Interzone report: February-March 2012

Hi all,
I could not send the report last month , as I had to move the site Interzone Editions (see below), which took a lot of time. 
A lot of new things for this early spring, specially in literature.  

Interzone Editions: new URL:  

Until 2008, the site had been hosted at , but as is closing its free sites in April, I had to find a new provider and remake all the pages. Thanks for noting the new address .
Here are the new URL of the pages:
- Accueil :


William Burroughs' and Brion Gysin's resources:

The page has been updated It contains extracts of "With William Burroughs" by Victor Bockris:
In French : "Avec William Burroughs - Notre agent au Bunker":

Roger Holden: Collaborating on the Computer with William S. Burroughs

A article by Roger Holden in reality Studio : "A Follow-Up to “Charles Bukowski, William Burroughs, and the Computer”: on line at
Roger was one of the first Interzone members in August 1997. He also is the author of Alternative, Affordable Treatment for Feline LeukemiaThe "Burroughs' White Cat" Challenges the Board (April 2001) in the rubric Medical research

Jérôme Pintoux:

"The ex-French teacher makes dead writers talk":

This article, published in "La Nouvelle République", is on line at

Radio Accords Poitou: •Jérôme Pintoux,  » Interviews d’outre-tombe, confessions d’auteurs classiques »

Interview of Jérôme Pintoux  on Radio Accord Poitou, February 23rd  2012:

The link is available during one month in the site of Radio Accords : . You can also get it at 2012022314_repor

Jérôme Pintoux: Une plume à réveiller les auteurs morts

In the newspaper Centre Presse: on line at and

Interview d’Outre Tombe, France Inter, Ouvert la nuit:

The program "Ouvert la nuit" on France Inter,  on March 20th 2012, was dedicated to "Interviews d'Outre Tombe"  by Jérôme Pintoux, among other books. The extract is on ligne en MP3 à

It's the funniest program I have heard on this book. Warm congratulations to Eva Bester and her partners of "Ouvert la nuit" for this hilarious presentation !

News of the Eclat:

and in the collection "Polemos", a new book by Friedrich Shlegel : "Sur l'étude de la poésie grecque".
Michel Valensi
Editions de l'éclat
56 rue de la Roquette
75011 PARIS
Tel 00 33 1 55 28 54 91  

Paul A Green's The Gestaltbunker now released by Shearsman Book

I'm very pleased to announce my latest publication The Gestaltbunker - Selected Poems 1965-2010:

"The Gestaltbunker encapsulates the range of Paul A Green's output. His briefings on nuclear apocalypse, global melt-down and the excesses of media landscaping are transmitted through surreal inscapes and an intensifying torsion of language. He moves from mid-life probes into the basement of a psyche to domestic praise-songs and celebrations. The riddles of time and consciousness continue to pre-occupy him, whether encountered through magick, music or the mysteries of the city."

³Thrillingly dystopian...² John Goodby

³From his cloister, Brother Paul emerges, jazzed & weaponized. As raw as a Delta Blues in a sharecropper's shack, yet as sinister as Flash Gordon playing Faustus on the Mongo fault-line abyss.²   Lawrence Russell
"His interests have coaxed him deep into the occult, surrealism and pop culture; his investigations meld and come into outstanding idiom...² J.
Michael Yates.   

Available directly from Shearsman, as above, or via Amazon in UK and North America.

A video is in production and there will be launch readings in London and elsewhere later in the year. Meanwhile, the Bunker is open for inspection.
Paul Green  

General semantics:


I have updated the bibliography of general semantics at . It now contains books of the main authors: Alfred Korzybski, Catherine Minteer, Lloyd and Mary Morain, Alfred Van Vogt, William Burroughs, Henri Laborit, Gaston Bachelard, Susan PRESBY KODISH and Bruce I. KODISH, Steve Stockdale, Irving Lee.
Some of them are are on line in pdf, accessible in Internet archives: I specially recommend Irving Lee's  Language Habits In Human Affairs with a preface by Korzybski . A very actual book, though it was written in 1941.  

Workshops, conferences :

Jean Puijalon: L’École du Clown Invisible

Prochain Stage de Conscience Corporelle du Clown, du Mercredi  22 février à 22H00 au Dimanche 26 février à 14H00
06 03 35 78 30  / 06 03 35 78 30
31 rue Barbès

LIZIERES : PIQUE-NIQUE #02 "Yes...But" avec RICHARD NONAS : Dimanche 18 mars 2012

Résidence et exposition à LIZIERES // DIMANCHE 18 MARS 2012
Les Amis de LIZIERES sont heureux de vous convier au Château d’Epaux pour l’événement 
“Yes…But” proposé par l’artiste nord-américain Richard Nonas, le dimanche 18 mars 2012.


EPIC DEBAUCHERY - St. Patrick's Day at The Down 'n Out501 S. Spring St. LA 9001321+ - 10PM - Bands TBDBe curbside for the triumphant and hangover-inducing return of Epic D to the stage...bring a helmet...

-- Nescit vox, missa reverti. 


Anthony Rousseau:

Exposition "Sous Influence"

Performance à L' H du siège à Valenciennes

Hi all,
I wanted to thank you for your presence during my performance at the H at Valenciennes. For those who were no here, you can view it at


Danse Macabre

The installation Danse Macabre will be visible from 07 to 17 March at the bibliothèque multimédia in Valenciennes. A meeting with the public is foreseen on March 10, from 2 pm to 6.30 pm.

Anthony Rousseau: Temps forts à l'Espace le Carré…

Galleries and exhibitions:

Paul O'Donovan

- "I'll journey into the unseen YOU without a map" "Everything will be OK in the end...If it's not the end, then it's OK"
- "Riverbank dawn patrol"...depicts imaginary inhabitants from the 'Underworld' scavenging & hunting riverside - an uncatalogued species not acquainted with mortals.

"Riverbank dawn patrol"

You can visit his creations in the following pages:  
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Pierre LAFOUCRIERE Terres et Lumières
Preview on tuesday April 6th, 6 pm.
Exhibition from March 14th to June 14th 2012.

 Galerie Didier Devillez

Exhibition Marc Mendelson:

Exhibition Lismonde:

From 2nd to 31rd March 2012.:
53, rue Emmanuel Van Driessche — 1050 Bruxelles (Belgique) — +32(0)475 931 935

Optical Sound:

New pages on line:

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"With William Burroughs" by Victor Bockris: A PASSPORT FOR WILLIAM BURROUGHS
Interviews d'Outre-tombe, France Inter, Ouvert la nuit, March 20th 2012: :

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Anthony Rousseau: 
Performance Valenciennes:
Between two reports, the news are put on line in the blogs Interzone news and Bienvenue à Interzone