Harley Truck Wheels

harley truck wheels
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harley truck wheels - PlastiColor 6340
PlastiColor 6340 Harley-Davidson Style Steering Wheel Cover
PlastiColor 6340 Harley-Davidson Style Steering Wheel Cover
PlastiColor makes it easy to customize the look and feel of your steering wheel. Express your style with the officially licensed Harley-Davidson Motor Cycles design while you insulate your hands from temperature extremes and get the grip you need. For easy installation, warm the steering wheel and cover in the sun, and when you're done the snug fit will help keep it in place. The material is specially formulated to eliminate the strong rubber odor that is often associated with other steering wheel covers.

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139/365 Wheels & Hubcaps #1
139/365 Wheels & Hubcaps #1
This is my first in a group of photos on wheels and hubcaps. Their endless number of round designs fascinate me like snowflakes. This Harley Davidson motorcycle logo on a pick-up truck wheel certainly caught my attention. The owner, Mr. Beford, told me the whole truck is one of Ford's special line of trucks for Harley enthusiasts. I have admired Ford's King Ranch line of trucks, but hadn't realized what else they were up to!
Good Old Boys Chevy Silverado Truck Jonesville NC
Good Old Boys Chevy Silverado Truck Jonesville NC
Those Good Old Boys in NC know how to decorate their trucks. This 4 wheel drive Chevy Silverado had a Rebel flag on the tail gate, a full size seat in the bed and a Harley Davidson sticker on the back glass. You can tell their from the South and proud of their heritage.

harley truck wheels