Day 1 Talks


Professor Alan Baddeley, University of York

Professor Alan Baddeley

University of York
"Working memory: Attentional control

and the episodic buffer”















Professor Glyn Humphreys, University of Oxford

Professor Glyn Humphreys

University of Oxford

Working-memory based control of attention

  to objects and space”













Professor Nilli Lavie, University College London

Professor Nilli Lavie,
University College London
“Attention and Working memory: Dissociating
different working memory systems through load”

Professor Martin Eimer, Birkbeck, University of London

Professor Martin Eimer
Birkbeck, University of London
"Attentional templates in visual search

Dr. Paul Sauseng, University of Surrey

Dr. Paul Sauseng
University of Surrey
“Phase synchronisation of human brain oscillations
during working memory processes”

Professor Masud Husain, University College London

Professor Masud Husain

University College London
“The precision of working memory”

Dr. Nick Yeung

Dr. Nick Yeung, University of Oxford

University of Oxford
“Interactions between attention and memory
in cognitive control”

Professor John Duncan, MRC CBU, Cambridge

Professor John Duncan
MRC Cognitive Brain Sciences Unit, Cambridge
"Task rules, working memory and attentional control”