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Pensions in Wisconsin

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Milwaukee Police Union Asked To Contribute To Pension Fund August 31, 2015 
Joint police department’s future is uncertain August 27, 2014 
Pension costs, salaries and health care to drive 2014 city budget July 24, 2013 
A different take on Wisconsin public employee 'double-dipping' May 23, 2013 
Wis. Legislature approves smoker surcharge, other measures for public employees May 22, 2013 
Bill would change retirement age for Wisconsin public employees March 17, 2013 
Wisconsin's Public Pension Works to Spread the Cheddar March 13, 2013 
Public worker retirees take another pension hit March 1, 2013 
Retired public employees to see pension cut of 9.6% March 1, 2013 
Tentative deal struck on police union contract February 21, 2013 
Saturday State News Briefs: Retired state employees to get 13 percent less in montly pension checks starting in May 2013 December 29, 2012 
Police Departments Contribute to Pension Fund December 14, 2012 
Janesville firefighters, police to pay into pensions December 10, 2012 
Pensions, budgets collide November 30, 2012 
Douglas County seeks loan to pay off pension liability November 16, 2012 
Council reviews retirement rules November 13, 2012 
Caledonia police to start contributing to pensions under new contracts November 9, 2012 
Some public employees claim they’re being ‘bullied’ into paying more for their pensions, health benefits October 31, 2012 
County employees condemn benefit changes October 26, 2012 
Public employees hit again on pensions September 21, 2012 
Poor performance for public pensions could cost taxpayers big-time July 24, 2012 
Public employees' pension costs to rise next year July 24, 2012 
Our view: State pension plan is envy of nation July 5, 2012 
Take it slow on state pension changes July 5, 2012 
MOSTLY FALSE: Labor leader Marty Beil says state pension plan is "self funded" June 14, 2012 
Time to turn the tide on high public sector compensation June 8, 2012 
Reason-Rupe: Wisconsinites Favor Increasing Public Union Retirement Contributions to Address Budget Deficit  May 25, 2012 
The Wisconsin Lie Exposed - Taxpayers Actually Contribute Nothing To Public Employee Pensions May 24, 2012 
Retired public employees face more pension cuts  March 11, 2012 
Wisconsin Police Unions Claim Walker Law Led to Benefits Blackmail  January 9, 2012 
APNewsBreak: Wis. police pick pension or insurance  January 6, 2012 
Wis. cities warn police, firefighters to pay pensions or face big deductibles January 6, 2012 
Wis. police pick pension or insurance January 6, 2012 
Firefighters union offers to contribute to retirement funds  December 22, 2011 
Retiring Greendale Teachers to Retain Benefits Prior to the Budget Repair Bill  December 21, 2011 
Union Fights Milwaukee County for Benefits November 8, 2011 
Walker takes political misstep on pension October 20, 2011 
Caledonia seeking pension contributions from police, fire unions October 19, 2011 
Wisconsin governor broke campaign pension promise October 15, 2011 
Editorial: City budget calls for shared sacrifices October 13, 2011 
Public employees vent during hearing over Milwaukee budget October 11, 2011 
Greenfield Police Union Reportedly Agrees to Voluntary Pension, Health Care Contributions September 30, 2011 
Collective bargaining law allows county to change benefits, some employees unhappy September 14, 2011 
Madison could use collective bargaining law to change health plans for police and firefighters September 14, 2011 
Brookfield in pension dispute with municipal unions September 12, 2011 
Brookfield Seeks Ruling that Employees Pay Pensions Despite Union Contracts September 9, 2011 
Barrett gets little clarity on pension law August 21, 2011 
Negotiations with Oconto County deputies at impasse August 10, 2011 
Pension funding change creates dilemma for city August 7, 2011 
State employees blamed for state’s own demand June 15, 2011 
Skepticism remains on making police and firefighters pay towards pensions June 10, 2011 
Public Employees Won't Pay Retroactive Increases To Pensions June 6, 2011 
Wis. Teachers, Other Public Workers Flock to Retire April 25, 2011 
Dramatic rise in WI teacher retirements linked to collective bargaining changes April 24, 2011 
Teachers retiring at high rate, many because of collective bargaining changes April 24, 2011 
Collective Bargaining Changes Prompt Rush to Retire April 19, 2011 
Walker to workers: Stick around April 17, 2011 
County sees spike in retirements April 11, 2011 
Is Wisconsin 'broke'? Answer is in the eye of the beholder, experts say April 10, 2011 
The Pension Problem March 27, 2011 
Despite critics, Wisconsin's pension fund is as healthy as they come March 3, 2011 
Gov. Walker's Choice to Overhaul WRS Pension Fund Sparks Concern  February 25, 2011 
The Wisconsin Lie Exposed - Taxpayers Actually Contribute Nothing To Public Employee Pensions February 25, 2011 
Showing 63 items