March-April 2009

 Accueil February 2009 

 "The Homecoming" by Paul O'DONOVAN

Hi all,

I did not write any report in March because there were not enough posts for a report, and from my side nothing special to write about. Here March has been cold, and it seemed that winter was endless. But the arrival of spring seems to bring us energy again. 

Chris Damitio's visit :

Here I just had the visit of Chris Damitio who has been touring about Europe. Chis is an anthropologist and writer who has been part of the Zone since a number of years. After living in Hawai, he has settled in Morocco where he is going to get maried soon. 

Meeting Zoners is always a great pleasure and a rich experience: a lot to share and exchange about.

You can read about his trip in his blog at 

The account of his stay in Thouars is at  and his photos of Thouars à

See also his account of his trip in Paris at and more photos at .

The URL of his other sites: 



My Space  

Interzone economy 

Presently a number of my contacts are broke. I propose that we consider the problem with the light of the work done since the early 2000 on a non-Aristotelian economy in the Zone at and , and see together how we can get organized from there. I have put up Interzone Editions on this base and since I found it satisfying.  

All ideas and suggestions welcome ! If you are interested, join me at .

Burroughs' stuff


" Hi Isabelle.
I thought this might interest you. Mick Farren, the former British musician and writer has been living in Los Angeles for some time now. Lately he has been serializing recaptioned pictures of WSB. I thought this was especially interesting ."

cut up vid

From Grazulis:

Interesting animation to burroughs speech on cutup by Matti Niinimäki : 

William Burroughs on twitter  

For those who use twitter, have a look at this page :

New and original : Daniel Gualda: dibujos en google maps

Daniel in Argentina has made a design in the desert which can be seen in google map :
See the maps and video in this page :

"We are making a micro radio for the web : "El estresante mundo del arte" : see at 



Ramuntcho Matta's interview:

 The interview realized in february is now on line at It's a long one ! You can get a rough translation through google translator, if you click on the link Traduction.  

The previous interview was in september 2004, on line in Reporters Rédacteurs d'Interzone , hosted by Geogicies. As this provider is going to delete the sites it hosts in some months, I have started to copy those interviews in this site : see : Interview de Ramuntcho Matta par ALAIN DISTER - France Culture (2000)

Interview de Ramuntcho MATTA :10 septembre 2004 

Le Temps des Naguals

I had foreseen to publish it at the begining of the year, but some more chapters coming have delayed its come out. I am working at it and hope it will be ready soon.

Ramuntcho Matta's interviews are included in it. I am including Paul O'Donovan's illustration on Burroughs and Gysin,  which are on line in Interzone galleries .

Another text by Gianluca from collective studio on the dreamachine is going to be added as well.

The contents of the most of chapters are on line in Interzone Library at , though the definitive version to be published will be different from the previous version on line.

About the English compilation, the huge one, I have added the texts on line in this page .

CHELSEA HOTEL MANHATTAN : Joe Ambrose's footage of Chelsea Hotel veteran Herbert Huncke

Joe Ambrose’s footage of Beat saint Herbert Huncke in conversation with Spencer Kansa – I Mostly Travelled on the Road – will be shown for the first time in Sydney later in April.  
Says Ambrose: “I met Huncke via Spencer when he was on the road promoting an edition of The Evening Sun Turned Crimson. I filmed him that same night and met up with him subsequently at his 80th birthday party in ..Bruges.., ..Belgium.. and, then again, back in ....London..... He was one of the most exceptional men I’ve met. It’s hardly surprising that he featured as a character in books by his pals like Burroughs’ Naked Lunch and Kerouac’s On the Road. The title I’ve given to the film derives from a comment Huncke made during the conversation. It also provided the tag line for a track featuring Huncke and Chuck Prophet which I produced with Frank Rynne.”

The Sydneyscreening is part of a Huncke night being curated by Jack Sergeant to celebrate the publication of his history of Beat cinema, Naked Lens. The headline film will be Herbert and Louis by Laki Vazakas, which offers the most compelling portrait of this primal talent and is itself a work of cinematic literature. By turns heartbreaking, visionary, and shocking this compelling film is not to be missed.  

The movies will be shown at the Mu-Meson Archives at Crn Parramatta Rd & Trafalgar St Annandale, West Sydney on April 23rd. The $10 admission includes supper. Jack’s book will be available to purchase. Ph 9550-1078 for details  



Paul O'Donovan's new illustrations

Paul has sent a number of images this month : 

"Fascia Stratiforma" & "Spring Incense & Fire Dance Ritual" at 

"The Homecoming", "She's Leaving Home....Bye Bye", &  "Pagan Tree Spectre" (Myth of the Green Man) at 

and "Forest Reflections"at

invitation exposition michel carrade galerie didier devillez

Didier Devillez is pleased to invite you tho the preview of the exhibition michel carrade paintings, gouache, charcoal on May 7th 2009, from 6 pm to 9 pm.

Exhibition from May 8th to June 20th 2009. Opened on thursday, friday and saturday from 2 pm to 6:30 pm and on appointment.

53, rue Emmanuel Van Driessche
1050 Bruxelles (Belgique)
Tél/fax +32(0)2 215 82 05
Mobile +32(0)475 931 935

GALERIE DIDIER DEVILLEZ Art Mature réalisations graphiques
Reproductions : Michel Carrade, Catherine Ruelle Merzlota Production

Permanently : Richard Ballard • Jean-Louis Bentajou • Jacques Calonne • Michel Carrade • Gisèle Freund • Brion Gysin • Thierry Goffart • Jean-Luc Herman • Gilbert Herreyns • Jack Keguenne • André Kneib • Noëlle Koning • Pierre Lahaut • André Lambotte • Brigitte Le Caisne • Jacques Lennep • Arié Mandelbaum • Stéphane Mandelbaum • Marc Mendelson • Georges Meurant • Henri Michaux • François Muir • Claudine Péters-Ropsy • Jean-Pierre Ransonnet • Reinhoud • Eugène Savitzkaya • Lionel Vinche • André Willequet • Marek Wyrzykowski • michel carraDe 


Whirling Dervish news

  - We are so very close to finishing the second EP. It sounds so good. This is the greatest thing any of us have been a part of. Jared Rushton, who produced our first EP, is producing the new EP also. His studio wizardry has made this all possible. Jared, we salute you. We're all so excited. It wasn't easy. I contracted bronchitis requiring urgent care twice during recording. We've experienced overwhelming personal tragedy. We've had a lot of setbacks. But we've persevered. The great thing about being in a band is all of the hardships you experience personally and collectively can be recycled; all of the negative energy can be harnassed into inspiration.

- We've already written enough songs for another EP. We're not sure how we're going to proceed with these yet since the second EP isn't even out, but you will be hearing these new songs at shows too. The new stuff is very bi-polar for lack of a better term. These are some the darkest, creepiest, most forboding songs we've written as well as some of the most happy and upbeat (in a manic, forgot to take my Lithium kinda way).

- There will be many new changes in the coming months. Justin, William and I have been discussing new ideas. Not at liberty to discuss in detail yet, but these changes will be big.

- We have a show at Bordello April 15th. It's us and a burlesque show courtesy of Peepshow Menagerie. I was not the biggest burlesque fan before we played our first burlesque show but Chris Beyond and Peepshow Menagerie really do an amazing job and have kinda made me a fan. Really fun, funny, classy, and sexy:Bordello901 E. 1st St.Los Angeles, CA 90012$10

- Doors open at 9 p.m.- We will be playing lots of shows everywhere in the coming months. We can't wait to see all of you. We miss you fools. Let us know how your doing.

The Whirling Dervish gave a concert on April 15th :
We are excited to be invited once again to Bordello for a night of Burlesque!
PEEPSHOW MENAGERIE: A NIGHTIE OF FAIRY TALES - live at Bordello, Wednesday, March 18th, 2009, 9pm - 21 & Up, Full Bar, $10901 E. 1st St., Los Angeles, CA 90012 Phone: (213) 687-3766.


Joujouka Festival 5-7 June FYI flights from Paris or Madrid very cheap this year

Hi everyone,
The Joujouka Festival is on the weekend of 5-7 June 2009. there are very cheap return flights from Paris and Madrid from It is very easy get cheap flights to connect from around the world so no excuses this year.
The festival is still booking at Music and images from last year If anyone has any questions give me a call on 00 353 87 6254901 or email me.
this year there will be no film crews and no multi track recording!!! So there will be nothing to interfere with the pure simple pleasure of hearing the musicians in the open air under starry skies. I have put some examples of what is available from easyjet below. Hope this finds you all well and hope to see you soon in the little blue hills of the Ahl Srif.
Best Wishes

Neil Young: 'Cough Up The Bucks' Video Premiere

Neil Young has made another video off his album "Fork In The Road"! This time, it's for the song "Cough Up The Bucks," and it's premiering on Myspace right now.

This is the fourth hand-made video from the "Fork In The Road" album. Neil has been quietly making these videos completely on his own, with nothing more than a simple camera and an idea, and more are coming as Neil continues to shoot each day. These revolutionary videos do more with a zero-dollar budget than a $300,000 dollar budget could ever dream of - they're pure, renegade Neil Young at their best.Click
here to check it out. And head over to to pre-order the new album - in stores April 7th!


minodc: LëZïX font leur Off !

 LëZïX font leur Off !
samedi 11 avril 2009 > 14h00
8 rue de sainte radégonde > 37000 > tours

More details in Interzone News

Optical Sound: Paris au Printemps


~ OPTICAL SOUND RELEASE PARTY ~ Mercredi 08 Avril 2009 ouverture des portes : 20h
LE POINT EPHEMERE 200 quai de Valmy 75010 PARIS
Infos & Shop

CHRISTOPHE BAILLEAU : "Lights Out In The Ghosting Hour" (OS.032)
à la
Maison des Métallos
Avec aMute, The Aktivist + Natalia de mello, Jérôme Deuson (Bruits de Fond et Transcultures)CHRISTOPHE BAILLEAU : "Lights Out In The Ghosting Hour" (OS.032)Ecopack Deluxe 15 euros + postageInfos & Shop

Sound By Artists - Curated by Pascal Broccolichi
Galerie Frédéric Giroux du 4 Avril au 23 Mai 2009
Vernissage le 4 Avril entre 15h00 et 21h008 rue Charlot 75003 Paris tél. : 01 42 71 01 02 Avec Pierre Beloüin, Dominique Blais, Pascal Broccolichi, Pierre-Laurent Cassière, Emmanuel Lagarrigue, Arnaud Maguet, Michel Paysant, Jérôme Poret.

Thanks for reading -
Pierre Beloüin ~ Optical Sound
105 rue des Volubilis
83190 Ollioules

18 Rue de Stosswihr
67100 Strasbourg

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Interview de Ramuntcho MATTA : février 2009:

Interview de Ramuntcho Matta par ALAIN DISTER - France Culture (2000)

Interview de Ramuntcho MATTA :10 septembre 2004 

Le Temps des Naguals : Autour de Burroughs et Gysin / The Time of the Naguals : Around Burroughs and Gysin:

Paul O'Donovan's new illustrations: "Fascia Stratiforma" & "Spring Incense & Fire Dance Ritual" at 

"The Homecoming", "She's Leaving Home....Bye Bye", &  "Pagan Tree Spectre" (Myth of the Green Man) at 

and "Forest Reflections"at

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Chris Damitio's sites : blog at  . The URL of his other sites:  Art  , Books , My Space , Podcasts , Thouars: , Paris : 

Discipline  on My Space : www.myspace.comdisciplinedrone

Jon Nelson's blog :

Daniel Gualda: "El estresante mundo del arte" :

exposition michel carrade galerie didier devillez : 


The Whirling Dervish : 

Chelsea Hotel Manhattan:  


This report is on line at and the French version is at .

Between 2 reports, the news are in Interzone news at