July 3-5, 2016

University of Southern Denmark 

     Centre for Social Practices and Cognition 

Conference Aims

The purpose of this conference is to strengthen the emerging field of ’Atypical Interaction’ (AI), i.e. everyday social interactions involving one or more people with a communication impairment. AI research predominantly draws on the methods and findings of Conversation Analysis (CA) and applies this to video-recorded data of naturally-occurring social interactions involving one or more persons with a communication disorder. While research using CA to analyse the impact of communication disorders on talk and social interaction has been carried out since the 1990s, in recent years work in this area has coalesced into a coherent field of study. This field constitutes an alternative to the traditional model where the focus is on the individual performing in isolation within a testing or clinical context and on uncovering deficits compared to 'normal' performance. Following up on the June 2013 conference held at the University of Sheffield on the theme ‘Atypical Interaction: Conversation Analysis and Communication Impairments’ (www.shef.ac.uk/hcs/caconference), we invite all interested in contributing to AI research with a focus on individuals within their natural social and interactional environment and/or on direct treatment towards the person with the disorder and his/her significant others, such as family members and friends in conversation.

Another conference aim is to secure a host for the next Ayptical Interaction Conference! Please consider this!

Thanks Carlsberg for your financial assistance!