6 - Charrette

Perth & Kinross Council commissioned a "Charrette" for Auchterarder in spring 2015.  The process was fully supported by the Auchterarder Community Partnership and the Auchterarder & District Community Council, and the two public consultation meetings were each attended by around 100 people.  The Final Report was issued in September 2015, and copies are available in Auchterarder Library.
The challenge to the community is to now keep this a living and developing document, and to endeavour to deliver on the aspects of the report that are within the community capabilities.  Both the ACP and the A&DCC will endeavour to play their part and seek leaders to support and deliver agreed outcomes.

2016 is seen to have three key objectives:
    1.  To ensure agreed aspects of the report are included in the Local Development Plan through being raised in the Main Issues Report. In progress with A&DCC

    2.  Target "What can be done by the Community" eg Establish route to achieve the "Spring Clean"

    3.  Alignment with the proposed Business Improvement District plans for the development of Dunlop Park and/or other options agreed by the businesses. No longer applicable due to closure of BID activity

What Can be Done NOW?
The proposed Charrette Report Outcomes and a proposed schedule are included at the foot of this page. 
If YOU would like to work towards achieving any of the outcomes please contact Auchterarder & District Community Council or the Auchterarder Community Partnership in the first instance.

Proposed "Outcomes" from the Report