Red Oak Wooden Floor

red oak wooden floor
    red oak
  • any of numerous American oaks having 4 stamens in each floret, acorns requiring two years to mature and leaf veins usually extending beyond the leaf margin to form points or bristles
  • Red Oak (beer) is a brewing company in Whitsett, North Carolina. Originally started as a brewpub in Greensboro, NC, Red Oak produces only unfiltered, unpasteurized Bavarian Style lagers. Red Oak beer is only available in North Carolina.
  • Red Oak is an unincorporated area of Fulton County, Georgia, near College Park, Georgia and East Point. A pre-Civil War town, it was never rebuilt after the war.
  • lacking ease or grace; "the actor's performance was wooden"; "a wooden smile"
  • Made of wood
  • Stiff and awkward in movement or manner
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  • The lower surface of a room, on which one may walk
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red oak wooden floor - Solid Wood
Solid Wood Literature Rack - Dark Red Mahogany - 20 (Dark Red Mahogany) (49"H x 20.5"W x 3.75"D)
Solid Wood Literature Rack - Dark Red Mahogany - 20 (Dark Red Mahogany) (49"H x 20.5"W x 3.75"D)
Perfect for office waiting rooms! The unique overlapping design of these wooden magazine racks allows for more storage in less space. These handsome floor standing magazine racks are constructed of 3/4" solid oak, with a state-of-the-art finish. The magazine display rack has 20 pockets measuring 9" wide by 3/4" deep that hold standard 8 1/2" x 11" magazines and literature. The pockets are set at an angle for easy access to literature, and keeping even single sheets straight and tidy. Made in the USA! Screwdriver required for attaching feet to the rack. Comes in dark red. Assembly level/degree of difficulty: Easy. Made in America

80% (11)
Bondegården Badensminde
Bondegården Badensminde
The most beautiful farm in Denmark. “This farmhouse is so solid and beautifully made, that there is no equal all over Denmark,” Soren Knudsen, the founder of Glud Museum, wrote on his drawing of Badensminde. He measured the farm in 1928 and sent all his material to the National Museum. Soren Knudsen measured many farms in Bjerre Herred, however Badensminde was the greatest of them all. Badensminde was built in 1811 by the copyholder Hans Sorensen and his virtuous wife Anne Katrine von Baden. The farm was situated in O. Bisholt, 2 kilometers to the west of Glud. At the beginning of the year 1980 the then owners found the old house too non-practical. They would like to have a more modern house. The old farm was offered to Glud Museum, who separated the half-timbering and moved it to its present place. The work was finished in the year 1991. Now it is the greatest treasure at Glud Museum and a worthy memory of a farm built round a quadrangle from the great period of the Reformation. Soren Knudsen was not the first one who had had an eye for the greatness of this farm . In the year 1833 J. P. With wrote a letter to The Royal Danish Agricultural Society. This letter contained a proposal to give Hans Sorensen a reward for his contribution: “He has faithfully worked for the improvement of his farm . Firstly he had built the farm for his own money and with good oak timber and burned stones. Then he landscaped a beautiful garden and a splendid stone fence around the garden and the entire farm. Then he began to fence his fields with trees and bushes, probably he would never be finished”. Lord J. P. With accentuates in his letter that Hans Sorensen contribution is unselfish, because he is copyholder under Jensgaard manor. The only output he and his family Would get from his work would be that his son might have to pay a higher rent, if he was to take over the farm. It was approved that Hans Sorensen made an inscription over the front door mentioning that he had built and paid for this farm. In 1842 the Lords prophecy came true when Hans Sorensen’s son Soren Hansen took over the copyhold. He had to pay double rent, 40 rix-dollar per year. Normally copyholders were not impoverished however the sensible ones saved their money to provide themselves against rainy days. Hans Sorensen was an idealist. He improved with enthusiasm other men's property and when he unexpectedly got money he gave an exhibition to the deserving poor peoples. J. P. With mentions that 2 years ago he had inherited a considerable amount of money from a relative in St. Petersburg. He created an exhibition of 200 rix-dollar to 2 men of the parish that was administrated by the poor low authorities. This exhibition was named after the relatives in Russia. With the rates of interest of 4% at that time they could distribute 8 rix-dollar yearly. After Hans Sorensen’s take over of the farm the record gives the impression of a very wealthy home. 40 pictures hang on the walls in the best room. It is stated elsewhere that there were copperplates of Danish Kings and Queens. Closets and chests of drawers full of linen and homespun material of a very high quality. On the contrary there were only a few silver plates because Hans Sorensen was a modern man and he did not provide against rainy days, but lend out his money to get interest. When they winded up the estate there was an outstanding of 1880 rix-dollar! The rural dean Plesner of Glud was among the debtors. In Eastern Jutland it was common to build around a farmyard. There were no doors on the outside of the buildings. The farmhouse was placed to the North of the farmyard and the barn was opposite the farmhouse to the South. The Eastern wing was for cows and horses. There was also a room for the 2 farmhands. The Western wing was for pigs, hens and sheep. There was also a chopping room and a room for the retired owner. The dunghill was in the middle of the farmyard where the hens found their food. The water pump was close to the dunghill. The farmhouse was furnished like any other farm in that century. There were no furniture preserved but we have a lot of information about the arrangement of the farmhouse. The farmhouse was marked after several generations living there. When entering the house through the front door with the inscription you get into a small hall from which you have access to the West, to the best room and to the East, to the living room. The best room was only used for special occasions. There was no stove in the best room. The furniture was inherited through generations. There were many closets and chests and there even was a distinguished four-poster bed. On the wall there are pictures of the Danish Kings and Queens. In the living room there were modern furniture’s made of red plush and a pendent lamp in the style of that time. The dwelling room was traditionally arranged. Originally the dwelling room had an earthen floor but this was changed into a wooden floor in 18
Acacia ???
Acacia ???
Jieke Wood Product Co.,Ltd,specializes in the production of wooden panels,is located in Shanghai,China. Now, we supply high quality finger jointed panels,edge glued panels,solid flooring,kitchen worktops, doors,3-layer beam, solid wood furniture and parts of furniture. We have a wide range of products and species including, Oak, Beech,Pine,Birth, Iroko, Black Walnut, Cherry, Ash, Maple, Sapelle, Elm, Wenge, Bamboo, and we are always looking for new ones. If you would like to get more information,pleae do not hesitate to contact me or view our websit .Thanks. Species:Oak, Beech,Pine,Birth, Iroko, Black Walnut, Cherry, Ash, Maple, Sapelle, Elm,Wenge, Bamboo Chinese walnut,oak,elm,ash African Wenge, Iroko, Sapelle, Zebrano Russian oak,Pine American Cherry, Black Walnut, red oak, white oak, maple, ash European Beech,walnut Dimensions:1000-5000x620/650/720/960/1200x18/20/30/40mm Stave/lamella width: 20, 40mm,30-90mm Length of stave: mini. 200mm Moisture content/KD: 8 to 12% Standing: Grait 180# Glue: D3/D4 Quality:A/A,A/B, B/B, B/C Grade (Detailed quality, please contact us) Finger Joints: Quality of joints between lamellae will totally exclude breakout, gaps, holes and excess glue on top face.Finger jointed blocks, edge glued laminates without biscuits.The finger joints are not visible from the top. Quantity: minimum order 0.5M3 Packageing: Each panel will be individually strong shrink-wrapped, and packed on strong pallets

red oak wooden floor
red oak wooden floor
4x12 Red oak Flush wooden register
These select unfinished, red or white oak floor vents are a great choice for your hardwood floors. Whether you're just droping them into an existing floor to replace those ugly metal grills, or if you're installing them with a new hardwood floor, you will be very impressed. It's the designers choice with a wide 1" mitered frame and very sturdy construction. 3/4 inch thick solid hardwood, grooved around the edges to lock together with new hardwood floor instalations. Mailed within 2 business days and you can feel safe with a 60 day return guarantee for any reason. This really is the best deal you will find. I made sure of it. Great quality, low price.

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