Time of the Naguals

Cut-ups (tome 4)


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Hommage to HIS 1

* G razulis "Agent Zéro steps out"

* Dot Zero: "The agent looks down"

* Foe : "At the darkest moment of the night"

* Rick Gentry "Agent Zero steps out"

* Shuhei Higashi "Morning dusk"

Hommage to HIS 2

Rasta Robert : Deconstructed E-mail

David Whiteis : Cut-ups

Alex Booth : cut-up experiment

Rick Gentry : Dewdrop world

Rick Gentry : Words are just game to play

Rick Gentry and Dot Zero : Dewdrops

Foe : Dewdrop World

Dot Zero : Some Laughs from Clown Alley

Gary Leeming : Smith

Gary Leeming : Epiphany

Gary Leeming : Treasure Mountain Bodhisattvas

Gary Leeming : Caffeine - prose

Littlemute : Feet

Littlemute : Cut-ups from Jim Goat Text .

Phranco Fenderson : In a transparent dream

R.M. Moriarty

Rick Gentry : Cut-up Izzy

Paul Sinclair : communication breakdown

GeeOrbee: The Night has never come

Mike Mertens : Alibi

Sam Birbeck : Last Words of Boards and Syndicates of the Earth

Garrison Burke : Another January

Garrisson Burke: Another January cut-up version#1

Gary Leeming : Bollox !

Foe : Afghan Monika (full alert for the missile of love)

Agent Izzy : Afghan Monika : episode 2 : Scoop

Agent Dot Zero : Sex, lies and video-tapes

Foe: favirute synapses (structural differential revisited)

Jeremy Gluck :

Essence self-acceptance & recognition of self

Level 1

Do Life and Get More Back.

Subjects: Channelings Subject Sorted

You are being robots

Zap Zone

Surrender to my function by Datawhore

The End of Words: UnLanguage, Codeforms and Linguistic Shamanism

Foe :

The dark side of injustice - chapter 2

The dark side of injustice - chapter 3



Contents of the tomes of the Time of the Naguals : Articles  Poems  Cut-ups  Theater