Bradford White Hot Water Heater Reviews

bradford white hot water heater reviews
    water heater
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  • a heater and storage tank to supply heated water
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    white hot
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White Hot
White Hot
I’ve literally had my hands full lately, so I haven’t gotten outside to shoot lately. Here’s one from my recent trip to White Sands National Monunment. I posted a similar shot to this from closer to sunset, but despite the similarities in composition, this is actually a different set of dunes. The face of this one fell into the shadows too quickly, so I scrambled up an down several more dunes to get the other shot. When processing this one, I thought it was interesting that this image almost has a cool feel too it. It was anything but cool! These were some of the hottest and driest conditions I’ve experienced. Nikon D300 1/100 sec f/22 ISO 200 Tokina 11-16mm @ 13mm 3-stop soft GND
White hot chocolate
White hot chocolate
Warm drink on a cold winter morning. New cup from White Forest Pottery And it's white Wednesday for Colour Week

bradford white hot water heater reviews
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