Interzone report of November-December 2011

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I hope this last report of 2011 finds you well. A lot of new things again, specially in publishing.


The Time of the Naguals: Cut-ups: 3rd tome

The 3rd tome of Interzone anthology, The Time of the  Naguals, is now on line in pdf at

The contents is at

The first tomes of this anthology are available, on line in pdf.  

In French:
In English:
- Tome 1: Around Burroughs and Gysin: 106 pages (a number of texts are not published in the French tome, and reciprocally). 
- Tome 2: Research: 163 pages  
- Tome 3: Cut-ups: 92 pages
- Tome 4: Poems: 150 pages (English, Spanish, French) 
In the site Interzone Editions:
This anthology, started in 1997, is a common work of Interzone members.
To save your time, rather than downloading the pdf, which takes several minutes, better put the mouse on the link, right click and "Record the target", so to record it on your computer, which takes one second.. Then opening the pdf file when you click on it takes another second.

Jérôme Pintoux : Interviews d'Outre-Tombe

Since the coming out of the book, a number of articles and interviews have been published in the media:  

Entretien avec Jérôme Pintoux pour ses Interviews d’outre-tombe, en 2011.


Jérôme Pintoux: Interviews post mortem des grands écrivains

Jérôme Pintoux revisits the French literature and his big names through a series of fictitious interviews. Interview(maintenance) with a very alive author.

Jérôme Pintoux on France culture: About post-mortem literary interview

With Jérôme Pintoux, for his Interviews d'outre-tombe (JBZ & Vie, 2011), a book in which he intends to 
to make read again the big authors by finding " the inflection of beloved voices that have fallen silent " in the form of post-mortem conversations...
To reach the recording: click the small arrow Écouter l'émission
Podcast : itpc://

Interviews d'outre-tombe

Jérôme Pintoux's blog:


Philip Willey: Naked Tea

It's 5 x 7 inches. 54 pages. 30 pages of fascinating text and 13 amazing illustrations. The cost is $12. Add $5 for postage and handling.
Lyle Schultz is looking after local orders. Contact him at

News from the Eclat:

Some ideas of books for presents:

The page news contains the new title of 2011.

Catalog by author

or by collections 

Giorgio Colli, Yona Friedman, Hilary Putnam, Alfred Korzybski, Philip K. Dick, Chaim Wirzsubski, Jacques Bouveresse...

Best wishes to all.
Les Editions de l’éclat 

Complete newsletter :  &

 Archéologie du copier-coller : PARIS 8, PROCÈS ET PLAGIATS
and in Mediapart:
A decision of justice waited on the university plagiarism (November 28th, 2011 By Lucie Delaporte)
The 17th chamber of the TGI of Paris will not pronounce on the substance of the case Jean-Noël Darde, a researcher specialist of the question of the university plagiarism, assigned in emergency proceeding for  defamation by a teacher of Paris VIII. Ironicly enough, the assignment was declared groundless because underestimating the usage of quotation marks and italics. The summum in an affair which threw a raw light both on plagiarism itself and on the reaction at least moderate of the academics.
Quand des universitaires protègent un plagiaire (october 10 2011 Par Louise Fessard)
Le plagiat de thèse reste un tabou à l'université (october 04 2010 Par Louise Fessard)

General semantics

Alfred KORZYBSKI: the mathematicians' approach: Extracts from “GENERAL SEMANTICS SEMINAR 1937"

Interzone Academy 2011: Medical research

Updates of the page "Medical research" :

"The Patient" by Agent Zero

This page contains documents published since the end of the nineties in the site Interzone Academy, previously hosted by Geocities, and suppressed in October 2009 as all the sites hosted for free by this provider.
You can also visit the page Interzone Economy ,updated, and presently hosted in the site

A double-blind cross-over study: apomorphine/placebo in chronic alcoholics by C. Carlsson, P. R. Johansson, B. Gullbergt Nordhemspolikliniken, Gothenburg, Sweden
A Comparison of the Effects of Propranolol and Diazepam in Alcoholics by Carl Carlsson M.D. and Bengt-Goran Fasth Ph.D.
The Psychological Effects of Propranolol in the Abstinence Phase of Chronic Alcoholics by CARL CARLSSON and TAGE JOHANSSON
Propranolol in the treatment of alcoholism: a review by C. CALSSON
Propranolol treatment in chronic alcoholic outpatients by C. CARLSSON

Henri Laborit: Sur la minaprine Agr 1240 (Cantor): Pour le meilleur des mondes - L'inhibition de l'action
Henri Laborit: Alfred Korzybski Memorial Lecture 1963: THE NEED FOR GENERALIZATION IN BIOLOGICAL RESEARCH : ROLE OF THE MATHEMATICAL THEORY OF ENSEMBLES Henri Laborit, . MD Centre d'Etudes Experimentales et Cliniques de Physio-Biologie, de Pharmacologie et d'Eutonologie de la Marine Nationale, Paris, France (Institute of General Semantics)
Roger Gentis: "N'Être" :
" La Tangente "
" L'orgasme, Dieu et le fric "
" Des loups et des hommes "
" Des loups, des corbeaux et des hommes "
"The Crossroads of Dead Ends"
Des implications en sciences humaines du travail de recherche de Michel Onfray sur Freud PDF


Psychiatry: Objectifs 4 and 5 on line :

Journey through the past of French psychiatry:
The 4rth and 5th issues of the magazine "Objectifs" (summer and autumn 1985) are on line at and 
The previous issues are accessible at "Le Carrefour des Impasse / The crossroads of Dean Ends"


Anthony Rousseau: Live 13 (work in progress)


Yannick Chosse: La Seudre: photographies

I am pleased to inform you that my site dedicated to photographs is on line :

It is an exhaustive window on my photographic work.
Besides the portfolio, you can find articles on the various techniques photo developed thanks to the digital technology (panoramic view, HDR, time lapse).
This site will be regularly updated.

Yannick Chosse
Thanks for noting my new address:
Poussière de Pixel - Yannick Chosse
4 route de Pouzaur
17250 Ste Gemme

Optical Sound: dark age of love:

The Lazarus Corporation: Interstitial Art & Unpopular Culture

New pages on line:  

In Interzone sites

Alfred KORZYBSKI: la démarche des mathématiciens : Extraits du "Séminaire de sémantique générale 1937"
Interzone Academy 2011: Medical research

In other sites

Le blog de Jérôme Pintoux :
Entretien avec Jérôme Pintoux pour ses Interviews d’outre-tombe, en 2011: 
Jérôme Pintoux: Interviews post mortem des grands écrivains
Philip Willey: Naked Tea:
Anthony Rousseau: Live 13 (work in progress) 
The Lazarus Corporation: Interstitial Art & Unpopular Culture
Between two reports, the news are updated in the blog Interzone news: .
Best wishes for the feasts of the end of the year, and an excellent year 2012 !!!!!!!!!!!
Isabelle Aubert-Baudron