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"Cambodian veteran" by Paul O'Donovan

This is a two months report as I could not find time to write the one of February. As a result, it's thick. It's important as well as due to the actuality and Interzone present events.



1. Jean-Michel BEAU "L’AFFAIRE DES IRLANDAIS DE VINCENNES L’honneur d’un gendarme 1982-2008":


In 1982, Jean-Michel Beau was major in the gendarmerie when he received the order to supervise the acts of proceeding of judiciary police of the arrest of Irismen in Vincennes, suspected of terrorism. The perquisition of the flat of the Irishmen and the arrest were organized by the GIGN, an anti-terrorist cell created which can be compared to the "Special Branch", without judiciary competency . When major Beau arrived in the flat, the GIGN was already there, which was not legal, and a number of weapons had been found. The president François Mitterand congratulated the GIGN for the arrest of "dangerous terrorists". The Irishmen were put in prison, and revealed violations of the procedure during their arrest. Convinced that they were actual terrorists, Mr Beau assumed the responsibility of the violation, which the GIGN did not recognize. Three years later, he got the proof that the weapons found in the flat had been put there by the GIGN before his arrival, and then discharged his responsibility, but the organizers accused him in their place, using him as a scapegoat. Mr Beau started a judiciary fight to make the affair public, but the lawmen in charge chose inertia to paralyze the procedure, refusing to hear the main actor of GIGN, and the organizers pretended the affair was a "state secrecy" to keep the documents hidden.

So the book relates the 25 years fight of Mr Beau to clear this affair, which ruined his life. It is written like a thriller, shows the evidences demonstrating Mr Beau's innocence and is the most documented book published on those events, also related to the next affair of the listening room set up at the Elysée Palace (see the article in the Time on line ). It also is a very interesting document on the political context of the eighties.

You can see a number of photos transmitted by J.M. Beau for Interzone Galleries :,,

I got in touch with J.M. Beau through the forum Gendarmes & Citoyens, not knowing his real identity as the members have pseudos. When the book came out, he sent the news in the forum and said who he was. A big thanks to him for allowing Interzone Galleries to publish his pictures!


Arte TV : Le monde selon Monsanto by Marie-Monique Robin: Diffusion le mardi 11 mars à 21h00

Marie-Monique Robin is a French journalist who made a reportage broadcasted on the TV channel ARTE on March 11th : "The world according to Monsanto", on the GMO, an exceptional three years investigations on three continents.

The film can be bought through download in the site of Arte at

A forum has been created for the occasion, it is on line during several weeks :
The film & débate
Interview of Marie Monique Robin
Blog of Marie Monique Robin,CmC=1929420.html
The book,CmC=1912816.html
The DVD,CmC=1950490.html
The projet Why a film on Monsanto?
Marie Monique Robin's bio at

3. French police : "SOS détresse policiers":

Following the large number of suicides in the gendarmerie and in the police, I have retranscripted this reportage by Jérôme Sandlarz, broadcasted on France Culture in the program "les Pieds sur Terre" on february 28th 2008. The recording is available in the site of France-Culture in Real Player. The retranscription is on line at

This reportage is important to understand the nature of the methods of management imposed to functionnaries in police and gendarmerie. It allows the citizens to get the idea of the politics of money and of the so called " culture du résultat ", imposed to the people in charge of the security of citizens and the country, which the policemen interviewed in this program call "racket". It also means a lot about the ideology upon which suche methods are based. This ideology, the aim of which is enslavement and deshumanization of those functionnaries and of the set of the citizens, is not compatible with our republican constitution.

Concerning the life and work conditions of the gendarmes, wich are similar except they have no right to have syndicates nor professional associations, nor to express themselves on their profession, see the forum Gendarmes et Citoyens.



Interzone news and blog in My Space : Victory on the spammer !

1. I had stopped to use My Space to forward Interzone news after usurpations of identities from anonymous people sending spams in the name of the blog : the same happens to other Zoners having a blog there who are in the friends' list.

In november, a site in My Space called "junkie bunker" stole the Burroughs' animation in the profile and usurpated the identity of Interzone news to send spams. Then its owner created a site called "The ghost of William Burroughs" in which he put the animation in the profile, which led to a confusion with Interzone site, and made a vulgar and morbid site

I asked Gary Leeming who had made the animation, and Baud who had taken the Burroughs picture in 1982, and they encouraged me to complain to My space in their name, which I did. Some days ago I got an answer from My Space saying this site of junkybunker has been deleted. So this is a good news, as it shows that it's possible to give limits to such people. As a result, I can now go on again with My Space.

2. Beside that, I am having a large number of requests to be added to the friends' list from people who have no relation with Burroughs nor Interzone nor with art production, who refer to ideological currents as satanists and so called "illuminati". I came to find there is a kind of a "Burroughs war of influence", involving groups which want to attract Burroughs' readers in their spheres, spreading the dark image of Burroughs as a "queer junky who shot his wife", with morbid look. Of course those people remain anonymous.

In view of the fact that those sites may influence young people to associate themselves with such groups, I feel an obligation to make my present views on the subject quite clear : neither Burroughs nor Interzone have been involved in such groups in any way, and such an identification can be considered as a manipulation of images.

I have already been confronted to this problem in the past in the frame of an expo called "Espèces d'Interzone" organized by the "École Supérieure des Arts-Décoratifs de Strasbourg" : see the report of April 2003 and about it.

Very briefly for people who might be induced in error with the manipulation of symbols around satanism : in the medieval past, the character of "Satan" has been used since XIV° century by the king Philippe le Bel and inquisition as a pretext to prosecute people who had not done any harm to anybody in accusing them of satanism and so called crimes, which actually were victimeless crimes, invented for the circumstance, to lock them in and kill them to take their money and possessions. Philippe le Bel started with the templars, the jews and Italien bankers called the Lombards, as he needed money to make wars. There was no implication of any actual satanic entity here, no more than any actual "Santa Claus" presently involved in the distribution of presents to children for Christmas. As a result, this character of Satan is a high level hallucination created by human brains, which has no existence out of them, and no relation at all with Burroughs nor Interzone.

2. Burroughs' Tape Recorder: Fake moderators and manipulation of Burroughs' and Interzone images:

In the first years of Interzone, a number of yahoo groups were created around Interzone activities. Some as the Interzone Coffee House and "Dreamachine" are still active and correctly moderated. In the Interzone Coffee House we have had an incredible number of trolls of different kinds, and it was a hard work to keep it clean.
Since we organized a moderation with several members working together, the trolls have disapeared . The club Dreamachine also is receiving a number of spams, but the administrator immediately bans the spammers.

The other groups are not operational anymore, most of them have been paralized by spams. "Burroughs tape recorder" is one of them. I was still a member (have unsubscribed on March 26th) and there were some other Zoners in it, sending news from time to time. After a series of spam were sent by the "Group Moderator", Steve Allenmay, sent a mail saying "This is bullshit, you aren't the moderator. you are a spamdevice." which I agreed with completely.

At the start it has been created by the owner of the site of the same name "burroughs tape recorder" amy
ballot, but apparently her email has changed as the Zone reports I send to this address come back to me, and I have not received anything from her since years.

I thought there was no more moderator anymore due to the number of spams, but when I cheched the URL of this club and the site on web archives some days ago, at*/
and*/ , it came out that there still is a moderator, and that those sites keep on
being updated, and that the moderator intentionally pollute it with spams !!!!!!!!. So I am wondering between several hypothesis :
1. the moderator is not interested in Burroughs nor recordings anymore nor in that club,
2. the moderator is using this club to attract Burroughs' readers at the start and then letting the club desegregating to disgust them,
3. the moderator is a member of an organization which employs him (her) to advertise for some shits,
4. etc.

In any case, no time to loose with such a fake !

3. Interzone public discussion with Skype :

Joshua Berlow proposed to use Skype for a monthly chat to talk about the Zone's affair, as we used to do during the first years of the Zone. I have created a discussion forum in Skype called "Interzone", you can join if you are added to my Skype contacts but I have not experimented it yet. If you know more practical chats, let me know : there also is the possibility to create a forum with a chat as which can welcome several hundred of people.

Those who are interested in this monthly meeting and the way to make it can get in touch at



Interzone Editions now official :

I have asked for ISBN numbers for selling the books I am printing : my own books and translations, the Taxidermist, French and English versions, and Stella Matutina, French and English versions. After sending the "dépôt légal", I can sell them officially with the label "Interzone Editions".


NEW YORK BOOK TOUR ANNOUNCED! THIS APRIL! Humeur actuelle : aventureux Catégorie : Writing and Poetry
We are pleased to announce exclusive book readings from Chelsea Hotel Manhattan in New York by the author Joe Ambrose. Joe will also be signing the book which will be available to buy at all the events.
Joe’s itinery is as follows:
The first will be Joe returning to The Chelsea Hotel to do an exlcusive reading in the lobby! This will take place on Friday 18th April at 7.30pm.This is not to be missed! Come early to avoid dissapointment!
Joe will hold a lunchtime reading at The Bowery Poetry Club, New York

Reading at Blue Stocking Books, New York

The Brig by Philip Beitchman

Between Naturalism and Cruelty:
The Brig
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow by Philip Beitchman

You can download it at

"Political Parties in Naked Lunch" by Michael Gurnow

New Literary Kicks article on WSB's NL titled "Old Bull Lee Waves theBlack Flag: Political Parties in Naked Lunch" which can be found at

Nova Planet: Christian Bourgois, l’aventurier de l’édition,121,1,christian-bourgois-laventurier-de-ledition.html

An interesting interview of Christian Bourgois, a Burroughs' publisher, in Novaplanet at,121,1,christian-bourgois-laventurier-de-ledition.html

Christian Bourgois Editeur "Les enfants de Hurin" by Tolkien:

Christian Bourgois publishes the French translation of the last Tolkien edition "Les enfants de Hurin" , thanks to the research work of his son, professor Christopher Tolkien.

Plymell from Beatscene

If anyone is interested - the Beat Scene Press has just published NEAL AND ANNE AT GOUGH STREET by Charles Plymell - number 14 in the chapbook series. An essay recalling Plymell's time with Neal Cassady. Signed and numbered.
If interested get in touch. Kevin Ring

Some good news from the éditions de l'éclat

-Isaac Julien's film dedicated to Derek Jarman received the Prix spécial du Jury des Teddies à la Berlinale 2008... The Editions de l'Eclat published Derek Jarman's book Chroma in 2003, a version of which is published in ebook in the site. See the buuletin of the editions in Interzone news.

From William Brandon: Corrie Greathouse - Portraits: Invisible Ink on Parchment

Come out and help us celebrate my very dear friend Corrie Greathouse's new book, Portraits:Invisible Ink on Parchment!
Well, I have worked and worked and whined and cried, [but really, i'mpretty sure only one person saw the crying part so it doesn't reallycount]. I have managed to sleep occasionally and mostly remembered tobreathe and now have the pleasure of inviting you to join me onFriday, March 21 at 7:30pm for the publication release reading of myfirst release on Noble Swine Press, Portraits: Invisible Ink onParchment.
So, please join me on Friday, March 21 at 7:30pm atBeyond Baroque Literary Arts Center in Venice, CA681 Venice Blvd. Venica, CA 90291

the info from beyond baroque follows:
RAFAEL ALVARADO of the Worldwide Word Radio Network hosts this specialpublication event for the release of CORRIE GREATHOUSE'S Portraits:Invisible Ink on Parchment on Noble Swine Press.
Join us for this event featuring one of L.A.'s giants, JOHN HARRIS andtwo exciting newcomers.

Orange County native CORRIE GREATHOUSE came to L.A. by way of Northampton,MA where she spent several years writing and painting. Her newrelease, Portraits: Invisible Ink on Parchment, is both collection of proseand peek into the past and present of characters never defined by name.
"These words and images by Corrie Greathouse are fetish snapshots,whispers of hope traced in sheer lines across the sleepy landscape ofdesire. She is a torrid blue jukebox, a fragile lyric tempered by adream that refuses to submit. Something found in what was lost betweenthe lines. A vascular eclipse of the sun."
S.A. Griffin, author Numbskull Sutra
In 1969, JOHN HARRIS cofounded the Venice Poetry Workshop at Beyond Baroquewith Joseph Hansen. In the 1970s and 1980s, he was the proprietor of PapaBach Books, the historic literary center where a generation of Los Angelespoets artistically came of age.
SARIA IDANA hails from Woodstock, NY and has studied with such distinguishedpoets as Martin Espada, Deborah Gorlin, Robert Cole and Phillip Shabaaz. Shehas been influenced by a wide range of writers from beat poets andcontemporary spoken word artists to Sufi mystics as well as her ownextensive world travels. She works with F.L.O.W., a poetry program forincarcerated youth.




Jean-Michel Beau gallery


Paul O'Donovan's new illustrations :

"Cambodia Veteran" and "Chinese lines" are at , and "Blockade" at

Galerie Didier Devillez : :

Fifth anniversary for this gallery : expo on richard Ballard from April 11th to May 10th : paintings on line

Vernissage Exposition Eugène Savitzkaya à la Galerie Didier Devillez

Optical Sound: April newsletter

The April newsletter is available at

the lazarus corporation news & updates visual art, music & writing



Light on Siegfried Bréger :

Anthony rousseau annonces the new site of visual and sound creations by Siegfried Bréger :

"Advienne que pourra " is a creation inspired from the novel "Le Retour" by Andreï Biely, at the border of cinema and plastic arts
Anthony Rousseau

Sound installation by Stéphan Barron

Exposition de Stéphan Barron at the FRUC 3 bis rue Labbé - 34 000 Montpellier march 15th to april 12th 2008
Projection of two unseen films by Stéphan Barron : "A perte d'entendre" - 2008 - 12 mn and "Transmission" - 2008 - 2 h 07
The partners of the work : Stéphane Cousot, CAIRPOL, Rien de Spécial, Conseil Régional Languedoc-Roussillon
Présentation in the intervention "Le proche lointain" at the colloque "Le proche" march 7th , Université Montpellier III .

Joshua Berlow in Heinz Ketchup Commercial

I play Chef Pierre (the guy on the left wearing thechef hat with ketchup on his face) at the end of thisHeinz Ketchup commercial. It's not how many speaking lines you get, but howbelievably you do the part!Anyway, it was a lot of fun to do this commercial andsee the director (very professional) churn it out in asingle day. You can see the commercial on Youtube here:

Joshua Berlow
PS- I'm a licensed Real Estate Agent in Maryland. Ifyou know of anyone that wants to buy or sell a housein the Baltimore/DC area, please let me know...



Master Musicians of Joujouka live in France 1980 download links

Master Musicians of Joujouka live in France 1980 download links
Catégorie : Music
Master Musicians of Joujouka live in France c. 1980.
Download the cassette only release from Staaltape Opp records. The original came in a wooden box along with a cassette of Brion Gysin and book Back in No Time by Hafler Trio's Andrew McKenzie.This recording was made during the huge tour the musicians undertook in 1980. See blog The thing on the doorstep blog Download here Frank Rynne

Limited Places For Special event in Joujouka

Special Event
An event will take place in Joujouka in July. We have a strictly limited number of places for guests and anyone interested who is free in July should contect us asap. email Master Musicians of Joujouka25 March 2008

Whirling Dervish : we would like to book a show in San Diego july 5th...

...if you are aware of any or are currently planning one please feel free to contact us: or through the 'space page . thanks, in advance for your help!

THE WHIRLING DERVISH......: emerging from a cocon like state to spread our wings and flutter once again...


Back from a triumphant week in the studio recording our new EP.APRIL 11TH LIVE at CHARLIE O's9PM - 501 Spring St. - Corner of 5th & Spring St. Downtown Los Angeles, Caw/ The Radio Sweetheart & Epic DebaucheryWe haven't seen you beautiful bastards since December '07, come on out, we miss you! , , ,

William Brandon Recording EP #2...

check out our tired mugs doin' our biz'nez

our first show back from studio hiatus will be 4/11 @ Charlie O's Downtown LA. more information and a zippy new flyer coming soon...
William Brandon

Craig Colorusso's MB 89

10 dates are booked for Craig Colorusso's latestpiece MB 89.Live clip and info below. -CK MB 89
I think it started when I was a kid. I had a mildinterest in sports. I was amazed to find out thatinnings get added to a baseball game when there is atie. But what was really amazing was that they keepadding them on until there's a winner. The thought ofa game lasting a few days was great. I thought itwould be really cool if the game lasted a year. Andwhat if the game lasted several years? I had a visionof all these baseball players running around inweathered uniforms and long white beards. Now thatwould be something; to continue a game for the rest of your life.

MB 89 is an attempt for me to play a continuous piece of music that spans the greater part of my life. Unlike a composition with a discrete beginning andending that may be played over and over, MB 89 is acomposition played once, continuously; spaces betweenperformances are to be treated as musical rests. Instead of many starts and finishes there is constantmusic. Thus MB 89 is a reference point in myever-changing life.

MB 89 is not to be merely conceived, written, andperformed. Rather, I have just realized MB 89'spresence in my life and have decided to acknowledgeit. It will be an ongoing endeavor for the rest of my life.

The first MB 89 performance was a series of live radiobroadcasts on the UMASS radio station WMUA. MikeBurke DJ extraordinaire was a neighbor of mine when Ifirst moved to Northampton. We quickly became friendsdue to our late night talks about music. So everyThursday in August 1997 MB 89 was broadcasted fromMike Burke's radio show.

Since then, the presentation of MB 89 has evolved intoa timeless environment for people to enter and exit atwill. The concept for this installation is to createa space of subtle movement where people can be part ofthe environment and absorb MB 89 any way they like.

A Cylindrical mass of metal and fabric will stand inthe room from within the cylinder will be a BassClarinet generating a drone with electronics. Lightswill accompany the drone. The glow of the blue lightsconstantly change over time, transforming the room. Subtle color fills the space and changes with themusic. Participants are encouraged to experience thepiece from different points in the room.

The performance is presented in 4-hour increments andis designed for the audience to come and go as theyplease. It is best to find space in the room and bewith the piece for a while, leave and then come back.

March 6th Cleveland Ohio Visible VoiceBooks
March 7th Indianapolis Indiana Big Car
March 8th 3am-6am radio show ITDE.
March 8th St. Louis Missouri LEMP ARTSMarch 15th Vegas Nevada
March 20th Salt Lake City Utah RED LIGHT
March 29th Denver Colorado Object+Thought
April 4th Lincoln Nebraska Project Room
April 5th Cincinnati, OHIO MURMUR

Chris Knudsens

Beat Festival in Iceland

Kerouac reading


MAY 3rd 2008

The Icelandic novelist Olafur Gunnarsson, author of some 20 books and translator of Kerouac lives on a small farm four miles out of Reykjavik. The farm is called Stora-Klopp which translates into Big - Rock.
On may 3rd 2008 a Beat-day will be held at the farm. The following will perform or give a reading;
OLAFUR GUNARSONN RON WHITEHEAD MICHAEL DEAN ODIN POLLOCK JONSI ( Lead singer of the band SIGUROS ) EINAR KARASON More surprise international & national artist to be announced. Contact Olafur for more info at :
'It's okay to be happy.'
His Holiness The Dalai Lama to Ron

Bernard Bacos: Mai 68

To celebrate the 40 years of this event, here is an audio reportage on May 68 realized in 2006 by Marie Kergoët, who was then student in journalism, with Bernard Bacos, Jean-Pierre Le Goff, and Martine Storti

Bernard Bacos: Belle Journée en Perspective : photos of punks

A lot of unseen photos of punks in London and Paris at



* Gary Leeming’s new blog

Gary has started a new blog on January 2008: new project::gr-sf: : You can read his first texts there : China Taxi , Bees (1) , Secret Identity , hair . You are welcome to visit it and leave your comments.

* In Yann's blog::

"new things in my site :

- my albumsù/va_levrioù.html

- photos gallery of Blizik accessible in my page Milgon (




In Interzone sites:

Gallery of Jean-Michel BEAU :,,

"SOS détresse policiers":

The Brig by Philip Beitchman

Paul O'Donovan's new illustrations : "Cambodia Veteran" and "Chinese lines" ,

In the other Zoners' sites :

Arte TV : Le monde selon Monsanto by Marie-Monique Robin: Diffusion le mardi 11 mars à 21h00

The film & débate
Interview of Marie Monique Robin
Blog of Marie Monique Robin,CmC=1929420.html
The book,CmC=1912816.html
The DVD,CmC=1950490.html
The projet Why a film on Monsanto?
Marie Monique Robin's bio at


"Political Parties in Naked Lunch" by Michael Gurnow

Nova Planet: Christian Bourgois, l’aventurier de l’édition,121,1,christian-bourgois-laventurier-de-ledition.html

Christian Bourgois Editeur "Les enfants de Hurin" by Tolkien:

Plymell from Beatscene

Some good news from the éditions de l'éclat

From William Brandon: Corrie Greathouse - Portraits: Invisible Ink on Parchment

Galerie Didier Devillez : :

Fifth anniversary for this gallery : expo on richard Ballard and Vernissage Exposition Eugène Savitzkaya à la Galerie Didier Devillez

Optical Sound: April newsletter

the lazarus corporation news & updates

Light on Siegfried Bréger :

Anthony Rousseau

Sound installation by Stéphan Barron

Joshua Berlow in Heinz Ketchup Commercial
Master Musicians of Joujouka live in France 1980 download links

The thing on the doorstep blog Download here

Limited Places For Special event in Joujouka

Whirling Dervish : we would like to book a show in San Diego july 5th...

THE WHIRLING DERVISH......: emerging from a cocon like state to spread our wings and flutter once again... , ,, ,

William Brandon Recording EP #2...

Craig Colorusso's MB 89

, Beat Festival in Iceland

Bernard Bacos: Mai 68

Bernard Bacos: Belle Journée en Perspective : photos of punks

Gary Leeming’s new blog : China Taxi , Bees (1) , Secret Identity , hair .

Yann's blog: my albumsù/va_levrioù.html Blizik Milgon (

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Wishing you a warm spring.

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