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The texts hosted in the site La sémantique générale pour tous are copyrighted. Though they have been reproduced in a number of sites, often anonymous ones, and highjacked from their original source, integrated in contexts without relation with general semantics. I regularly correct and update them, therefore the only reliable versions are the ones hosted in La sémantique générale pour tous and the blog Pour une économie non-aristotélicienne (blog) .

The structure of Interzone:

As foreseen in the previous report (Literature / Interzone Editions) here are some explanation on the structure of Interzone :

As a network of William Burroughs' readers, from the start (1997) Interzone had a specific structure : its members were related, at least for the most of the American and English members, by their reading and knowledge of Burroughs'work. As a result, they had a common base of reference which made possible exchanges resting on a common agreement and vision (see Interzone Manifestos ).

As a writer, Burroughs, who had followed Korzybski's courses, applied general semantics to writing through his literary work, in collaboration with Brion Gysin. As a result, they described and experimented new functions of writing which had not been put in evidence before in literature.

As a coordinator of Interzone, I applied GS to the management of this network, without refering to any management doctrine in economy, but applying the researches of the French biologist Henri Laborit on the structure of living organisms, based upon his application in biology of Korzybski's work :

  • A structure is the set of the relations between the different elements of a set.

  • For human domains of activities to be reliable, their structure must be similar to the structure of human organism, i.e. based upon relations of non-dominance, complementarity, interdisciplinarity, informative opening. Therefore, the ancient Aristotelian relations based upon dominance, competitivity, informative closure, which still structure our societies, institutions, models of management, etc., and more widely, our so-called human “sciences”, are not compatible with our organic structure and are doomed to failure. Knowing that, the only sensible possibility I had as an Interzone coordinator was to try something else. 

The results of this experiment can be found in the reports of activities (Interzone Reports) and the common accomplishments in writing (the anthology “The Time of the Naguals”) , music, arts in general (Interzone Creations), research (medical , economy , The Time of the Naguals: Tome 2: Research , Le Temps des Naguals: Autour de Burroughs et Gysin ) etc.

I would not say that those results confirm our expectations at the start of the network, as neither me nor anybody else had any expectation in the circumstance: Interzone was not foreseen nor planified; it started from contacts established through Malcolm Humes'memorial, The William Burroughs' Files , in the days following Burroughs' death. Now if somebody had told me then what would come out of it, I doubt I would have believed it. Interzone was an unforeseen and imprevisible factor, the results of which are, 16 years later, far beyond what we could have expected then.

In this context, considering the facts with the distance of those 16 years, in the framework of a scientific step, I can say that those result confirm the hypothesis of the start, i.e. the validity of general semantics in the structure and management of the network, and of Burroughsian domains of research, which escaped our understanding when apprehended through the angle of obsolete rationalism, but started to make sense through a quantic vision of mankind and the world.

More info on the structure: Alfred Korzybski: “Science and Sanity”: “General on structure


William S. Burroughs, Andy Warhol. Conversations

A new book by Victor Bockris : It's a great pleasure to read this book, which is kind of a new tome of “With William Burroughs”. Thanks to Victor Bockris for publishing it !

William s. Burroughs, Andy Warhol. Conversations», translated by Jérôme Schmidt et Nicolas Richard, Éditions Inculte, 179 p., 16 €.

In 1980, Victor Bockris organized and recorded four meetings between William Burroughs and Andy Warhol. Informal meetings that took place at the Factory and restaurants in New York. The Pope of Pop Art and the figure of the Beat Generation necessarily had much to say. Warhol and Burroughs, during these four appointments will make a tour of the Factory, discuss about the work Warhol had just finished, talk about everything and nothing, culture, sex, love, drugs and vodka-tonic. Sometimes other personalities invite themselves at their table. So Mick Jagger appears as a luxury guest star. Embellished with fifty photographs, “Warhol, Burroughs: Conversationssweeps broadly the cultural landscape, captures the atmosphere, the excitement of the beginning of the 1980s and shows a budding friendship, a complicity between these two great figures of American culture. Victor Bockris is a journalist, he accompanied Andy Warhol in adventure of the Factory and has written many books and articles on this period and its main protagonists (Lou Reed, Andy Warhol, among others). He claims that it is Andy Warhol, who taught him how to conduct an interview. His advice: "Never prepare your questions. Do as if it were a cocktail. '

Vinyles Vintage de Jérôme Pintoux

One of the new books by Jérôme Pintoux, "Vinyles Vintage ", has just come out at the editions "Les Presses du Midi"

ISBN : 978-28127-0389-8
CODE BARRE : 978-28127-0389-8
PAGES : 143
PRIX PUBLIC : 16 Euros
TVA : 7
DATE PARUTION : 10/12/2012
FORMAT : 14 x 21
Dewey : Musique

It is well known: "Travel broadens the mind." Some more than others, like the narrator in "Vinyl Vintage". In fact, Jérôme Pintoux, 17 years old, went to England in July 1968. Away from his parents, he tries to get out of his shell, browsing the old London, going to see trendy groups. In this context, a blessed time with the gradual advent of future legends that will leave an indelible mark in the history of music. When the chance comes in, the meetings become magic and forge a personality. And the hero of this novel, according to his wanderings, will bump into all the stars of the moment. He will interview Syd Barrett, Marc Bolan, Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, among others. In "Vintage Vinyl" the reader finds the scent of old England, the smells, the sounds. The whole "Swinging London" by going back to the origins of this musical current that has influenced so many bands and singers. An epic rhythm like a tube of the Stones "as touching as the voice of John Lennon, which one will not forget for a long time ...

Article in the press :

Jean Puijalon: Tao t'es clown


Leaf through on Amazon

More info at

You can get it :

Some news from the éclat:

New books : "d'un noir illimité" by Patricia Farazzi

320 p. 18 euros
Extracts will be availabl
e on line after January 15th.

Two books on Venise and Jankélévitch,

An Interview with George Laughead of Beats In Kansas, an on-line history of the Beats in the Heartland

George Laughead: The Duke of Kansas

"I put up Beats in Kansas at KU because of the odd fact that 80 percent of living beats were from Kansas."

George Laughead's interview @

Photo by Chris Cecil


tolérance au plagiat, « vide juridique « , CP-CNU (Commission permanente du Conseil national des universités)

Jean-Noël Darde (MCF - Université Paris 8) has pût on line in the blog Archéologie du copier-coller the copies of two mails and their documents attached put on line in last December following his meeting with the president of the CP-CNU, two of the vice-presidents and the president of the 71th section of the CNU. He prefaced those mails with an introduction et added the comments of some of the signers of Refusons de fermer les yeux.... who gave him their agreement for putting them on line.
The whole is entitled :
La Commission permanente du Conseil national des universités, le « vide juridique » et la tolérance au plagiat .

French Academics Circulate Petition

French academics have started a petition against plagiarism in research. The petition is available online at . This is a translation by Google Translate prettied up by me: Posted by Debora Weber-Wulff.


Mike Watt : The Watt Pedro Show

The program of January is on line at .
Mike Watt's site at 


Cédric Rameau Monpouillan: Exhibition "Regards Croisés"

Permanent artist at the Arts Home Galerie : , Cédric Rameau Monpouillan is a member of the Maison des Artistes, painter, sculptor, glassworker and scenographer.

Cedric Rameau Monpouillan

Casa Filicophyta
79340 Vasles
Tél: 0549642369 - 0680342144


From January 8
th to March 8th 2013
with Patrice Naturel et Cédric RAmeau Monpouillan

32 bis Rue Briçonnet
37000 TOURS
Tél: 02 47 61 72 98

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Paul O'Donovan: "Don't wait for your ship to come in; swim out to it"...

"Don't wait for your ship to come in; swim out to it"...

Spain Rodriguez, Artist of Underground Comics, Dies at 72

Mr. Rodriguez in 2010. By BRUCE WEBER
Spain Rodriguez: Tributes

Brad Brace: Interzone contribution

Many pages of photos, graphism, ebooks, etc.: at

(remote Fiji WAYA/YASAWAS islands:)

Island 8.0 is now available online!


bbs: brad brace sound

Waters Colours:

Eroticized Japanese/Malaysian Snack Foods:

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12 mailing list:

Beat : some pictures :

Allen Ginsberg by Bruce Dodson

Charles, Pam and Liz Plymell at Jesse James' cabin, 1970

exposition who's who, galerie didier devillez, revue de presse

Claude Lorent, La Libre Belgique, Supplément Arts n° 165, semaine du 30/11 au 06/12 2012 

galerie didier devillez, focus janvier 2013

vernissage exposition paul schrobiltgen et marek wyrzykowski à la galerie didier devillez

Exhibition Paul Schrobiltgen and Marek Wyrzykowski Tx +
53 rue Emmanuel Van Driessche
1050 Bruxelles (Belgique)
Tél./Fax +32 (0)475 931 935


Anthony Rousseau: Vidéo "In progress / 01" - Carine Abraham.

Bonjour à toutes et à tous !

Je tenais à vous faire découvrir la vidéo "IN PROGRESS / 01" de l'artiste Carine Abraham…

Elle est la première d'une série de 4 vidéos. Retranscription graphique et animée d'un flux mental et émotionnel où pensées et souvenirs oscillent entre cohérence, construction, récurrence et chaos. ,

Bonnes Fêtes de fin d'année !

Bien à vous


Events, workshops... :

Jean Puijalon: stage "Gèle-Trac" du 23 au 27 janvier 2013

L’École du Clown Invisible


du MERCREDI 23 soir au DIMANCHE 27 janvier midi 2013

Renseignements - 06 69 31 27 28

Où ? Le Tertre, Montgaudry, Normandie

Programme en ligne ici

Inscription en ligne ici  

New pages on line:

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Paul O'Donovan: "Don't wait for your ship to come in; swim out to it"...

A. Korzybski, livres et traductions

Articles Sémantique Générale

Sémantique Générale et physique quantique

Sémantique générale et sciences humaines

Pour une économie non-aristotélicienne (blog)

Autres articles non-A


Les différentes étapes de l'évolution de l'Occident: Aristote, Descartes, Korzybski, Trois visions de l'homme et du monde :

Extracts of «Science and Sanity» – French translation: Isabelle Aubert-Baudron: Translated with the permission of Alfred Korzybski Literary Estate.

Introduction (ch. III)

Généralités sur la structure (ch.IV)

Du symbolisme (ch. VI)

Réactions conditionnées aux niveaux supérieurs et psychiatrie (chap XXIII)

In other sites:

William s. Burroughs, Andy Warhol. Conversations», translated by Jérôme Schmidt et Nicolas Richard, Éditions Inculte, 179 p., 16 €.

Le nouveau livre de Jérôme Pintoux

Le petit Niortais l'été 68 et les rock stars

Courrier de l'Ouest: Souvenir d'un enfant du rock:

Jean Puijalon: Tao T’es Clown:

George Laughead's interview @

La Commission permanente du Conseil national des universités, le « vide juridique » et la tolérance au plagiat .

French Academics Circulate Petition :

Cédric Rameau Monpouillan: Exhibition "Regards Croisés" the Arts Home Galerie :, ,

Didier Devillez Gallerie:

Spain Rodriguez: Tributes

Brad Brace: Interzone contributions:

Anthony Rousseau: , ,


This report is on line at and in French at

Between two reports, the news are on line in Interzone News and Bienvenue à Interzone.

All the best for 2013, a peaceful Year of the Cat to the whole Zone !!!!!!!!!!!!

Isabelle Aubert-Baudron

Tigrou”- Photo I. Aubert-Baudron