We are now studying for the course final exam and the AP Exam.

Final Exam is May 10.  The test covers the entire year, from the Renaissance to the present.  55 AP - College Board style questions.

If you were absent for the LEQ, please write a response to one of the following prompts.  You are allowed to spend ten minutes researching the topic of the prompt on line and write some notes to use.  After the ten minutes, you must put all technology away and hand write (do not type it) a well crafted response to the prompt on notebook paper using a pen.  Please provide a note from a parent indicating that you have complied with all of the above.

    1. Analyze the way in which the opening of the Atlantic trade led to or resulted from a shift in social, economic, and political power from the Mediterranean Basin to Western Europe.

    2. Analyze the way in which the public-health movement and urban planning led to or resulted in a shift in social, political, and economic power at the end of the nineteenth century.



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