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Solar Water Heater Issues

solar water heater issues
    water heater
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Issue #3 - inside
Issue #3 - inside
TO BE RELEASED AT THE SAN FRANCISCO ZINE FEST! Saturday, September 4th from 11:00am – 6:00pm Sunday, September 5th from 11:00am – 6:00pm (Labor Day Weekend) @ SF County Fair Building (formerly Hall of Flowers) 9th Ave. at Lincoln Way (in Golden Gate Park) 64 pages packed full of Graffiti and Street Art from Oakland, San Francisco, and Rome, Italy, along with a Jaut Cares, Bvrs and a special bonus interview. - Issue #3 (Limited Edition Version) - Bvrs/Jaut Hand Screen Printed Cover - Centerfold Poster by Jaut Cares & BVRS - Limited edition of 300 - Hand numbered These go up in price as we sell through the edition. Some of the artists in this issue: Twist, MSK, Amaze, Swampy, Old Crow, Pemex, End War, ORFN, Blief, Jewish, Miguel, Jurne, TNS and too many to remember.
MicroHouse - Parked in Bonham, Tx
MicroHouse - Parked in Bonham, Tx
Taken just after disconnecting from the MicroHouse. Next we'll level it with blocks, connect the utilities, and underpin/skirt the outside. Visualize as well a front porch bolted to the trailer tongue, and an awning over the porch, which will be attached as soon as possible, along with shutters and solar screen for the windows. I'll also be installing solar panels on the roof, for some of the power needs of the MicroHouse. We had one mishap on the way, a tire blew a tire plug. We had anticipated the possiblility of an issue, and carried a floor jack, spare tire, and air tanks.

solar water heater issues
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