Fàilte a h-uile duine gu làrach-lìn a' Chomainn Cheiltich Oilthigh Obar Dheathain! Welcome everyone to Aberdeen University Celtic Society Website!

The Society was founded in 1853 for Scottish Gaelic speakers as a way to create a positive space to communicate in the language and continue to celebrate it's music and culture. Since then, we have moved on from that idea, and now welcome students from any background who have an interest in the Celtic history, culture or the Gaelic language.

The main aim of the Society is to promote and encourage Celtic languages and culture as well as traditional music within the University and the wider community. This year we plan to hold a number of events including music sessions, movie nights, Celtic themed evenings and trips to local castles. We meet every Tuesday in Athenaeum so come down for some good banter and a drink or two.

Here you will find information about what we have going on and who is currently running the society.