About The Owners

We are not your average vacationers. We like to be part of the culture. We have traveled to North Island New Zealand, Costa del Sol Spain, Amsterdam and Rotterdam, Cuba, Germany, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Australia and throughout Canada and the US. Key West has won our hearts.  We are Canadians from Halifax Nova Scotia, The Great White North as we like to refer to it in mid winter.  In January of 2010 when we were on our winter quest to thaw out we were presented with the opportunity to purchase our first condo in Key West.  I had visited Key West a number of times in a 20 year period but my husband and I had only visited this wonderful spot once before together and he too had fallen in love with Key West.  So here we are with 2 beautiful vacation retreats that we can only use a few months of the year so what better way to share the beauty and wonders of Key West than to offer the unit for rent.