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Horse Tank Heaters

horse tank heaters
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Temperature controller casualties
Temperature controller casualties
A catastrophic failure of this digital thermostat charged my fish tank's heater to over 104 Degrees Farenheit without ever turning itself off. Of course this succeeded in maknig a mess by killing every living thing in my tank! Finding this disaster was similar to the scene from The Godfather when the guy wakes up with his horse's head in his bed for me. This photographs as nauseating as it was to make on so many levels is to document just some of the damage and loss of life. These were the fish carcasses that I was able to recover for documentation purposes. Smaller fish were degraded by the time I could do this recovery and clean-up after work. Also cooked in the lower left were some of my usually clear but now well-cooked and hence pink ghost shrimp. A real tragedy! Especially unpleasant when discovered 5 minutes before you have to leave for work and then to return to 12 hours later to clean up. Hopefully the hardware manufacturer will make "good" on their defective device!
Forty-five kilometres from Baku, I arrived at Sangachal, the largest oil terminal in the world. The 256-hectare facility consists of three massive white tanks each holding 800,000 barrels of oil plus four smaller tanks connected by a labyrinth of pipelines, oil heaters and gas separators. A sole gas flare stands twenty storeys over the site. Against the dramatic backdrop of Garadag, or “Black Mountain,” the thin stack and orange flame look like a Zoroastrian totem. For more info, check out my book "The Horse That Leaps Through Clouds: A Tale of Espionage, the Silk Road and the Rise of Modern China" or visit

horse tank heaters
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