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Paul O'Donovan: " Recession - nah! it can't happen here"

Interzone Editions in the news

I recently received the visit of a journalist of the Nouvelle République, Pierre Calmeille, for an interview on Interzone Editions, the start of Interzone, meetings with William Burroughs and Brion Gysin, and the dreamachine, which he experimented. It has been published on November 3rd. The article is on line at You can download it here. 

Gysin news

I have received this mail from Franck Rynne about a new Brion Gysin site : very beautiful nd well documented. The site is in construction at the moment.
You can send your feed-back to Frank is a new website devoted to the promotion and dissemination of all aspects of the Gysin ouvere. Both the Calligraffiti of Fire exhibition and the website form part of the ongoing art revolution produced by and under the guidance of The Academy of Everything is Possible

Frank Rynne

Brion Gysin : "Calligraffiti of Fire"

Brion Gysin’s Calligraffiti of Fire London Show Dec 2008 and New Gysin Website

Brion Gysin's last major work "The Calligraffiti of Fire" will be exhibited in London from 10 December 2008 until 7 February 2009. This is the first time that this major art work has been exhibited in the U.K. and is only the third time that the painting has been available for public viewing since it was first shown in 1986. The painting is ten panels 1.4 m high and fully extended is 16m long.

There are several versions of the painting available for free downloading at a new web site dedicated to the work of Brion Gysin. One available download is 100MB while smaller versions are also available. Log onto to

The show opens at October Gallery, London on 10 October 2008. The show will run until 7 February 2009. Calligraffiti of Fire is Gysin's magnum opus and final work. See for more details and high res free downloads of the painting including a 100MB version.

Frank Rynne

10111.ORG: Dreamachine : New patterns 

Our researches and activities around the Dreamachine are going on.
We have just ended three new editions; two of them are based upon patterns different from the more known ones. Here are the first images :
Recently we have presented them during a collective exhibition at Territet/Montreux: exhibition will be available up to December 20th 2008) as well as at the "Spectropia / Art+Communication 2008"  festival in Rigaen Lettonie:

I went to Paris for the exhibition "Traces du Sacré" in Georges Pompidou museum, where I could watch a calligraphy by Gysin - the first one I could admire in real.


General Semantics : Vincent Charlety translates Catherine Minteer's book

Vincent Charlety is translating in French Catherine Minteer's book "Words and what they do to you" : the book is ion line int the site of the Institute of General Semantics. The first chapters are in his site at Six more are ready to be put on line.

News from Authors Audio

Friends of Authors Audio,

I hope this letter finds you well and the interviews at Authors Audio are helping you to market your books and the are readers enjoying them. I have just updated the Archive section of the website. Please click on the "Archive Interviews" section on the homepage to find your listing or the "Upcoming Authors" for new interviews.

* Upcoming Interviews Confirmed *

No Regrets - Robert Abboud - Wealth Strategies

Paul Mackan - The Cockamamy world of A.Yold

Gary Ridenour - Pandemic - about the bird flu virus

Antonia Juhasz -The Tyranny of Oil

Dr. Leonard Laskow - Healing with Love

David Wroblewski - The Story of Edgar Sawtelle

Patrick Lane - Red Dog Red Dog

David Suziki and David Boyd - The Green Guide

and more ... coming !

* If you know an Author of merit that needs exposure please write me and I will do my best to get them on the program.

You may link your website to the Authors Audio site , by clicking on the Banner Exchange of your choice at the top left side of my homepage.

Twice a year I ask our participants and friends, to help support the program by donating to the site. We survive 90 percent on the donations of our listeners and Authors to cover costs and expand. Authors Audio is growing and new authors are coming fast and furious, which is good news for all of us.

If you can help us with a donation, simply visit the website and donate by accessing Paypal through the icon on the site. You may use your credit card or your Paypal account to do this. I thank you in advance.

I am hoping that through the efforts of my program we can help to connect the public to your books - today's best literature, poetry, new ideas and discussions of the important issues of our day.

There are on the average about , 300,000 books printed in English world-wide -

A YEAR , so exposure is very important.

Books play a significant part in the developing of new ideas and the expressing of the creative vitality of our modern culture. This is especially true for kids and young adults now who are inundated with many other distractions which do not educate in any way.

I thank you all for your participation and your help. May the force be with us all.


Jake D. Steele

Host, Authors Audio


ALL HALLOW'S EVE with The Whirling Dervish...

halloween night, friday, silverlake, what more can we say? ass-shakin' good time in the bosom of the witching hour (boo!)

10/31/2008 09:00 PM - El CidALL HALLOW'S EVE...
w/ The Ghost Lullaby, Modern Time Machines, & Joe Ward4212 W Sunset Blvd Silverlake, California 90029
the whirling dervish
The Ghost Lullaby 

Chris Damitio : My list of Yahoo Groups :)

Hi everyone,
You can see a list of my groups on Grouply atthe link below. Maybe you'll find some you want to join. chris Here's the link:

Galleries :

Paul O'Donovan : my own recent and past input images

If any contact wants large or original sized copies for whatever purpose - I will be flattered to freely supply them via email by return . Anybody can do this by mailing me
See Paul's illustrations in Interzone Galleries

Videos :

Rafa Skam : New YELLOW MELODIES videoclip --> 'Mr. Sand and Mrs. Sea'

from the forthcoming 10" MINI-LP --> 'The championship cup' (Clifford Records, 2008)
Director: Fausto
Filmed at 12&Medio Club (Murcia - SPAIN)

Watch it at our website:
We hope you like it! cheers, rafa

Mino dc : dev'nir prêtre... lerex-lundi10-21h30

le rex - lundi 10 21h30
dev'nir prêtre...
mino d.c
sammy le nounours belge raconte des bribes d’une histoire, où il est question de vacances torrides et humides, de son papa qui n’est pas son père, de sa vocation ratée à devenir prêtre, de son intérêt pour la graphologie, et d’autres choses encore…

New pages on line :


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Paul O'Donovan's new illustrations : "D Tox" and " Recession - nah! it can't happen here" : at and "Alice In Malice" at
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10111 Dreamachine new patterns :
collective exhibition at Territet/Montreux:

Vincent Charlety's site :

Mino dc ! le rex - lundi 10 21h30
dev'nir prêtre...

This site is on line at and will be on line in French soon  at 
All the best.