Amazing Thoughts Theatre Group


Amazing Thoughts believes that "Success In Life Is Not Measured By The Size Of the Feat But The Direction They Take".


The group represents a people driven organization where intellectual and creative bend of mind hold the ultimate importance. The group was formed keeping in mind the need if concept based sensible and healthy entertainment through Theatre and Audio Visual Media.


Amazing Thoughts is a society of youth which pledge to project the soul of Mother India and promote the concept of Unity In Diversity. The hall mark of our culture through well planned programmes.


The group will present the performing art of different regions with the cooperation of new budding talent.

Fame, fortune, and celebrity, from our perspective, are the wrong reasons for choosing acting as a way of life. Real actors are artists first. They make their choices based on living acting as a way of life, not as a career. For most, it's a struggle of monumental proportions for which there will be no reward. That fact does not concern the real actor, who has no choice but to continue to find ways to illuminate the life of the human spirit through art, because it must be done.

Upcoming Play:

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