Time of the Naguals

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I. Manifestos:

William S. Burroughs: The Johnson Family William burroughs - Brion Gysin: The Third Mind Rick Gentry: Words and Images

Agent Dot Zero - Rick Gentry : The concept of the Zone as a psychic refuge Rick Gentry : We have decided

II. Making it happen:

Gary: Interzone meets outside of cyberspace

Agent Izzy: Account of Gary’s and Tanya’s visit

III. Controversies :

"Print those tee-shirts !!!!"

IV. Non ordinary levels of reality:

J'lahn : the 111 experience

Nicholas Knutsen : Synchronicity

Jakearoo42 : the Quantum experiment

Amy Bolot: The Quantum Generator

Joshua Dan : Space Travel


Terata: Nova Terata : Stripping Away the Flesh

Rick Gentry : Who are you right now

D. Mayers : A Mythology for the Third Millennium

Juanjo Patanegra : THE QUANTUM SHE-CAT (I)

Daniel Gualda : Planos para una maquina de conferencia triple

V.  Research

Roger Holden: Alternative, Affordable Treatment for Feline Leukemia : The "Burroughs' White Cat" Challenges the Board


  • Ian Sommerville: Doctor Dent's protocole of apomorphine cure

  • A Burroughs' letter on apomorphine, which he sent with the protocole

  • An article on apomorphine from the magazine "Doctor" , also joined to Burroughs' letter

  • A letter I sent to Dr Martensen-Larsen, who applies the cure in Denmark and is quoted in the article from "Doctor"

  • Dr Martensen-Larsen's answer.

  • Opiates intoxication : Some suggestions from the doc

  • Dr Dolophine Report From Tasmania August 1998

Francis C Biley: An experiment in accessing pandimensionality: The literary poetics and deconstruction techniques of William S Burroughs applied to the Science of Unitary Human Beings


Isabelle Baudron: A simple method to get rid of nightmares

Interzone: Dreams

Economy: A non-Aristotelian economy

  • I. New data on money: what are we talking about exactly?

  • II. Application of those data in the context of the Zone

  • III. Proposition to experiment a zone of free exchange (latest version: April 21st 2000)

  • IV. A non-Aristotelian economy (January 2002) and B. Proposition of a community structure at the scale of Interzone

  • V. Academy 23: January 2004
  • VI. January 2006 : a non-Aristotelian globalization ?VII. January 2009 : Interzone Editions: experiment of a non-Aristotelian economy

VI. Bios:

Jonathan M Nelson :

  • Bio
  • A little night time reading
  • Nevada

Vince Fogerty: you've opened a can o' worms!

Gutliss: "what are you doing here? who are you?"

The RailheaD (JJ Dobson):

  • Cold Memories
  • Cuticle
  • Smile
  • Those habbits: forgotten


Contents of the tomes of the Time of the Naguals : Articles  Poems  Cut-ups  Theater