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Timex Ironman Watch 30 Lap

timex ironman watch 30 lap
    timex ironman
  • The Timex Ironman (Ironman-Triathlon) is a digital wristwatch first produced by Timex in 1986 and continues to be made in various styles to this day.
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TIMEX IRONMAN* Triathlon® 30-Lap Watch ~ $59
TIMEX IRONMAN* Triathlon® 30-Lap Watch ~ $59
Hardly used TIMEX. Well kept for 1 yr. Condition: 9/10 Bought for $99. Now selling $59. Product Features/Features: -Digital Display -Black Resin Strap -INDIGLO® Night Light -Matte Case -Water Resistant to 100m -Size: Medium -Timer -Dual Time Zones -Alarm Features -30 lap recall/stopwatch -2.5 Year Battery Life
Timex Ironman Triathlon watch
Timex Ironman Triathlon watch
My watch. Manufacture engraving on back of watch: ********************* TIMEX IRONMAN Triathlon Shock Restistant Water Resistant 200 Meters U.S. Pat. Nos. D 287,341/4,527,096 Stainless Steel Caseback CR2016 746 E7 T Philippines *********************** _MG_8566

timex ironman watch 30 lap
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