Climate Action Day 2009

Link to high resolution version of this photo on the Flickr site                                                                                                  Photo by Sandy Parsons
On October 24, the Attleboro Area Joined in a Worldwide Day of Climate Action
Thanks to everyone who participated!
350 was the number of the day.

Emily Smith and her band Synergy sweetly serenading the crowd.

Mim Fawcett and Abby Rovaldi of the Attleboro Arts Museum engaging kids in a colorful art activity.

Youngsters making a chalk drawing of the species that mean the most to them.

The next generation will assume the burden of the decisions we make now.

Rick Gariepy at the Attleboro Land Trust table.

Through her Samoan dances, Leikela reminded us of the threat ocean level rise poses to Pacific Islanders.

Viewing photos on from one of more than 5200 activities happening around the world on October 24.

Inventor Scot Comey demonstrating one of his ecological designs.

Sterling Alam, Jim Humphrey, and Debbie Scott promoting a program for households to reduce their carbon footprints.

It was a banner day for planet Earth.

Don Ouellette (center) and friends at the Ducks Unlimited table.

Hmm... What to draw next?

Speaker Steve Sherlock explains why climate action, why 350, and why now!

Steve filled in for Ted McIntyre of Franklin who was hospitalized unexpectedly.

Youth speakers described what kind of world they want to inherit.

A rapt audience.

Intrepid photographers ascending.

Say cheese!