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  • a city of south central Texas; site of the Alamo; site of several military bases and a popular haven for vacationers
  • An industrial city in south central Texas; pop. 1,144,646. It is the site of the Alamo mission
  • Frederic Dard (Frederic Charles Antoine Dard, June 29, 1921 in Bourgoin-Jallieu, Isere - June 6, 2000 in Switzerland) was a French writer and author of the San-Antonio series..
  • The City of San Antonio is the second-largest city in the American state of Texas and the seventh-largest city in the United States with a population of 1.4 million. The city is the seat of Bexar County.
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Nick Murder- Fred Cantu Jr, Named his own son Nick as his killer.
Nick Murder- Fred Cantu Jr, Named his own son Nick as his killer.
The attorney that Bryce's father David hired, assisted in procecuting our son. David paid him for services rendered. Though I had joint custody and shared parental rights,responsibilities, I was blocked from helping our son. I was told that someone has to pay the lawyer! I guess you can pay a lawyer to assist getting rid of your less than perfect child who you see as a liability. Give me back my son! Take his father as trade. FACT: Fred named his son Nick as his killer. FACT: 3 shirts with blood on them in the Camtu home. Fred,Nicks Mom and one upstairs on the bathroom floor. FACT: Nick refused to take a hand test for gun residue. FACT: No blood was assoicated with Bryce until it was planted. FACT: Fred was shot one time in the back, the bullet did not go through. He was rushed to the hospital with life threatenting injury. Fred died in surgery. FACT: Bryce's father and Nicks mom knew the truth. FACT: The private attorney hired for Bryce told Bryce he shot and killed a man 3 times with a rifle as he laid sleeping on the couch. FACT: The same attorney told the Judge his client, Bryce was the shooter. FACT: Bryce's father hired the attorney. FACT: Nicks mom settled for a public defender. FACT: 911 was NOT called right away. FACT: The court was protecting their psychiatrist, but who or what were the other adults protecting? FACT: Bryce still beleive that he did this because this is what these adults wanted him to beleive. FACT: black clothes with blood on them were planted for the purpose to profile Bryce as something he is NOT. FACT: Inside Juvi Bryce's mother Ms. D M M Pelletier was told if she wanted Bryce's belongings she had to sign some papers and she would get a copy afterwards and her sons belonging.. two large brown bags full that included the real clothing that he was wearing. She signed and was then refused a copy. What did they have her sign? One must be the parental statement that she was denied to write and give to the Judge on behalf of her son, This must be typed up with what ever these adults wanted to be entered into Bryce's case that would harm Bryce and herself. FACT: When refering to a seperate case the DA was quoted as saying, when people are on their medication they are okay, off them they become a danger again. It doesn't apply to Bryce and it should as in this. When on his medications all those years in the care of his mother in florida, until 2007-2009 when she agreed to her son living with his father David Vandergrift and Step Mom Patricia R Vandergrift "For more opportunities" Off his meds the screen door to his mind is removed and what is allowed to seep in will stick. Example, he believes he shot and killed Fred. A dying man on his last breaths will be sure to name his killer. He named his own son NICK. FACT: Bryce's Mother dorothy marie-michelle pelletier divorced bryce's father David L Vandergrift in Tampa Florida 1999. Joint custody-Shared parental rights remained. FACT: Bryce's Step Mom Patricia R Vandergrift divorced David Vandergrift in San Antonio , TX 2009. FACT: The new psychiatrist who had removed bryce's correct diagnosis, medications, what happened to Bryce's therapy as needed, as it is documented in his records to continue. This doctor Had done too little too late when he precribed Bryce some meds to get bryce mentally stable. Over 16-20 warning signs were noted and documented between 2007-2009 and nothing was done to help my child. FACT: This same psychiatrist was again Bryce's psychiatrist after his arrest, because this psychiatrist is the Juvi Juvenile offenders head doctor. Notice how bryce looks at his arrest and how different he looks inside Juvi? You see, Bryce is one of those children with genetic mental disorder that really does need his medications... DAILY. FACT: Bryce should be released into his mother care ASAP.
Accident Injury 2
Accident Injury 2
I talked with my San Antonio personal injury lawyer and they said that these type of accidents usually cause death.

san antonio injury lawyers