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AP European History - Now that the test is over and the hard work is done, the focus will be on end of the year presentations.  Each student will be required to give a ten minute presentation, using a technoogy like a power point, that deals with an issue that is of social, economic and/or political consequence.  More on this in class.  

World History -  We are now studying Chapter 20 and the Epilogue.  You will also need to review Chapters 13 through 19 to prepare for the final exam which is on June 13/14.  Click on the Homework tab for upcoming assignments.

World History Students need to start preparing for the district mandated final exam.  The exam will be given over two days, 6/5 and 6/6.  The exam covers items learned throughout the course of year.  Please start reviewing using the review information under the homework tab.
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