Interzone report of June 2011

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Isabelle Aubert-Baudron: "Hello Interzoners !"
Hi all,
I hope this report finds you well. I have not written any since January 2011, mainly by lack of time. Though I have kept posting the news in the blog Interzone news , which has been regularly updated. 
August 2011 will be the........ 14th anniversary  of Interzone and Burroughs' passing away ! I can't believe it !  This report is a good illustration of what we have been doing since August 1997 up to now, and a successful experiment of the "Third Mind" Burroughsian concept (in human relations, 1+1=3) and of the non-Aristotelian functions of writing.


Tome 4 of "The Time of the Naguals" : Poems

The tome 4 gathering the poems of Interzone anthology, "The Time of the Naguals" , 146 pages, is ready and on line in pdf at
The previous tomes are :
- The French tome, "Autour de Burroughs et Gysin", 135 pages, on line at at  and available in printed version at
- "Around Burroughs and Gysin": (a number of texts are not published in the French tome, and reciprocally). 
Due to the size of the pdf files, they take some minutes to download : please be patient.
The next tomes to be published are:
- Interzone,
- Articles,
- Cut-ups, 
- Short stories,
- Theatre. 
I have started the next tome "Interzone", including the story, activities and group exchanges. The other ones have to be put in shape.
This English anthology is too big to be printed, so it's available in pdf, in free access, as this anthology has not been realized in a commercial context (see Interzone economy). 

KATE VIDUJE: Lithuanian translation of "The Cat Inside" by Vasha Dadaja

Vasha Dadaja 's Lithuanian translation of "The Cat Inside" by William Burroughs is published by Siggnal :

Vasha Dadaja - Photo: I. Aubert-Baudron

Le Porte-lame : French translation of "Blade Runner" by Bernard Sigaud:

William Brandon : looking for an agent/publisher :

"I hope this finds you all healthy, wealthy and wise...
(or at least one out of three?)
In the past five months I have finally had the free-time to complete my latest novel, The Exile, The Matriarch and The Flood(working title). I am actively seeking representation. I would prefer to work with an agent before approaching a publishing house, however, given the opportunity, I would not balk at direct discussions w/ a publisher.
This is where I need help..."

QUI EST ANA MENDIETA ? (Caro Caron & Christine Redfern)


Interzone economy:

I have put on line again in  the old pages dedicated to Interzone economy, previously on line in the sites hosted by geocities. They contain the documents and the group exchanges at the origin of this research, with the different propositions and experiments, the questions we had to solve, etc. . See the pages:
Interzone economy : which gathers the URL on economy from the start in 1998 to the blog "Pour une économie non-aristotélicienne", started in December 2010. 
- Money ? : mail exchange about making our own currency (January 2000)
Some of those experiments worked :
    a) self production : see the catalog which contains the creations by Interzone members realized since :
    b) the research undertaken in Interzone (see "Research") and the applications of general semantics in different domains: Interzone is one of them.
Some failed : physical academy, hotel, etc., mainly due to the limits inherent to objective practical conditions (distance, etc.).  
But definitely this research has been useful, and the realizations done wold not have been possible without it.
Presently,  considering the economic situation, I think we'd better keep on digging the subject.   

Sites updated:

La sémantique générale pour tous

at : the site has been updated : most of the pages actually, so I do not put the details, which would be too long. 

The blog "Pour une économie non-aristotélicienne"

See a video of the conference "Management et Ethique" at the Centre Ethique International at the  Faculté d’Administration Economique et Sociale in Montpellier, with Mustapha Daidj, Florian Mantione et Maksoud Grèze.
Mr Daidj represented the Institute of General Semantics in France in the eighties and nineties.
He will also host the forum "L'une des mille et une nuits", with Abderrahim Hafidi, Joseph Francis, Florian Mantione, Samia Rihaoui, Laurence Meslin and Anne Pariente, in Montpelliers, on June 24th 2011 at the Université Montpellier 1 - UFR AES, Espace Richter, avenue Raymond Dugrand : see


Interzone Editions:

- Interzone anthology: The Time of the Naguals 

New projects:

Ricardo Mbarkho : Grading the Lebanese constitution:

"Grading the Lebanese Constitution' is a web based project by Ricardo Mbarkho where people can give a grade for any and every article of the actual Lebanese Constitution. An Overall Average Grade is constantly displayed and updated. This grading centered project with its mass evaluation process implies different ways of reading the numbers and graphs of all the statistical results. It's a work that deals with data interpretation to offer multiple analysis levels relative to our emotional and rational attitude toward the constitution. Site at :" . (May 15th 2011)
"I've been investing ways to participate in a collective online setting, in order to have a critical look at our place as citizens. Grading a constitution's articles was inspired from my teaching practices (giving grades) that I transpose here into a non scientific frame, so the displayed values in the project here are meant to stimulate the imagination and to reflect a public emotion as well as a rational attitude.
This project is a continuation of what I've been caring about since at least 2005, when I sketched a project where people can shape online an imaginary (utopian) country based on the true model of the real Lebanon (constitution, geography, history, culture, etc.).
Ricardo Yasmin_discussions
Ricardo Mbarkho
Beirut - Lebanon

Mobile: +961 3 717 703
On facebook :
On LinkedIn : 
On Skype : ricardombarkho
On Twitter : 

Hotel and restaurant El Jardin in Nicaragua:

Delphine and Tim have recently bought the hotel El Jardin, in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, a very beautiful place on the Pacific coast.  If you visit the region, you are welcome.     

You can visit the site at .

El Jardin Hôtel & Restaurant
Timothy & Delphine De Wit
Bahia Nacascolo
San Juan del Sur
Tel: (+505) 8659 1795
Tel: (+505) 8880 2604

Les amis de Lizières:
Japanese picnic on June 19th : see details at
By Ramuntcho MATTA, manager of LIZIERES centre de cultures et de ressources and Pedro SERRA, president of the association des amis de LIZIERES.  



"Afternoon all,
Just a quick email to let you know that the new
NOVACRIMINAL.COM website is now live. Our release show for our new EP "The Beltway of Bootmtown" was fantastic and a hell of a night, many thanks to all who made it out! The EP is now available for purchase at upcoming shows and on the website.
Take care,"
You can listen to their music in the site

 Concert of SALA in Lithuania :

Pakretuonė , Miškas, LITHUANIA
On June 17 and  18.
Listen to their music at

Master Musicians of Joujouka

Jane's Addiction Work With Master Musicians of Joujouka

You can download the track FREE by signing up

Master Musicians of Joujouka Festival 10-12 June 2011

Galleries and exhibitions:

Brion Gysin exhibition "Alarme" at Galerie de France, Paris, from and 
Frank Rynne talks the viewer through the latest Brion Gysin show in Paris.

Galerie Ecritures :

Exhibition of photographs :

by Philippe BUSSER and Francisco FORMISANO From April 26th to June 10th 2011


Exhibition YO MARCHAND

Château d'Oiron in Interzone Galleries

The pages on the château d'Oiron now are in Interzone galleries :

Galerie Didier Devillez:

53, rue Emmanuel Van Driessche / 1050 Bruxelles (Belgique) +32(0)475 931 935

New pages on line:

In Interzone sites : 

"The Time of the Naguals" : Poems : "Around Burroughs and Gysin":
"Autour de Burroughs et Gysin" and                                                                                    William Brandon: "Looking for an agent/publisher: 
- Money ? : mail exchange about making our own currency (January 2000)
- Accueil Interzone Editions: 

In the other Zoners' sites:

- Brion Gysin exhibition "Alarme" at Galerie de France, Paris and
Hotel El Jardin, San Juan del Sur :
Les amis de Lizières:
Café Trompe Souris :
Between two reports, the news are updated in the blog Interzone news:

Wishing you all the best for this summer !
Izzy: email: i.aubert[at]

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