Interzone report of April-May-June 2010 (1rst part)


Hi all, 
Those two latest months have been very active: see the posts in the blog Interzone news since the latest report at 
As a result, this report, a special "beat generation", is so big I have to make it in two pages.  

New connections :

In April, thanks to Paul Hawkins    , I have got in touch with Charles Plymell and friends of him (see Georges Laughead's incredible page on them, "Beats in Kansas: the Beat generation in the Heartland":  at for more info) . They have been bringing a ton of energy , and forwarded info about their arts and creations, as well as the doc they have been sending on the Beat and arts and literature more generally: see in the blog Interzone News . In the French present context, their input is a puff of oxygen.
So welcome to the Interzone,  Charles and Pam Plymell, Mike Watt, Gerard Malanga, A.D. Winans, Ginger Eades            , Richard Krech, Phil Scalia and all ! Your friendship and interest for Interzone is the best recognition we could get !  

Charles Plymell 

Bye Dennis Hopper and Peter Orlovsky

Dennis Hopper and Peter Orlovsky both died on May 30th . 

Dennis Hopper


Peter Orlovsky:



Interzone Editions:  

- The Time of the Naguals : first tomes on line in pdf:

I have converted in pdf and put on line the following books :
- "Le Temps des Naguals : Autour de Burroughs et Gysin": 134 pages : see the contents at
              In the English anthology of Interzone, two tomes seem to be ready now:  Ordering and classing the huge amount of the texts in different tomes is a hell of a work !
"Around Burroughs and Gysin" Tome 1, 86 pages,  contains the original texts in English which were translated in the "Le Temps des Naguals: Autour de Burroughs et Gysin", plus texts about them: see the contents on line at :
This tome gathers the researches conducted in different domains related to those  explored by Burroughs and Gysin, by Interzone members spread all over the world, which they have continued them, with the tools of thinking we had in 1997, when Interzone started, and when we started this anthology. See the contents at :
This anthology is an experiment of non-Aristotelian functions of writing described by Alfred Korzybski and applied and developed by Burroughs and Gysin:
1. Symbolic function of language * (Korzybski): a word is a symbol, a sign which stands for something. Language is a map of reality.
Function of time-binding *: writing binds the author and his readers through space-time:

"Whenever you use this bow I will be there," the Zen archery master tells his students. And he means there-quite literally. He lives in his students and thus achieves a measure of immortality. And the immortality of a writer is to be taken literally. whenever anyone reads his words the writer is there. He lives in his readers."  William S. Burroughs, "The Place of Dead Roads"

" Just before he signs off for good , many a man has picked up the distant voice of his doctor saying: " He is dead". Remember, these words are meaningless. When you read this I am alive. I am here on this page. I am here. I am HERE!" .

3. Magic function : "Writing is about making it happen" (Brion Gysin) : a writer writes a scenario of reality which his readers can make happen, and this way, create a reality which fits them: "In fact, writers are potentially very powerful. The write the scenario of the film of reality. Jack Kerouac opened a million coffee bars and sold a million Levis to both sexes." (Burroughs, "The Adding Machine: Selected Essays" ).

4. Through the link between the author and the reader, writing creates a collaboration between them, which produces, according to mathematic non-additivity *, a phenomenon called by Burroughs and Gysin "the Third-Mind" : with regard to human collaboration, 1 + 1 = 3 :

" Gysin: when you associate two minds...

Burroughs: There is always a third mind...

Gysin: A third higher mind...

Burroughs: Like an invisible collaborator. "

"The Third Mind".

This application of general semantics to writing is not an attempt to create a new literary trend. It is an experiment to use writing according to our present level of evolution in sciences. In the domains of sciences and techniques, we got to a high level of evolution, but in human domains, we are still stuck to the previous steps of evolution of our civilisation : Aristotle and Descartes, and think and act with obsolete patterns. 

* Alfred Korzybski: "Science and Sanity" 

- Le Taxidermiste / The Taxidermist on line:

Both comics by José ALTIMIRAS & François DARNAUDET were on line and disappeared in October 2009 with all the free sites of  Geocities. They now are on line again, in French and English, in at :
Both books are available in printed version , published by Interzone Editions :
- Le Taxidermiste : ISBN : 978-2-9531513-1-2, Format: 21x 29,7 cm, 46 pages, 22 €
- The Taxidermist:  ISBN : 978-2-9531513-2-9, Format: 21x 29,7 cm, 46 pages, 22 €   

Comix:  New adventures of Z Craignos in Paris 70 !

New episodes of  Z Craignos' adventures are on line, extracted from  Jean Rouzaud's albums: 'La Zone' and 'La Fin des Branchés', a good image of the trend in the late seventies. Good read ! Bernard Bacos 

Charles Plymell : Eat Not Thy Mind


Charles Plymell has published "Eat not thy mind", a book of poetry and texts, foreword by Mike Watt, at Glass Eye Books/Ecstatic Peace Library . You can buy it here : 374 trade copies and 26 lettered and signed by Charles Plymell.
The making of the book is an artwork by itself, beautiful ! 

Paul Hawkins interview: “Charles Plymell : The Benzedrine Highway"


Sharon Anderson: Charles Plymell talks about his new volume of poetry, ‘Eat Not Thy Mind’

This interview by Sharon Anderson, Northside San Francisco is on line at   

Interview of Gérard Malanga in the site

"An associate of Andy Warhol, Gerard Malanga reflects  on his subjects and his carrer as a photographer." By Jeff Campagna,

Richard Krech

A blog with a review of Richard Krech's work:



Phil Baker : William S. Burroughs

 Phil Baker  

 Mike Stevens: The Road to Interzone: interview by Paul Hawkins

The Road to Interzone: Reading William S. Burroughs Reading
Second (Revised and Expanded) Edition by Michael Stevens available now direct from the publisher:
Suicide Press , P. O. Box 663 , Archer City, Texas 76351

Michael Stevens - The Road to Interzone Interview by Paul Hawkins                                                                                                 at 

A.D. Winans

A. D. Winans is a native San Francisco poet, writer and photographer. His site is at

Robert Hass: On Whitman's 'Song Of Myself'

"Papy Beat Generation" by Jean Azarel, Alain Jégou & Lucien Suel Price: 12 € Order at : Hors Sujet, 35 rue Jules Simon, 56100 - Lorient 

Jack Kerouac: Sur la Route

In France, the publication by Gallimard of Josée KAMOUN's new translation of "On the road", from the rolls on which Kerouac wrote the book, is a literary event and a success : see the doc in Interzone news :

Claude Pelieu "Je suis un cut-up vivant"

Jim Morisson: "Wilderness" & "La nuit américaine"

Those two books by Jim Morisson are published by Christian Bourgois :Α=M

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