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"My Baobab Retreat House"

Hi all,

Blogs :

The blog Interzone news has been supressed during some days, probably because of an error from a robot. I thought it had definitely gone, but it came back after some days after I complained. In the meantime I had created another one,  Interzone news' blog at . I am keeping it as a mirror site.

I like the web pages preview on the links at Wordpress.

If Zoners want to post their news directly on the blogs, I can add them to the page "authors".

August: 12th anniversary of Interzone:

 It's been 12 years since this net is working !!! 12 years of monthly reports relating Zoners' activitis included my own ones.

What shall we do for the occasion ?

I suggest a meeting on internet : the chat of Interzone forum is practical and can welcome a large numer of people without disconnecting. We can use other tools as Skype. Othger suggestions ? If some of you happend to be in France at this time, let me know here.

Interzone compilation :

I have finished to gather the tome of the Time of the Naguals which contains the articles. It is 237 pages thick. The contents is too big to be included in this page,  so it's on line at . It is in an OpenOffice writer file, which I can convert in pdf.

I suggest to send it in pdf through mail to all the zoners who have written in it, for free of course.


I have subscribed at twitter You can follow me there at Izzy 23’s twitter, as well as shocker_TV (Foe) and Grazulis (Gary) .

Foe, Gary and I got in touch on the first day of Interzone on August 10th 1997, and we are still in touch, which is absolutely great !

Sites :

Changes to come in free providers :

Changes are going to happen soon in google pages and geocities :

- Googles pages system is going to become Google sites : this concerns the sites Interzone reports and Interzone Galleries. So the adresses will change, and visits to the URL will be redirected to the new sites by Google.

- Geocities :

Geocities new sites are no longer available and the existing sites will be closed later this year. This concerns the sites  Interzone Academy , Interzone Library , Rédacteurs Reporters d'Interzone and BD d'Interzone , so a lot of existing pages, and remaking the sites somewhere else would be a real brainstorm due to their size.

A number of Zoners have sites in Geocities. What do you foresee for them ? Is it possible to migrate them to another free space ? Any tip welcome.

Yannig : come to see my web site :

"Hi all,
I have just updated my web site and thought you might like to visit it. To view it you just have to click on the links below or copy them in your navigator
Let me know what you think." Yannig


Joujouka festival in the Guardian :

"Hi All,

This year’s festival is on next weekend 5-7 June. There is a nice article in the Guardian today on the Festival :

Best wishes frank 00 353 87 6254901"

Concerts of the Whirling Dervish:

They have been giving a number of concerts in May on 26th the Scene bar in Glendale  and on 29th at Alex’s Bar
On June 6th they played at Consumption 12 . They will play at the Crest, in Torrance, Ca on June 20th , and on the 28th at Que Sera in Long Beach.

Galleries :

Paul O'Donovan's illustration :

Paul sent a new one ,  "My Baobab Retreat House", on line in Interzone Galleries at   

Exhibitions :

Optical Sound news :


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Paul O'Donovan: "My Baobab Retreat House"  

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