Sunset inn of america. Springs hotel and golf club.

Sunset Inn Of America

sunset inn of america
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Oklahoma is a state located in the south-central region of the United States. Its nickname is the "Sooner State", and is part of a region commonly known as the American "Heartland." Oklahoma City is the state's capital and largest city. The Congressional Quarterly and Census report places Oklahoma in the Southern United States. However, since Oklahoma is near the geographic center of the U.S., the regional influences add to Oklahoma's unique character. Oklahoma became the 46th state in the Union on November 16, 1907. The state's name comes from the Choctaw words okla meaning people and homma meaning red, literally meaning "red people" and was chosen by Allen Wright, Principal Chief of the Choctaw Nation during the 1866 treaty negotiations. Oklahoma has a diverse history as a frontier state, a destination for freed slaves, and as the heart of the oil boom in the early 20th century. As Indian Territory, the state was the new home for thousands of American Indian settlers who traveled the Trail of Tears with forced removal of the Five Civilized Tribes from the southeastern United States. Situated along the routes of cattle drives and a destination for white settlers during the Oklahoma Land Runs, the state developed a combination of Western and Native American heritage that played a large part in its cultural development. The Gilcrease Museum of Tulsa is home to the largest, most comprehensive collection of American Western art and artifacts in the world.[citation needed] Today, the state contains more native American tribal headquarters than any other state, as well as the nation's second largest American Indian population. Geography Oklahoma is one of the six states on the Frontier Strip. It is bounded on the east by Arkansas and Missouri, on the north by Kansas and northwest by Colorado (both at 37°N), on the far west by New Mexico (at 103°W), and on the south and near-west by Texas. The panhandle's southern boundary is at 36.5°N, then turning due south along 100°W to the southern fork of the Red River), completing the round trip back to Arkansas. Oklahoma has three primary mountain ranges: Ouachitas, Arbuckles, and the Kiamichis. In addition to several smaller ranges, Oklahoma also notably encompasses a portion of the Ozarks. Along with the Black Hills of South Dakota, the Ozarks and the Ouachita Mountains are the only major highland regions between the Rocky Mountains and the Appalachians. The state's highest peak, Black Mesa (4,973 feet (1,516 m)), lies in the far northwestern corner of the panhandle near the town of Kenton. The lowest elevation is in the far southeastern of the state, near Idabel, at 324 feet (99 m). Oklahoma also has what is officially considered the highest hill in the world, Cavanal Hill, at 1,999 feet (609 m); this is considering the fact that a "mountain" is anything 2,000 feet or higher. It is located in Poteau, Oklahoma. Oklahoma has six tripoints. In the Gulf of Mexico Watershed, most of Oklahoma's topography is a plain sloping towards the east. Most water leaves the state through the Red, Washita, Canadian, Cimarron and Arkansas Rivers. Some of the major rivers are the Canadian River and the Cimarron River. With 200 man-made lakes, the state has more man-made lakes than any other state and boasts over one million surface-acres of water and 2,000 more miles (3,200 km) of shoreline than the Atlantic and Gulf coasts combined. Lake Eufaula is the largest lake in the state, covering 102,000 acres (413 km?) of water. Terrain According to the EPA, Oklahoma has the most diverse terrain in the United States. The EPA recognizes Oklahoma as one of only four U.S. states to have more than 10 distinct ecological regions, with 11 within its borders. The high number of ecoregions coupled with the state's relative size and a drastic change in climate progressively from the northwest to southeast makes each Oklahoma region greatly distinctive from the next. Located primarily in the northwest part of the state, the Southwest Tablelands Ecoregion is far more indicative of the American-Southwest than the rest of Oklahoma, containing mesa ranges such as Black Mesa and the Glass Mountains, as well as canyons and grasslands, such as the Rita Blanca National Grassland. The Northwestern section of Oklahoma, including most of the panhandle, also contains nearly all of the state's "true plains," terrain indicative of the Great Plains ecoregion, which contains few natural forests and rolling to flat semi-arid landscape. Partial plains interrupted by small mountain ranges such as the Antelope Hills and the rocky Wichita Mountains near Lawton make up the state's southwest quarter, while Central Oklahoma transitions to rolling more forested terrain and marks the eastern extent of the Great Plains in Oklahoma. Most of the region is dominated by the Cross Timbers ecoregion, which is a combination of prairie and forest which transit
Morning has broken....
Morning has broken....
The sun was just rising over a misty Lake of Two Rivers on what turned out to be a beautiful day at Algonquin Provincial Park. It's the last time I listen to Manservant..... he decided it was a good idea not to book a room - something I would not normally do - I like to be organized. We arrived early in the morning and watched the sunset before we headed out looking for a room. I started getting worried when I noticed how many busloads of tourists were arriving and how many photographers we bumped into throughout the day. There were no rooms available in Algonquin (Dwight). We then headed an hour away (from the East Gate) to Huntsville. We checked at several inns/motels/hotels - and guess what - no rooms!! We were ready to sleep in the truck, and the night was going to be cold, when we finally found a room at a "not so nice motel". For those of you who are not from Ontario - we have a huge problem with bed bugs - so off come the sheets and we check all the corners and mattress for bugs. The mirror was made for people 5'5" and under and the shower head was the same. It was two floors and we were on the bottom floor with party animals above us and we were waking up at 5 a.m. to photograph the sunrise. Should have gone upstairs and joined them since we didn't get any sleep anyway. It was an experience I don't plan on repeating any time soon. To top it off - this dive charged us more than our usual inn - serves him right - tee hee!!

sunset inn of america
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