About "Toolbelt Theory" 

"The goal is to empower students to continuously assess their changing needs and the ever changing technological environment that surrounds them, and allow them to build their own toolbelts of appropriate solutions to their life challenges."                  Ira Socol

Toolbelt theory comes to us from Ira Socol of SpeEdChange blog.  He has granted permission for the use of his  information and slides in our presentation today.

What tools are in your toolbelt? 

Tools for reading? Writing? Speaking?

Tools for recording or remembering?

Tools for organizing? Studying? 

For signing your name? 


Job Accommodations Network: www.jan.wvu.edu

Family Center on Technology and Disability - www.fctd.info

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Annotated IEP (see pp. 7-12 for guiding questions for consideration) 


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