Interzone report of August-September 2011

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A short report this month during the holidays, but dedicated to holidays: a lot of music and art works: the productions of this month are refreshing


Rob Funderburk: THE 2ND HAND

In the report of July,  I passed the info on Rob Funderburk's sites with a pic of pages of the review he made, "The 2nd hand". You can read this review is on line at .   


Vasha Dai: Sentimental (P. Verlaine)

"Rough mix of the track from our forthcoming new album at

We are new Lithuanian project exploring suburbs of (un)popular Music. You can download our first album here:
or go and listen to it there: or here on SoundCloud." Vasha

Paul O'Donovan on MySpace

The site has been updated : listen to the playlist at It contains songs from his CD "The Happylands and Elsewhere".

New playlist in Interzone news

I have created a new Deezer playlist for the blog : the address of the list is . Not especially new songs, but which I listen to at the moment. Though they have no relation with Interzone, I include them in this report, just for the pleasure of sharing French songs with non French-speaking Zoners.
- Soldat Louis : Les vacances à La Rochelle (The holidays to La Rochelle) : a kid's holidays song , souvenir souvenir...
- Mano Solo: Des années entières:
- Thomas Fersen: Parfois au clair de lune
- Alain Bashung: Résidents De La République:


Other lists :


Paul O'Donovan:

Paul sent three new illustrations:
NOTE Paul O'Donovan's new

- Galerie ECRITURE on facebook

Artworks by Claire Moreau, Yo Marchand, Pierre Lafoucrière, Jean Adler, Jean Estaque, Roland Cognet, Guerrero, Bruno Danjoux.....

Galerie écritures
1 rue pierre petit
03100 Montlucon
08 99 23 00 57


Mino DC: inauguration of the new workshop déchetterie du grand moiré

September 10 and 11 2011

After 40 years of collects, sorting cleaning and restocking lead to installations, ready made memorials.
Evening shows, music and exhibitions. Forward the info and bring your basket !

Anthony Rousseau

- Convergence 1.0:


« CONVERGENCE 1.0 » is a multimedia and interactive installation, a matrix which consists of a library of media (images, sounds, texts and video), bound to the notions  of territories and bodies which the spectators can manipulate in real time through a contactless interface.
The installation « Combined média » has been a été produced by the Préfecture de la Région Nord - Pas - De - Calais, city of Lille Culture, within the frameword of the program "Lille, Ville d'Arts et du Futur, cinéma et audiovisuel", Espace Pignon - Comité d'animation des bois-blancs.

- Danse Macabre:


«Danse macabre» is a multimédia installation the theme of which is  death dance .
This choice  was impuled by different factors: the will to reactualize an ancient shape of symbolic representation of death in our society and the with to question the relations between the spectator and this theme.
This installation has the shape of of turning tray supporting a dodecagon composed of mirrors. The spectator turns this tray to activate different audio-visual sequence.
Exhibition “Interactions”/Journées du patrimoine à la maison Folie Hospice d’Havré du 17 au 25 septembre 2011.
100, rue de Tournai - 59200 Tourcoing.
Opened every day from 1h30 pm to 6h pm. Closed on tuesday and public holidays.
Opening of the exhibition for the journées du patrimoine on september 17 and 18  2011.
Meeting with the public during those two days from 3 pm to 5 pm.

Optical Sound: September Matter

Pierre Beloüin ~ Optical Sound
105 rue des Volubilis 83190 Ollioules
16 Rue Eugène Lacroix 67200 Strasbourg
25 rue des Cascades 75020 Paris

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Rob Funderburk's: "The 2nd hand" .   
Vasha Dai: Sentimental (P. Verlaine):
Paul O'Donovan: "The Happylands and Elsewhere"  
Anthony Rousseau:
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