La Source Restaurant – Located Under the Romantic Setting of Hotel De La Source!

If you are looking for the most spontaneous, romantic and rustic setting close to the city of Paris where you can find your accommodation facility, then you have come to the right place. It’s the hotel de la source that is all set to offer you a memorable and romantic holidaying experience. This hotel is also popular for its la source restaurant that has catered for many guests since a long time.

Since 1763, this hotel is there. During that time, such place used to serve as a coaching inn and now this has been modified to add the modern settings, facilities and amenities for the guests who are coming to Paris for their holidays. The prime beauty of this hotel stays within its romantic guest rooms. These guest rooms are designed with the Gustavian style and known as the most charming ones in this region.

The vineyards and the wood located close to this hotel allow the guest here to enjoy a perfect natural setting during their stay. Apart from this the la source restaurant, swimming pool and the pristine garden associated with this hotel are really going to help you finding a memorable holiday in France. There are really many places to explore in this country. But when you have a fine place to stay after a long touring day that can make you really tired, hotel de la source can help you finding the best accommodation facility.

It’s the la source restaurant where you can have the best seasonal foods of this region along with fine wine and the best champagne of this region. They also serve the best cheese of this place that can make you feel mesmerize while filling your taste buds with a great taste. There are also guest rooms at the Brie Champagne. There are two different places located at the Brie Champagne like Les Vieux Close and Le Rond des Fees where you can find the same sort of facilities that you can get at the main hotel de la source. However, the best addition at these places is the self-serviced dar. This will remain there at your disposal while staying at the guest rooms.

This is the most charming hotel where you can find a perfect escape for your romantic weekend. As this place is located close to the countryside, you can always have the chance to explore the Mother Nature at its best. And when you have fine dining at the la source restaurant, this is surely going to add a different taste for your holiday.