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Safe Portable Heater

safe portable heater
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Fire, Fire...
Fire, Fire...
When I arrived at work on Thursday December 4th, there were several fire trucks and fire personnel running around the front of the Ferry Building. I kept walking to the front entrance expecting some official person to halt my progress into the building and explain that it wasn’t safe to enter due impart that a large brokerage firm had caught fire, because someone had left a portable heater on too close to something flammable and burnt the office down… Nope nothing, nothing was said. Matter of fact, they were all hopping onto the trucks and driving off. As I got to my desk I heard the sirens blaring past the building towards the water. I guess they had the wrong building after all. From what I could tell something triggered the fire alarm in the World Trade building at the end of the pier. This building has essentially been unoccupied by tenets for sometime. I figured it was a rat living in the old restaurant that set off the alarm. This is the shot I took of the activity.
3: DeLonghi Oil heater $40 (M)
3: DeLonghi Oil heater $40 (M)
???????$120????????????????????????????????? Product Features Portable oil-filled radiator heater with vertical thermal chimneys Variable heat settings; adjustable thermostat; anti-freeze function 24-hour programmable on/off timer offers 96 settings; durable metal construction Overheat protection with auto shut-off; GFCI plug for safe bathroom use

safe portable heater
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