Music has long been a part of Celtic culture. It has evolved , diversified and travelled all over the wor

Artist of the Month

The artist of the month is Wolfstone.
Playing in Aberdeen on the 18 March 2011

ld in the past few centuries  becoming
an extnsive genre with hundreds of artists old and new. Although most people would associate "Celtic Music" with Ireland and Scotland, there are many other areas where the musical style is similar. Such as Nova Scotia, Brittany, England and Galicia  (Spain) to name  a few.

The more traditional music is stil the most popular and widely known. Artists such as The Corries, The Dubliners and Margaret Stewart sing old songs that have been sung by generations. Most ceilidh bands will play tried and tested Jigs and Reels to get people up and dancing. Newer artists such as the String Sisters and Altan pick up the pace a bit with tunes that will get you off your seat and dancing with your laundry.

Then there are the fusion
artists, who take some traits of celtic music and mix it in with another genre. These mixes can create some really excellent tunes. Whether you fancy Celtic-Dance (Afro Celt Sound System, Croft No 5), Celtic-Rock (Dropkick Murphys,  Flogging Molly), Celtic - Jazz (Sensorium, Peatbog Faeries) or any other of the weird and wonderful combinations, you will be able to find something for you.

Artist of the Month March

Here in Aberdeen there is a big traditional music scene. A number of big names come up here and play in venues like The Blue
Lamp, The Music Hall and the
Lemon Tree. We will keep you posted about who is coming up on our events page, and if you hear of anybody then let us know! There are also a lot of traditional sessions in a number of pubs througout the city. This is where musicians gather to have a jam. If you are new to Scottish music and want to get a feel of what it is about then come along and have a listen. These sessions happen all over the country and are truly the roots of the movement. The Celtic Society holds a number of music sessions in Athenaeum throughout the year and would love to welcome new musicians. Whether you are an absolute novice or famous pro, come along and teach us a tune or learn one!

The Map shows the location of the regular sessions that go on in Aberdeen

Session Locations in Aberdeen