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Other Concessions and Cuts in Wisconsin

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Police union seeks court order to allow cops to move out of city July 11, 2013 
Chippewa Falls Police and Sheriff’s Dept. combine dispatch centers June 12, 2013 
Police Department public counter to be open Friday May 23, 2013 
Police dispatch spared from budget cuts for now May 15, 2013 
City tells police, firefighter unions its willing to negotiate on residency rule May 9, 2013 
Committee approves new 15-mile residency rule May 9, 2013 
Overtime payments to state workers plummet May 2, 2013 
Wauwatosa Police Department stretched by wave of retirements April 30, 2013 
Milwaukee official says firefighter, police unions are stalling for residency rule April 21, 2013 
Council approves staff cuts, furloughs April 16, 2013 
BRF police union files grievance over open officer position April 10, 2013 
Green Bay police contract deadlock goes to arbitration April 9, 2013 
City OKs police contract March 13, 2013 
Village Responds to Alleged Contract Breach With Police Union January 9, 2013 
Council votes to ratify 2013-14 police contract December 20, 2012 
Jailers see employment changes after being stripped of collective bargaining rights December 19, 2012 
City, police union at impasse over contract December 12, 2012 
WI prison guards could vote next year on new union December 2, 2012 
School districts slash employee benefits, study says November 12, 2012 
Police union approves 'intern' positions to save money November 10, 2012 
Police Contract A Done Deal After Months of Negotiating  November 9, 2012 
Workers, city submit briefs in union lawsuit November 6, 2012 
Oshkosh to lay off 450 in defense division October 25, 2012 
City budget includes layoffs, fee increases October 21, 2012 
Salary negotiations finalized between Eau Claire teachers and school district October 16, 2012 
Milwaukee Employees Sound Off on Furloughs, Pay Freeze in 2013 Budget October 10, 2012 
New UW-Madison personnel policies use Gov. Walker's 'tools' against employees October 10, 2012 
Village, Police Union Head Back To Bargaining Table October 9, 2012 
Layoffs are part of Abele's county budget proposal October 7, 2012 
Milwaukee police union leader doesn't want officers patrolling parks October 1, 2012 
Negotiations between Janesville, unions begin September 29, 2012 
Short Staffed, Police Chief Asks For More September 27, 2012 
Police would take over lakefront, park patrols, 911 system, under proposal September 25, 2012 
Madison, public employees consider new contract September 24, 2012 
Madison, public employees consider new contract September 23, 2012 
Opinion: Compromise and moderation vs. extremism and scorched earth September 18, 2012 
City police, firefighters face higher health costs: Insurance premiums could nearly triple September 15, 2012 
Possible pay, contract and policy changes irk city workers; officials propose no wage increase for next year September 15, 2012 
Village, Police Union Reach Three-Year Agreement September 10, 2012 
Green Bay police union contract standoff headed to mediation September 9, 2012 
City retirements on the rise - Factors include age, specter of benefit cuts September 8, 2012 
City, police near contract September 7, 2012 
Police Will Get Pay Raise, But Will Kick in More for Health Care August 30, 2012 
UPDATED: Mayor Scrima Calls for 'Savings' in Employee Salaries, Benefits August 28, 2012 
While Cutting Their Pay Scott Walker Praises First Responders in Sikh Temple Shooting August 5, 2012 
Sheboygan County budget forecast: No deficit  June 1, 2012 
Union wants laid-off deputies called back to fill vacancies  May 18, 2012 
MPS $1.2 billion budget proposal cuts 400 positions April 26, 2012 
Walker makes Wisconsin first in job loss April 26, 2012 
Walker decisions need much closer examination  April 21, 2012 
Judge rules for Milwaukee police union on health care April 20, 2012 
City police union sues city of Hudson over health insurance April 19, 2012 
Judge deals unions a setback in dues collections  April 19, 2012 
Federal judge overturns Wis. union bill April 3, 2012 
Federal court sides with public unions on recertification and dues collection issues April 2, 2012 
Mixed Court Decision for Wisconsin Anti-Union Law April 2, 2012 
De Pere firefighters file grievances over mandated furloughs March 13, 2012 
Public schools seek savings by privatizing services February 26, 2012 
Possible recall challenger to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says she cut public employee costs by $10 million January 18, 2012 
Green Bay Schools Say Good-bye to Record Number of Staff January 17, 2012 
Tuesday is deadline in Wisconsin governor recall battle  January 17, 2012 
Wis. police pick pension or insurance January 6, 2012 
Wisconsin has worst jobs creation record in country December 18, 2011 
Hundreds of city staff may see pay freeze if private-sector pay scales adopted December 17, 2011 
Changes to Horicon police force discussed December 15, 2011 
Project Milwaukee: Public Workers Bear the Brunt of Budget Woes  December 14, 2011 
TA’s union decides not to recertify, others do  December 12, 2011 
Waukesha City Staff Recommends Avoiding Furloughs November 30, 2011 
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker recall sought by thousands at Wisconsin Capitol November 20, 2011 
Out-of-pocket costs for health care jump by 63 percent  November 18, 2011 
Barrett issues veto on use of parking funds November 16, 2011 
Waukesha Committee Recommends Furloughs, Delaying Hiring of Safety Positions November 16, 2011 
Waukesha Mayor Calls for Employee Layoffs November 11, 2011 
Police union concessions to save City of Sheboygan $300,000 November 8, 2011 
City panel backs raising fees, continuing furloughs November 2, 2011 
Scott Walker Proposes Wages Freezes For Public Employees October 25, 2011 
31 layoffs included in proposed Manitowoc budget October 17, 2011 
Mount Pleasant Police Told to Cut $167K from 2012 Budget October 13, 2011 
Sheriff Clarke, union talk compromise on budget cuts October 12, 2011 
Proposed Milwaukee County Budget Includes Layoffs of 559 Employees October 11, 2011 
Public employees vent during hearing over Milwaukee budget October 11, 2011 
Caledonia Police Chief Says Budget Cuts May Affect Response Times October 10, 2011 
Marathon County proposes balancing budget with employee contributions October 3, 2011 
Fire chief, union president disagree on staffing cut impact September 27, 2011 
Mayor Continues Fight To Have Police, Firefighters Contribute To Health Care September 27, 2011 
Milwaukee Mayor's Budget Cuts 12 Firefighters September 27, 2011 
Mayor: Contract Changes Mean No Police, Firefighter Layoffs Next Year September 26, 2011 
City Leaders Vote To Restructure Public Safety September 14, 2011 
Officials OK plan to change health benefits September 14, 2011 
Door County asks state to approve workday reductions to avoid layoffs September 13, 2011 
Sturtevant police asked to take five furlough days September 13, 2011 
Sturtevant Reaches Agreement with Police, DPW Unions September 13, 2011 
School budgets August 30, 2011 
Brookfield chiefs cut own pay | Voluntary move matches budget law August 28, 2011 
Impact of union measure takes hold August 22, 2011 
State employees gearing up for health care costs August 22, 2011 
WEAC issues layoff notices for 40% of staff August 15, 2011 
Bad Moon Rising: Six months into its fiscal year, city faces a massive deficit August 14, 2011 
Butler backtracks: Chester mayor now praising cop he considered suspending as support for officer mounts online August 14, 2011 
Sheriff's office, police department remain major consolidation hurdle August 13, 2011 
Walker’s Vindication July 25, 2011 
City workers could see higher health insurance premiums July 22, 2011 
Mayor Justin Nickels right to take slow approach July 10, 2011 
Wisconsin schools buck union to cut health costs  July 7, 2011 
Neenah board lowers cost of teachers' contract by $3.4 million July 2, 2011 
State budget will force most school districts to cut property taxes June 17, 2011 
MTI head: Time to get 'down and dirty' June 7, 2011 
Wage freeze ends, but deals with unions lessen impact June 5, 2011 
Wis. lawmakers target police, firefighter benefits  June 3, 2011 
Wisconsins Walker Heads to DC to Take Lead in Fight to Privatize Education May 9, 2011 
Using open government law to persecute profs May 8, 2011 
Saving money for Wauwatosa April 18, 2011 
Green Bay-area municipal employee salaries loom large in face of budget cuts April 15, 2011 
Teacher Contract Extension Wins Board Approval  April 11, 2011 
Wisconsin gov hurts state’s future  March 8, 2011 
Wis governor starts process to lay off 1,500 March 5, 2011 
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