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 Paul O'Donovan: "The painted ladies"


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The dreamachine on French TV:

On friday 28th, two journalists from FR3 TV channel came for a film on the dreamachine to broadcast in the local news. The film was projected on saturday 29, at 12 am and 7 pm. It is on line at for the edition of 12 am and at in the program of 7 pm. Click on "samedi 29" to view the right video, otherwise the one opening in the page will be at the date of the day.

It stands at the end of the news, last film of the videos.

Paris 70 dans les Inrocks

An article about the site Paris 70 in the lates issue of the Inrockuptibles (25 nov) . Bernard Bacos.

Interzone Editions: Stella Matutina :

 New publications of this month : the Christmas tale : Stella Matutina , text and illustration by Marylis, in French  and English versions, translated by your reporter and Paul O'Donovan.

Some pages of the site Interzone Editions have been updated:

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Paul O'Donovan: new illustrations :

"The painted ladies" and  "Kerouac drawing by Mike Wilcox" (Thanks to Mike Wilcox for allowing Interzone to use it) at

 Nicolas CUSSAC : Paintings and post-cards 2008

Nicolas CUSSAC's new paintings are in Interzone Galleries at and his new post-cards are at

You can find the ones of last year at Peintures 2006-2007  and the post-cards at  Cartes postales 2006-2007  

Video :

Max: a new video

"i have uploaded to my youtube channel ( a new video : " YEM-ES EL DIA dub mix" dir: Max Catalan. i hope you like it! " Max

Exhibitions :

L'Infinito Turbulento : Ramuntcho Matta, Jidith Egger, Robert Curdgenven


Hydrogen Jukebox

This is an Opéra de chambre by Philip Glass (né en 1937) from poems by Allen Ginsberg (1926]1997)
Musical direction by Philippe Nahon
Born in the still hot ashes of the memory of Viêt Nam, Allen ginsberg's poems , sung through the music of Philip Glass, became Hydrogen Jukebox, an astonishing satirical opera which denounces America in the fifties and sixties op to the eighties. It spreads on history not only absurdity of a suicidal planet, but also freed pleasures, destroyed dreams and destress of modern man.
Twenty years later, the work still is actual, and thanks to the producer Joël Jouanneau , regains its adolescent revolt  inherited from the Beat generation, those poets philosophers who shook up the clear conscience of a too self-confident world.  
« Trop tard, trop tard
Le cheval de fer galope vers la guerre
Trop tard pour les lamentations
Trop tard pour sonner l’alarme
Me voilà une fois encore un étranger isolé au pays »
Allen Ginsberg, Iron Horse
At the end of the forties, three young writers meet at Columbia university. They share  the unreasonableness of a starting life, the hate of an ending war, the trauma of the first nuclear bomb. And they smolder a vitriolic work. The elder one, William Burroughs, will publish Naked Lunch in 1959. The younger one, Allen Ginsberg, will publish his compilation Howl in 1956. But Jack Kerouac, author of the best seller "On the Road", published in 1957 though it was writen since 1948, gives the name the beat generation, evoking the beats, those wanderers stowing away in merchandise trains. Alcool, sex, drugs, they become living illustrations of Kerouac's profession of faith : "The only alive people are those who have madness to live, to speak, to be saved, and want to have pleasure at the same time." The movements gets larger in San Francisco in the fifties, the City Lights Book of the poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti becomes their general quarter, Ginsberg declaims his poems in the stadiums. Their bohemian way of life, their spontaneous, militant, libertarian works will inspire the young beatneils, the future hippies and even the French may 1968.
In 1988, to answer a comand of Viet Nam veterans, Philip Glass searches Allen Ginsberg whom he met in India.
Together they gather the most vivid verses of the poet of the beat generation, imagine Hydrogen Jukebox in fifteen parts, a kaleidoscopic iconoclast of America from the fifties to the eighties.
Twenty years later, in a workshop  set evoking the famous Factory of Andy Warhol in the sixties, melting pot where the most known artists were training, the producer Joël Jouanneau lets Hydrogen Jukebox to recreate itself again, and live in our time.
Created at Spoleto Music Festival of Charleston, May 26th 1990
French creation Angers Nantes Opéra 2009, coproduction Ars Nova ensemble instrumental.
[Opéra in English]
THEATRE GRASLIN monday 12, tuesday 13, wednesday 14 à 8 pm.
GRAND T thursday 22 at 8 pm, saturday 24 at 7:30 pm, monday 26 at 8:30 pm.
GRAND THEATRE wednesday 28, thursday 29 jan 2009 at 8 pm.

Naked Luch @ 50 1959-2009

Naked Luch @ 50 1959-2009 :
New site by Olivier Harris


To mark the 50th Anniversary of the publication of Naked Lunch, we are hosting celebratory events in Paris and London in 2009 during which a variety of artists, musicians, and writers will perform and read their work in tribute to Burroughs and his great book. There will be exhibitions, films, discussions, dérives, magic and more…
The events will reflect the continuing significance and influence of Naked Lunch throughout different cultures and media, and will provide opportunities for admirers of the book to contribute during open mike sessions. Check this site for details about the times and venues for forthcoming events, screenings, symposia, and shows, and for information on the performers and contributors. In addition we will post news about a special tribute to take place in New York in 2009 as well as information on planned homages to be staged by other Burroughsians around the world.
Paris - July 2009
Naked Lunch@50: Anniversary Essays Book Launch July 30 at the University of London Institute in Paris
Paris Homage July 1-3 on the Left Bank of Paris
Beat Avenues: A Performance by Eric Andersen
A Blue Shirt in Paris: RB Morris and Hector Qirko
Operation Trance: Reading by Terry Wilson
Readings and Performances by Louise Landes Levy
Standup Hipster Routines by CP Lee
Calling Dr Benway: electro performance by Underwires
Lee the Magician: magic show by Lee Warren
NL@50: Symposium July 1-3 at the University of London Institute in Paris
New York - October 2009
Columbia University (details to come)
New York University (details to come)
School of Visual Arts (details to come)
Turnstile Vaulting at Washington Square Station (details to come)
London (details to come)


See the details in Interzone news

THE YELLOW MELODIES' new album is coming soon!!! --> "The championship cup" MINI-LP 10" (Clifford Records, 2008)

New record by... THE YELLOW MELODIES --> "The championship cup" MINI-LP 10" (Clifford Records, 2008)

The new YELLOW MELODIES' album will be released on Monday 24th November.

'The Championship Cup’ [clifford001LP] is the fourth album by the band from Murcia (Spain), a mini-lp which will only be available on 10" vinyl, featuring 6 beautiful songs, that will satisfy sunshine-pop and psychedelia lovers, as well as classic british pop fans. A record full of brilliant arrangements and a gorgeous sound.

NOW you can watch 2 videoclips taken from two songs from the mini-album: "The championship cup" and "Mr. Sand and Mrs. Sea", that you can see at:

Artist: THE YELLOW MELODIES Title: THE CHAMPIONSHIP CUP Format: mini-LP 10" Label: Clifford Records Reference: clifford001LP Release date: Monday 24th November 2008 Band website: Label website:

we hope you like it! ;)
email: rafaskam@wanadoo.esemail 2:

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"The painted ladies" and  "Kerouac drawing by Mike Wilcox" (Thanks to Mike Wilcox for allowing Interzone to use it) at

Nicolas CUSSAC's new paintings and his new post-cards are at

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