Belt Loop Watch

belt loop watch
    belt loop
  • A highway that loops around the perimeter of a major city; One of the loops of fabric ringing the waist of a pair of pants, used to hold the belt in place
  • Keep under careful or protective observation
  • a small portable timepiece
  • a period of time (4 or 2 hours) during which some of a ship's crew are on duty
  • Look at or observe attentively, typically over a period of time
  • look attentively; "watch a basketball game"
  • Secretly follow or spy on

What happened along the road, hours away from Pierre. Richard parked the car on the side of the road where a small creek ran along its side. Rebecca was sitting in the passenger seat with her body titled forward. Her was head on the dashboard; she was sleeping. Richard went to the trunk of the car and took the gun out from underneath the bag and put through one of the belt loops of his jeans. He walked around the car to the passenger side window and eased Rebecca back into the seat. The place in which her forehead pressed against the vinyl was red. She stirred from the change in position but did not wake up. Richard took the car keys from his pocket and put them into her gloved hands and kissed her on the cheek. He opened the door, rolled the window back up, locked it, and quietly closed it. He walked down the road until the creek ended, where he began walking away from the main road. When Rebecca woke up, the snow had picked back up. It coated the hood of the car and top of the windshield with a thick layer. Earlier in the week, it had snowed relentlessly and they were forced to close the roads that led into and out of the city. They were forced to stay in town until they were open again with their plans of going to Canada delayed. Now, it seemed that it would pick back up. She looked at the snow come down silently outside the car. Not feeling Richard’s presence in the car with her, she took her focus off the falling snow and looked for him. With the car parked along the road the way that it had been parked, she assumed that he had stopped to take a piss. She had thought it was odd that he placed the keys with her, but with what happened last night, maybe it was smart. She waited for him. After about fifteen minutes, Rebecca began to feel the dread rising up within her. It returned from before and made her tremble. It suffocated her and bore down on not only her, but the car and the place in which it was parked. Fearing that someone would come along the road and question her and not knowing where Richard had gone to, she drove the car down the road to where the creek ended about a mile away. To the left was a small branching road. Rebecca stopped to think about which direction to go. She continued straight. Richard had never killed a man before. He could feel the pull of the trigger as the force kicked the barrel back, as if he could feel the slug slamming into the chest of the man below him. He had never meant for it to happen. It was an accident, because of the snowing and the icy road; he had hit the back the car coming from the opposite side. It spun with its trunk popped open until it came to a stop in a mound of snow along the edge of the road. Richard and Rebecca stopped their car alongside it and rolled down the window. “What the fuck?” the man said. “I’m sorry. I’ll pay for any damages,” Richard said. The man paced back and forth, cursing at Richard and at his car. He tried to close the trunk but it wouldn’t stay shut. Richard and Rebecca looked on. “I told you to shut up,” Richard said to her, “For one lousy second, all I asked was that you shut up and now look what happened.” The man stopped pacing, as if coming to a decision. “I got a way you can help me buddy,” he said. “Yeah, how’s that?” Richard said. The man pulled a gun out of the inside of his coat pocket and aimed it at Richard. Richard kicked the door of his open sending the man to the ground, Richard jumped on him and grabbed for the gun. In the struggle, it had slid out of the man’s hand. Richard reached for it again and was able to pick it up. The man attempted reached for the barrel of the gun, attempting to turn it towards Richard, but Richard pulled the trigger before he could so. It struck the man directly in the chest and his arms feel to the ground. Rebecca, who had been watching paralyzed in the car, began to cry. Richard stood up. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck,” he repeated. He dropped the gun to the ground. There was blood was across of his jacket, his neck and the bottom of his chin. He walked back to their car and reached for Rebecca’s shoulders from outside the passenger window. He shook her. “Listen! Listen! We have to do something before someone comes,” Richard said, “Are you understanding me?” She nodded and whimpered. She got out of the car and walked with Richard to where the man’s body lied. “Shit. Shit. Fucking shit.” Even though it was late evening and the air was cold enough for snow to start falling, Richard was sweating. He moved the back of his hand repeatedly across his forehead. “We have to hide his body and just drive as far as we can. There’s no way we can deal with this now,” Richard said. With the man’s body, they walked over to the creek on the side of the road, about fifty yards away from the scene of the accident and threw him over. The snow was falling heavily and it began to form small mounds on the parts of him that were above the water. On the way back, Rebecca walked ahead of hi
Hidden Pleasures - Midian City
Hidden Pleasures - Midian City
[23:30] Gareth Croshaw [Osoth] nudges her with his elbow again, putting down his book finally "That's 'cause they're starin' at yer tits, luv." he'd shrug, grinning softly to himself "Good save. I was ready ta dump the bitch the canal." [23:32] Fluffy Snoodle tosses her hands up in zee air, like she just doesn't care. Though no, seriously. "Hah, I'm good at doing things like that, and I don't blame people for staring my boobs. Sometimes I stare at them too." What? It's not weird. "And hey, can't say you don't stare. OH! And another thing, this outfit and my hairstyle at this very moment makes me look like a major bitch." See, that scares people away. [23:36] Gareth Croshaw [Osoth] slipped the bookmark into his page, tucking the book away in his belt loop "I never said I didn't stare. Jus' when ya ain't lookin'." he'd cant his head at the last comment, giving her a once over "I think they expect you to like. Whip them or some shit." he'd pause, tapping his chin "On second though, tha' don't sound so bad." [23:38] Fluffy Snoodle snorts and looks herself over again, "I have no whips anyways. The most I could do is claw spank and bite." Durdy, yus. "And Gareth, never thought you would like that kinda thing. I'ma take a mental note of that." Hurhur, seriously. Mental note made. [23:40] Gareth Croshaw [Osoth] chuckles softly "You never seen my pictures have you?" he'd bring up his cellphone, tapping away as he made his way through the pictures. Eventually he'd make it to a picture of Gareth, suspended several feet off the ground by four steel hooks. Extreme, innit? [23:41] Fluffy Snoodle has to push her bangs up to see that and nearly chokes on her own spit, "My god! That looks incredibly painful." Even she wasnt that extreme. ", just wow. I don't have anything to even say about that." [23:44] Gareth Croshaw [Osoth] grinned proudly "Actually, the only pain is in the initial hooks. You go into a trance once they hoist you up. Don't feel a thing." he'd flick through more pictures, another picture of a shirtless gareth, holding up the... devil horns sign? The red marks of whips across his chest "I cut most of me ties to that whole scene back when I was recruited into the SAS." [23:46] Fluffy Snoodle nods slowly staring at those pictures, "I wouldn't mind seeing more shirtless pictures." Hah, shameless. "Though seriously, you look like you've had some fun durring your times." Fluffy just snorted out a laugh, leaning back against the bench. "Never too late to start again, hm?" [23:50] Gareth Croshaw [Osoth]: "Of course I did. Once ya go down that road, normal sex is just... boring." Wisdom." he'd flick through the other pictures, varying in graphicness "Of course, but eh. Most people around here are... dirty. Or have taken one too many dicks in their time." [23:53] Fluffy Snoodle stares at him before bursting out in a giggle-fit, "Wow, Well um...Thats interesting." She'd take her gas mask off and readjust her piercings, "I know plently of girls who arent whores." Yus...most of the packies. "Though, I don't think they're into that hardcore stuff." [23:56] Gareth Croshaw [Osoth] wiggled his eyebrows "You know it's true, luv." he'd give her another playful nudge before letting either arm rest atop the backrest "Eh. I've never been one for random fucks. Half the time you run the risk of catching something." [23:58] Fluffy Snoodle snorts and attaches the mask to her belt, "Half the time? This is Midian, try all the time. S'why I don't do it either." Fluffy just shook her head and looked up to the smog. "And yes, it's true, can't deny it." Most of midian were whores and manwhore so on so forth. "You might get some mutated form of AIDs here." [0:06] Gareth Croshaw [Osoth]: "Well I would hope you wouldn't. I'd like to think I'm a decent judge of character." he'd laugh, plucking the cigarette from his lips and casting it into the canal. "Or maybe I'm just too much of a cynic. I do want to put a bullet in the brain of ever dumb asshole in this fuckin' city." [0:10] Fluffy Snoodle snorts, "Well, you've almost got the right job for it." She'd say wiggling her brows...oh wait, he cant see that. "Just need to go beat the shit outa someone." Yeah, HINTHINT WINKWINK. "Go pick someone of your choice!" [0:15] Gareth Croshaw [Osoth] cocked a brow "You mad? It's midnight. I'm too fuckin' sleep deprived to fight." he'd shrug, tugging out a pack of gum and flicking out a piece. He'd point it in her direction "Want one?" he'd say, unwrapping it and popping it into his mouth. [0:18] Fluffy Snoodle shakes her head, "Nah, I usually sit there trying to chew it

belt loop watch
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