War reigns across the country. With two kings battling overseas in their struggle for power, Prince Eustace of Thyrne marches his army into enemy territory in a bold attempt to wrest the prosperous city of Attisburg out of King Heinrich’s hands. Vastly outnumbered, the rival houses of Chauncey and Wyatt find themselves trapped within the walls, forced to unite their strength in the defense of the city. The tension is palpable as they struggle to hold back the enemy forces, but it is not just inside the city that rivalry brews…

Will the defenders be able to hold the walls until the siege is broken, or will the city fall under the attackers' onslaught? Or will ambition and distrust make the nobles turn upon themselves before the final battle has even begun?

What's this?

This is the wiki page of the Siege of Attisburg - a story in an online storytelling game called Storium. It takes place in a time of war between King Valentin of Thyrne, and King Heinrich of Bassony, rulers of two fictional kingdoms in a setting largely similar to medieval Europe. The story focuses on the fighting, intrigues, and diplomacy during the siege of a Bassonian city called Attisburg, and player characters are on both sides of the conflict.

In addition to their main characters, players are given control of their own forces, as well as a number of minor characters. These minor characters have their own goals and motives (and perhaps the soldiers do too…), and will not necessarily be on the same side as the player’s main character.

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Try taking a look at the plotlines section. If you get curious about anything, just follow the links!