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Welcome to the home of At The Water Cooler (ATWC) a monthly Ezine for Writers of Color.

The aim of ATWC is to establish its presence as a valid marketing resource for ethnic writers

What this eZine is NOT:

  1. A How-to write eZzine
  2. A review and critique eZzine

What this eZine IS:

  1. An informational resource.
  2. A place to share ideas.
  3. A place to explore dreams.
  4. A place to share your accomplishments.
  5. A place to host your author page.
  6. A place to get published.

Disclaimer: At The Water Cooler (ATWC) features an opt-in eNewsletter.  Use of this information is at your own risk. Aside from the verification of URLs, ATWC makes no warranty as to accuracy or suitability for your purpose. Use of common sense and normal precautions is advised in the use of information provided.

Privacy Statement: Our subscriber list is for our use only and is not made available to others.  

Description: This marketing eZine for people of color, features markets and marketing strategies and a brag section when those markets turn up gold.

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