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Annual General Meeting

Want to be involved in running the oldest society at the University?

Want to make new friends and improve your CV?

Think about joining our committee!

The next AGM will be held in April 2013.

·         President - The President is responsible for the overall running of the society. This involves chairing meetings, networking and giving the society direction. 

·         Vice-President - The Vice-President is the right hand man(woman) to the President. The Vice President will assist the President during meetings and stand in for him/her when required. Along with the President the Vice President is responsible for ensuring the actions agreed on in meetings are carried out.

·         Secretary - The Secretary is responsible for keeping the membership informed about what is going on with the society as well as handling any official correspondence and publishing the minutes. Along with the marketing Co-ordinator, the Secretary is responsible for ensuring that all our online media, such as Facebook, Twitter and the website are used to their full potentia

·         Treasurer - The Treasurer controls the purse strings of the society. A background in finance is not required as full training is given. Note that AUSA policy states that this position can not be held by a 4th Year.

·         Language Officer - The Language Officer is responsible for ensuring all the Celtic languages are promoted equally within the society.

·         Events Organiser - The Celtic Society organise a number of meetings throughout the year such as ceilidhs, trips to cultural sites and gigs, and much more. The Events Organiser is responsible for pulling these together. 

·         Shannachie - The Shanachie is responsible for ensuring that we have music at our fortnightly meetings. We have many musicians in the society, some who need more encouragement than others to share a tune. The Shanachie will encourage people to play and lead by example. In the past our Shanachie has held music practices which have been very successful

·         Marketing Co-ordinator - With an increasing number of societies on campus the Marketing Co-ordinator is responsible for making the Celtic Society stand out and attract new members. As well as promoting the various events that are going on within the society. Along with the Secretary, the Marketing Co-ordinator is responsible for ensuring that all our online media, such as Facebook, Twitter and the website are used to their full potential.

·         Ordinary Members

There is no need to submit a presentation or profile. We would love to hear from anybody interested in running for these positions. The committee work as a team to ensure that the society runs smoothly and would be happy to help those who apply for these positions to find their feet. The allocation of the positions shall be decided upon with a vote of society members at the AGM.  Anybody who wishes to run for any of these positions just needs to attend the AGM.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at