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 Paul O'Donovan: "Suite in October"

Hi all,

Many new things again ! Been busy here with publishing and new dreamachine making, but the result is worth it.


Interzone  Editions: Publishing of "Le Temps des Naguals"

The book "Le Temps des Naguals - Autour de Burroughs et Gysin" is now published. See at


"Le Temps des Naguals - Autour de Burroughs et Gysin"  is an anthology of texts unpublished in France. It gathers writings by William Burroughs, Brion Gysin, Victor Bockris, Bill Rich, Isabelle Aubert-Baudron, interviews of Ramuntcho Matta, and many colour illustrations, among them portraits realized by Jean-Marc Vincent and illustrations by Paul O'Donovan.

This book was written to communicate a view of Burroughs and Gysin which they transmitted of themselves to people who knew them, and to bring to light certain aspects of their works neglected until now, among them the exploration of levels of "non ordinary reality", and domains of researches which they had undertaken, on the dreamachine or Doctor John Dent's apomorphine cure. Some of these researches were pursued, reproduced and experimented on the scale of the Interzone network, since August, 2007.

  " Le Temps des Naguals - Autour de Burroughs and Gysin " is the first one of nine volumes of the anthology of Interzone's writings The other volumes in English, "The Time of the Naguals", are available in electronic version (pdf format) on CD (Interzone Editions).

The contents is at  

ISBN : 978-2-9531513-6-7 - Format: 21 x 29,7 cm - 135 pages - 28 pages of illustrations - 30 €

A pdf version will come soon.

Authors Audio

Jake D. Steele publishes interviews of international authors in the site "Authors Audio"

See the page of the upcoming interviews :  :

Len Horowitz - "Love is the REAL Da Vinci Code",
Lisa Sabin-Wilson : "WordPress for Dummies"
Frosty Woolridge - "America on the Brink"
Joel Best "Stat-Spotting - A Field Guide to Identifying Dubious Data"
Steve Davenport "Uncontainable Noise"
Patrice Chaplin "City of Secrets"
John Anthony West "Serpent in the Sky"
Charles Seems "Ready Set Hired"
Kate Gale "Mating Season"

The Quantum Brothers bring you a Guide to Radial City

"Dear Friend of Radial City
You have been selected by the Quantum Brothers to receive  this  draft beta edition  of our forthcoming Beginner’s Guide to Radial City, the first  in a number of publications/events/artefacts commissioned by the Bureau of Unstable Urbanism.

Please feel free to enjoy or destroy  the attached document and/or distribute it ( or prevent its distribution) among your family and friends, subject to the terms of a Creative Commons licence.
Please stand by for future channelings.
Kind regards
The Quantum Brothers"

"Radial city" : text by Paul GREEN , artwork by Jeremy Welsh 

BUU: Bureau for Unstable Urbanism:

Download "Radial City" at  

Vago Damitio: Liminal Travel - All my travel secrets revealed

"Hi Everyone,
I've pre-released my latest book as a free e-book at . It's called "Liminal Travel" for those who don't know, liminal is an anthropological term which indicates the spaces in between. I think that it and travel go together well.

In a nutshell, this book is a philosophical companion to "Rough Living", my first book. While there are still some things to fix about it, I like to think that this book gets to the heart of the matter more than Rough Living, which was more about how to survive without money in America than about finding fulfillment through travel.

I've shopped this out to a few agents and a few publishers and I guess they didn't see the potential in it to make the million dollars they are looking for. Of course if they read the book, they might realize that they don't need to be looking for a million dollars anyway.

I'm quite happily living in Morocco on about $200 a month and seeing more than most people dream of seeing in a lifetime. I think that I've leaked 'the secrets' out in this book and those agents and publishers may have missed the boat because I think this book has the potential to reach a lot more people than the roughly 16000 who have bought or downloaded Rough Living.
We'll see though.
Anyway, to get the book, just go to and fill in your email to get the download page and the password.
If you come across any errors, have suggestions, or just like it, please let me know.
I wish you all the best,
Vago C. Damitio
Sefrou, Morocco, Africa
Vago C. Damitio 


General semantics :

Program of seminars 2010

I have put on line the program of the seminars of general semantics for 2010 at .

Seminars available :

- General semantics,

- General semantics and strategy,

- A non-Aristotelian economy,

- Dreamachined alpha waves.

Courses on line with skype are also available at 

I have also updated the following pages :

Home page :


Steve Stockdale: "Here is something about General Semantics"

I’m pleased to announce the online availability of my new book, Here’s Something About General Semantics: A Primer for Making Sense of Your World (ISBN: 978-0-9824645-0-2, 290 pages). You can read excerpts of the book, including the Contents, complete Preface, Notes and Sources, and Index of Names, here:

The book is available as an electronic book (eBook) in the PDF format, requiring only the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. The file is about 5MB in size, and can be downloaded directly from the webpage . You can simply click on a link and download the file, provided you follow the instructions on the page.

Here’s Something About GS provides a meaty but digestible introduction to General Semantics, reflecting work I’ve done in learning, teaching, and writing about general semantics for more than 13 years. It explains and applies the GS principles to promote an ongoing awareness of differences that make a difference. Learn how language and other symbols influence how you perceive your world, how you respond to your perceptions, and how you think-and-talk about your responses.

The book advocates an informed, open, and tolerant world view that’s consistent with what we currently know from integrating the sciences, arts, and humanities ... without deference to dogmas, traditions, or what passes for culturally-dependent "common sense."

I’ve included some introductory materials for those who know nothing about GS; some more in-depth explanations and descriptions (regarding the structural differential, abstracting, extensional devices, etc.); some extensions and applications of GS, including published articles, newspaper columns, and presentations; and some history about Alfred Korzybski, the organizations, and some of the people who have crossed paths with the discipline over the years.

It’s filled with examples, quotes, and has over 50 illustrations. It includes 13 pages of Notes and Sources and an Index of Names with over 250 entries. It has links to additional online material to augment the content, including links to more than 150 video clips. It’s written for a general audience, but could be especially useful for teachers who want to introduce GS principles to supplement a secondary school curriculum, or even as a module in a college-level humanities or social sciences course.

As a former student wrote:
This class was so much different from any class I've taken in college thus far. In my opinion, it was a class teaching us how to think, rather than what to think.

Please consider forwarding the links to a friend who might be interested in learning about the linguistic, behavioral, and general orientation implications of General Semantics. Feel free to mention it on your blog, post the cover image and link on your social networking page, etc.

Best regards,

Steve Stockdale
Santa Fe, NM

New look and multifunctions dreamachines

Since a long time I wanted to build dreamachines with a different look, which can be used as dreamachines, and also as nice lamps. I have had an opportunity to make several expos in Airvault, a village in the area, and used it as an occasion to work at it seriously.

I have bought new turn tables which work in 33, 45 and 78 rpm, as the 78 rpm is easier to make the cylinders. They have a small size, so the cylinders fitting for them fit for larger ones as well. They cost less than 100 €., are  small and light, and have some extra functions :

- The one from Outiror, old style, is very nice. The quality of the radio is so so honestly, but the turntable works perfectly. Price: 59,99 € + post fees.

- The other one from Elta is a digital one, modern style, and includes 78 rpm as well, a radio, USB key and SD card to record the old LP in MP3, which is great actually.
It does not seem to work with all the USB keys though, but it works, and the recordings are acceptable.
Price: 79.90 € : the cheapest I have found at the moment, more expensive in other sites.
But one can find smaller prices sometimes on eBay.


 Here are pictures of those dreamachines : (click to enlarge)


I am keeping on with different colors. More photos soon.

See also the pages in the site Interzone Editions :

Machines à rêver

et Information sur la machine à rêver - Brion Gysin - Ondes alpha: les éléments d'Henri Corbin


Geocities free sites suppressed

As Geocities suppressed the free sites,  Interzone Academy at and Interzone Library at, and several other sites (see at ) have disappeared. Though you can get the most part of them in the site of Internet Archives , respectively at*/%20 (Interzone Academy) and*/ (Interzone Library).

But as those sites have been built a long time before, I am going to put the most important pages on line in when I get time. at is being updated, so a number of pages are not on line anymore, but will come back soon when renewed. The pages on the dreamachine at have been updated.


Yannig: Come to see my Blog (Vade mecum in sillico !)

Hi all,

I have just updated my site and thought you might visit it. Just click on the link below.
Do not miss to tell me what you think.



La Peinture à Lau by Laurence Canciani

Laurence paints cloths , cushions and pieces of furniture. She has opened a shop in Thouars, and one in Airvault. Her shops are beautiful magic places where you can stop to drink a cup of tea or coffee.

See her site : La peinture à Lau at  and pictures of her shops at (shop in Thouars) and  (shop in Airvault).



 Paul O'Donovan

In the previous report, I had forgotten Paul O'Donovan's illustrations. Here are the ones of two months: "Waters of Oblivion", "Pertal Mountains", and "Beyond The Hyacinth House" at , "Suite in October" and "Starfish-on-the-Toast"  and "Going Back To Harlen" at 

Galerie Ecritures

Jean-Marc Vincent has set up the Galerie Ecritures in Montluçon:  it is opened from tuesday to friday from 3 pm to 7 pm, and saturday from 10 to 12 am and 3 to 7 pm.
Galerie Ecritures, 1 rue Pierre PETIT - 03100 MONTLUCON 

Jean-Marc made a number of original photos of Burroughs, Gysin, Patti Smith, and other personalities : click on his profile picture in his site to view some of them.


Patricia Elliott : interesting wsb art on ebay

"I just noted this art up. I love Fred, I didn't know he was going to put this up. I love this piece.
Fred has the farm where William went shooting all the time."

Maja Polackova à la Galerie Didier Devillez

Retrouvez Maja Polackova sur

53, rue Emmanuel Van Driessche • 1050 Bruxelles (Belgique) • +32(0)475 931 935



ShockerTV the noise diary : some videos from opium den

Some videos from opium den
just in case you missed our some-what-main-stream performance @ Gypsy Den in Las Vegas last Friday...

Pirate Jenny featuring MC h8e® $k8er

Dates Announced Master Musicians of Joujouka Festival 2010 June 4/5

Brian Jones 40th Anniversary Joiner Image by Jill Furmanovsky/Rock Archives
The 3rd annual Master Musicians of Joujouka Festival will take place Friday 4 and Saturday 5 June, 2010. Spend a weekend of music, food and Sufi hospitality in the village and stay in the homes of the Master Musicians of Joujouka. Breakfast, lunch and dinner provided. Arrive Friday noon and depart Sunday afternoon/evening. Impromptu and formal music performances in the natural setting with the Masters and people of Joujouka/Jajouka.

Started in 2008 with the Master Musicians of Joujouka Brian Jones 40th Anniversary Festival on July 29 and 3O. The festival moved to June in 2009 as the dates in July coincide with the Fete de Throne of King Mohamed VI which the Master Musicians attend and perform at every year. The June date also ensures a more temperate climate in Joujouka/Jajouka rather than the typical 38 C at the end of July. The dates allow for visitors to Morocco to also attend events at the Festival of Sacred Music in Fes.
Booking will be available here soon but anyone who wants to reserve a place should email Short clip from the Brian Jones 40th Anniversary Festival from a film currently in production below.

Visitors will stay in the homes of The Master Musicians of Joujouka in their home village and enjoy a weekend of life in the Sufi village in the Ahl Srif Mountains near Ksar El Kebir, Morocco. Info and advance bookings contact See The October 2009 issue of The Wire for Lise Blanning's report on the 2009 Festival. Download 10min MP3 in exclusive with The Wire Mark Paytress reported on the Brian Jones 40th Anniversary Festival in The Guardian and Mojo see Guardian.

Take me into insanity

In the Moroccan mountains, village musicians gather each year to worship the goat-man Boujeloud ... and Brian Jones. Mark Paytress joins in the wild party


As the ceremony begins, I follow the nine magnificently attired Masters - resplendent in yellow hats, white collarless shirts and dark, one-shoulder robes - as they make their way down a long, dusty track to a gently lit corner of the village square, where some 120 villagers and visitors are gathered. Without realising it, I perch upon the same rock Jones sat on 40 years ago, as the Masters hit their transcendent stride.
A group of watching youths, some dressed in baseball caps and logo-emblazoned T-shirts, bounce boisterously in front of the bonfire. Women huddle in the shadows. When the rhaitas, sounding something like a herd of aroused elephants, nudge up a semitone, the tingle factor really kicks in. A trick long favoured by a generation of superstar DJs is, it seems, as old as time itself.
Then out hops the sprite-like Boujeloud. Hours ago, he was the soberly attired master of the house where I slept. Now, this apparition in a straw hat and goat-skin is mad-eyed and rubber-necked; he thrashes me with a pair of olive branches. My fertility apparently secured, at least for another year, I leap to my feet and join in this primal scream of a party. For five long hours, these rhythms and rituals play out against a backdrop of spitting bonfires, screams and the endless high-jinks of Boujeloud. At about five in the morning, it winds down. "Boujeloud" is back in his bum-freezer jacket and handing out cups of mint tea to the small handful of us who have survived this exhilarating, extraordinary but exhausting musical endurance test..........
Mojo October 2008 PDF


Anthony Rousseau: TRAME

1. The installation "TRAME" was broadcasted during the "Net 2009" (Showroom) / Les Fabriques numériques at Euratechnologies, in Lille from November 24th to 27th 2009.

The complete program is available at this address:
2. Hi all,
I wanted to inform you that the films "Odyssée : le chant du Monde, Acte I" & "Calypso" (Korean version) will be broadcasted during the collective exhibition "Spectrum Eyes" at the DAEJEON ART CENTER, South Korea, from
December 10th to February 21st 2010.
Yours sincerely

Anthony Rousseau
 Jean-Jacques Lebel
Soulèvements (Uprisings)
October 25, 2009 - January 17, 2010

la maison rouge
10 bd de la bastille
75012 Paris, france

The "Uprisings" exhibition at La Maison Rouge presents all facets of the work of Jean-Jacques Lebel the artist but also that of Jean-Jacques Lebel the exhibition curator, writer, performer, festival organizer, discoverer, and active smuggler who has been an agitator within French artist circles over the past forty years.

More than an exhibition, what we have here is a montrage (a "Show/editing"), to employ the term invented by the artist himself. Lebel offers us a whole "arranged in terms of the connections or caroms among the works--among their contents, not among their commercial values--and this is done in such a way as to encourage movements of thought in all senses of the term." In other words, this montrage is a unique way of presenting objects that, a priori, have nothing to do with each other, but which "share some common issues and modes of operation that serve to intensify one another."

Entitled Uprisings, the exhibition pertains to "a process that is at once artistic, historical, mental, personal, and social--which implies a long process of maturation and multiple encounters, influences, exchanges, and permutations" (JJL).

The exhibition is divided into themes. Each corresponds to Jean-Jacques Lebel's obsession with the enigma which a work and the wider context of its emergence raise. Happenings, Insubordination, Poetry, Hallucination, Eros, Dada, War and Rhizome are some examples. Through these interconnecting ensembles, visitors can engage with some of Jean-Jacques Lebel's major installations, works of primitive art, works by anonymous artists and others by such important allies as Johann Heinrich Füssli, Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Louise Michel, Fourier, Ravachol, Guillaume Apollinaire, Marcel Duchamp, Pablo Picasso, Otto Dix, George Grosz, André Breton, Francis Picabia, Antonin Artaud, Victor Brauner, Bernard Heidsieck, Erró, Antonio Saura, Peter Saul, Camilla Adami and Orlan: some three hundred works in all which continue to engross the artist in an earnest and endless dialogue.

Curator : Jean de Loisy
With the support of le Festival d'Automne à Paris

POLYPHONIX : Festival d'Automne au CENTQUATRE 


le peuple qui manque

Jean-Jacques Lebel and the Festival d'Automne à Paris  celebrate the 30 years of the Polyphonix- Festival International of und poetry, performance, video, and madic music, at the CENTQUATRE, on November 6 and 7th 2009.

 See the details in Interzone news at


New pages on line: 


In Interzone  sites

- Seminars of general semantics  2010 
- Paul O'Donovan: "Waters of Oblivion", "Pertal Mountains", and "Beyond The Hyacinth House" at , "Suite in October" and "Starfish-on-the-Toast"  and "Going Back To Harlen" at 

In the sites of other Zoners

Authors audio: upcoming interviews : 
The Quantum Brothers bring you a Guide to Radial City
BUU: Bureau for Unstable Urbanism:
Vago Damitio: Liminal Travel - All my travel secrets revealed
Steve Stockdale: "Here is something about General Semantics"
Yannig: Vade mecum in sillico: 
Laurence Canciani: La peinture à Lau at
Jean-Marc Vincent: Galerie Ecritures: 

Maja Polackova at the Galerie Didier Devillez : Maja Polackova à la Galerie Didier Devillez 

Anthony Rousseau "TRAME" was broadcasted during the "Net 2009" (Showroom) / Les Fabriques numériques  Euratechnologies, 

"Odyssée : le chant du Monde, Acte I" 

& "Calypso" 

Pirate Jenny featuring MC h8e® $k8er

Interzone news between two reports are available at 
I wish to all a merry Chrismas and a happy new year 2010.