graham soon had a shelter prepared and settled down to enjoy his weekend.     

Registration and safety briefing completed we proceeded to the range on Saturday and shot paper targets, on Sunday, gongs.  On the Saturday the Vetterli, save a mate, the turkey, and folded paper targets were shot. T he President apologises for the Vetterli recount which altered the results given at the Sunday prize giving – see results.

On the Sunday we shot the diminishing gongs, the plains game, and a ten target team shoot and the gunfighter. Later detailed inspection of the target revealed the importance of regular target inspection prior to, and during this event, particularly when the target is hit repeatedly. The plates were pitted badly; the angle of deflection had altered. In short, the target needs a rebuild. 

A shared meal was enjoyed on the Saturday evening and following this the Axe and knife event took place. Horse shoe throwing was provided t but was not a competition event.

The weather was kind if a little hot. It was a small gathering as it has been for several years now.   Mark, Jerry and I remembered those who, for one reason or another - were not there: Gary, Jack and Ness, Phil, Jimmy, Jug and Larry, Daphne, Tony and others.  We were glad to welcome Rick and Alf to the gathering and we look forward to seeing them next year. After a few years absence we were glad to see Cliffy back.

The  President thanks all those from other clubs who attended and assisted with running the event and Chris, Ross and  Jerry , members of  ABC.

After word:

The vice president arrived at the President’s house and unloaded his tools and tent polls. The president was still wearing no shirt, his leggings, breech clout and moccasins. The vice president, as he drove home in his shorts and shirt - knew with absolute certainty there had only been one person   driving through Auckland, New Zealand’s biggest city - dressed like a red Indian that anniversary weekend. He was laughing because the breech clout was made from the scarf of a notable private school in the south island!

 Richard Lees, Vp ABC 2015

  • Shooters wishing to obtain a list of forthcoming shooting events should visit the New Zealand Black Powder shooters Federation website.
  • Shooting takes place at the Auckland  Black Powder Club Hunua Range on the 2nd and 4th weekends of the  month. Visiting Black powder shooters are welcome and should contact the president: Mob 021­152­4941,or the secretary: (09) 2733274 (evenings)  in the first instance