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Indirect Diesel Space Heater

indirect diesel space heater
    space heater
  • A space heater is a self contained device for heating an enclosed area. . Space heating is generally employed to warm a small space, and is usually held in contrast with central heating, which warms many connected spaces at once.
  • A self-contained appliance, usually electric, for heating an enclosed room
  • heater consisting of a self-contained (usually portable) unit to warm a room
  • Space Heater is the fifth album by Reverend Horton Heat, released by Interscope Records in March 1998. It charted on the Billboard 200, reaching number 187. Pride of San Jacinto appears in the videogame Hot Wheels Turbo Racing.
  • Not done directly; conducted through intermediaries
  • having intervening factors or persons or influences; "reflection from the ceiling provided a soft indirect light"; "indirect evidence"; "an indirect cause"
  • not direct in spatial dimension; not leading by a straight line or course to a destination; "sometimes taking an indirect path saves time"; "you must take an indirect course in sailing"
  • collateral: descended from a common ancestor but through different lines; "cousins are collateral relatives"; "an indirect descendant of the Stuarts"
  • Not directly caused by or resulting from something
  • (of costs) Deriving from overhead charges or subsidiary work
  • An internal combustion engine in which heat produced by the compression of air in the cylinder is used to ignite the fuel
  • an internal-combustion engine that burns heavy oil
  • Diesel was a Dutch pop/rock group that became one of the few Dutch acts to chart in the U.S. when their song "Sausalito Summernight" entered the U.S. Top 40 in 1981.
  • A heavy petroleum fraction used as fuel in diesel engines
  • German engineer (born in France) who invented the diesel engine (1858-1913)

New space heater
New space heater
Believe it or not, it was the cheapest and had the most economical electrical settings. It's for the few weeks in the year before and after my building's central heating is shut off, when it's still chilly.
Tonight I have been sitting on the floor in my room, with Lucinda, next to the space heater, on a pillow, reading "The Poisonwood Bible" for about 3 hours. It's been cozy.

indirect diesel space heater
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