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Collective Bargaining in Wisconsin

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What's Happening in Wisconsin Explained

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Madison school district approves contracts with unions  October 4, 2012 
County: 'Wait and see' on Act 10 October 3, 2012 
Wisconsin teachers have new hope with collective bargaining October 2, 2012 
Judge Strikes Down WI Collective Bargaining Law October 1, 2012 
Wisconsin DOJ insists judge should stay ruling on collective bargaining law September 28, 2012 
Dane County moves forward with union deals September 27, 2012 
Unions urge judge to let collective bargaining ruling stand September 27, 2012 
County right to renew collective bargaining September 26, 2012 
County right to renew collective bargaining September 26, 2012 
Walker labor law overturned in county court; impact unclear September 26, 2012 
Wisconsin's Judicial Recall September 26, 2012 
Our View: Ruling on public union law reopens old wounds September 25, 2012 
Court ruling on unions stirs up legal confusion September 24, 2012 
Federal panel hears arguments in Wis. union case September 24, 2012 
City of Madison, employees union strike deal September 23, 2012 
Public employees consider new contract September 23, 2012 
Albrecht Supports Return of Collective Bargaining for County Workers September 22, 2012 
Capitol Report – Poetic justice from the courts September 22, 2012 
State schools superintendent: Teachers unfairly targeted September 21, 2012 
Teachers union asks MPS to bargain contracts September 21, 2012 
Waukesha teachers to reopen collective bargaining Monday September 21, 2012 
County officials jump on collective bargaining agreement September 20, 2012 
Dane Co. Judge announces collective bargaining decision September 20, 2012 
Teachers Not Making Demands After Repeal of Collective Bargaining Law September 20, 2012 
AG Van Hollen expects stay of Act 10 ruling within two weeks September 19, 2012 
A Legal Setback for Wisconsin's Anti-Union Law September 19, 2012 
Bargaining ruling may have little impact on budgets September 19, 2012 
Confusion reigns on Act 10 decision: Impact of a Dane County judge's ruling is uncertain September 19, 2012 
State Judge Guts Wisconsin Public Employees Union Curbs; AG Files Appeal September 19, 2012 
Will judge's decision stand on Wisconsin's collective bargaining law? September 19, 2012 
WI: What happens to Act 10 savings under renewed collective bargaining? September 19, 2012 
Collective bargaining ruling needs evaluation, local educators say September 18, 2012 
Local Government Waits On Collective Bargaining Decision September 18, 2012 
Management still holds clout following collective bargaining reversal September 18, 2012 
Three lawsuits pending in union fight September 18, 2012 
What’s Next for Wisconsin’s Collective Bargaining Law? September 18, 2012 
Wis. AG appeals union law ruling, asks for stay September 18, 2012 
3 lawsuits pending in Wisconsin union fight September 17, 2012 
Back to the bargaining table? September 17, 2012 
Confusion in wake of court ruling overturning Wisconsin union law September 17, 2012 
Constitutional challenge to Act 10 is serious September 17, 2012 
Legal and political battle over collective bargaining continues September 17, 2012 
Wisconsin collective bargaining fight is back on the table September 17, 2012 
Wisconsin Collective Bargaining Ruling Causes Confusion September 17, 2012 
At Rally, Chicago Teachers Union President Invites City Hall to Turn Off Air-Conditioning September 15, 2012 
Quick appeal expected in collective bargaining case September 15, 2012 
Ruling on collective bargaining could alter labor talks September 15, 2012 
What the Wisconsin collective bargaining ruling means September 15, 2012 
Wisconsin Collective Bargaining Law Struck Down September 15, 2012 
County Judge Strikes Down Some Restrictions on Public Unions in Wisconsin Law September 14, 2012 
Judge strikes down Wisconsin law limiting union rights Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/09/14/judge-strikes-down-wisconsin-law-limiting-union-rights/#ixzz26kktyg8N September 14, 2012 
Judge throws out changes to collective bargaining law September 14, 2012 
WI: Chicago strike, WI bargaining reforms part of broader labor debate September 11, 2012 
Council OKs bargaining agreement with firefighters September 5, 2012 
Teacher contract proposals differ only slightly September 5, 2012 
City braces for $1.2 million in additional salary costs September 4, 2012 
Unions, Democrats rally at LaborFest September 3, 2012 
New contracts with county employees saving taxpayers $2 million in 2013 August 27, 2012 
Tentative pact for Dane County deputies would cut take-home pay in 2013 August 27, 2012 
A Vote in Favor of Reclaiming Collective Bargaining in Wisconsin August 20, 2012 
Wis. public employees want action in 'Act 10' case August 16, 2012 
Wisconsin teachers, other public employees, still fighting for Act 10 in U.S. District Court August 15, 2012 
Democrats should put public sector bargaining at top of agenda August 12, 2012 
Democrats need to keep restoration of collective bargaining in the political dialogue so it doesn’t become an afterthought August 9, 2012 
Senate Majority Leader Miller: “Senate Democrats remain strongly committed to restoring collective bargaining rights” August 8, 2012 
Walker defends collective bargaining, voucher school changes at Harvard conference July 27, 2012 
Teacher contracts settle quickly July 23, 2012 
Wisconsin Bargaining: 'What's There to Talk About?' July 23, 2012 
Racine Council looks to take back union contracts July 13, 2012 
Wisconsin did away with collective bargaining for public employees July 11, 2012 
Wisconsin Supreme Court will not reconsider collective bargaining decision July 10, 2012 
Scott Walker: I would have talked about it sooner July 9, 2012 
With law changes, MTEA seeks to reshape role of union July 9, 2012 
Public employees and the public trust July 7, 2012 
Collective bargaining decision stands as court deadlocks on DA's motion July 6, 2012 
Wisconsin Supreme Court won't rehear union case without Justice Michael Gableman July 6, 2012 
Wisconsin Top Court Refuses To Reopen Labor Law Challenge July 6, 2012 
OSHKOSH LABOR: Moving Forward June 30, 2012 
Public sector battles ahead June 27, 2012 
Public workers union faces turning point after Wisconsin defeat  June 9, 2012 
Wisconsin recall: Union voters ≠ union households June 6, 2012 
A labor battle, minus the labor issues  June 5, 2012 
Wisconsin holds recall more than a year in making  June 5, 2012 
Wisconsin voters divided on collective bargaining  June 5, 2012 
Scott Walker Faces the Unions  June 4, 2012 
Wisconsin governor's recall unites public safety workers  June 4, 2012 
Dramatic drop in union membership among WI public employees May 31, 2012 
Wisconsin: What’s So Important About Collective Bargaining? May 31, 2012 
Tom Barrett's bigger bomb May 30, 2012 
Wisconsin's Expensive Tantrum May 30, 2012 
Reason-Rupe Poll Finds Support for Public Union Reforms May 25, 2012 
Suffolk Study: Walker collective bargaining bill saved Wisconsin taxpayers more than $1 billion May 24, 2012 
Wisconsin's Collective Bargaining Actions Paying Off May 24, 2012 
The Wisconsin Turning Point May 23, 2012 
Wisconsin’s ‘Act 10’ Has Saved Taxpayers a Billion May 23, 2012 
Democrat 'Appalled' By Wisconsin Recall May 16, 2012 
Jobs are what this recall is all about, not collective bargaining May 16, 2012 
Aaron Crandall: Collective bargaining a win-win approach  May 14, 2012 
John Nichols: What Walker did not tell Wisconsin  May 13, 2012 
Will recall election be labor’s last stand? May 13, 2012 
Scott Walker said budget strategy in Wisconsin was ‘divide and conquer’  May 11, 2012 
Agency backs unions' stance on rule over collective bargaining, base wages  May 4, 2012 
Bargaining supports fair, decent wages May 4, 2012 
Recall contenders focus in on jobs  May 3, 2012 
Rightwing ALEC Puts Wisconsin Anti-Labor Laws On May Agenda May 1, 2012 
Barrett, Falk disagree on how to restore collective bargaining  April 30, 2012 
Collective Bargaining Conundrum  April 29, 2012 
Public workers have little clout after Act 10 law  April 29, 2012 
Order blocking parts of collective bargaining law will stand during state's appeal  April 28, 2012 
The collective bargaining double standard  April 28, 2012 
Column: There's anger from Walker supporters, too  April 27, 2012 
Recall all about bargaining issue April 25, 2012 
Wisconsin a right-to-work state? Barrett says it’s Walker’s next move April 25, 2012 
Falk says Barrett lacks her fervor for Walker recall April 24, 2012 
Wisconsin governor believes he won't be recalled  April 21, 2012 
Barrett offers plan on collective bargaining April 20, 2012 
Barrett Unveils Plan for Restoring Collective Bargaining Rights April 20, 2012 
Wis. Governor Reinstated Bonuses Despite Shortfall April 20, 2012 
Barrett reveals plan for restoring collective bargaining powers April 19, 2012 
Barrett vows to reinstate collective bargaining April 19, 2012 
Barrett Picks Up Endorsement, Says He Will Restore Collective Bargaining April 16, 2012 
Walker links decreasing property tax to ending collective bargaining April 16, 2012 
Barrett, Falk split on union issues April 14, 2012 
More local teachers reluctantly retiring April 14, 2012 
Tom Barrett defends himself against AFSCME attack video April 4, 2012 
Voters can fix recall, collective bargaining April 4, 2012 
AFSCME goes after Barrett with video April 3, 2012 
Barrett Boxed in by Budget Bluster, Bargaining Bravado? April 3, 2012 
Judge Strikes Key Parts of Wisconsin Labor Bill April 3, 2012 
Milwaukee public safety unions again endorse Walker April 2, 2012 
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker union-busting bill ruled illegal, in part  April 1, 2012 
Walker says he's learned lesson from collective bargaining fight  March 31, 2012 
Wisconsin Workers Win Fight on Yearly Union Renewal  March 31, 2012 
ELECTION Q and A: Sauk County Board District 15 candidate Bill Dagnon March 28, 2012 
Public employee unions file unfair labor complaints March 21, 2012 
Unions secure petition approval March 20, 2012 
It’s clear: Labor rights are human rights March 14, 2012 
MOSTLY TRUE: Kathleen Falk says Gov. Scott Walker cut school aid despite saying he’d aim for two-thirds funding for education March 14, 2012 
Collective Bargaining Curbs Save Wisconsin Schools Millions March 13, 2012 
Madison school board candidates Michael Flores and Mary Burke discuss budgets and collective bargaining March 13, 2012 
Tens of Thousands Rally in Wisconsin for Labor Rights and Democracy  March 11, 2012 
Restoring collective bargaining rights is a first order of business  March 10, 2012 
 March 8, 2012 
Policy group says impact of collective bargaining law and state aid cuts is unclear March 5, 2012 
State grievance requirement left unchecked March 1, 2012 
Wood County, union leaders differ on how much authority unions retain February 29, 2012 
Wisconsin Democrats running first recall ad: ‘Walkergate’ February 27, 2012 
Wanggaard addresses collective bargaining and women’s pay, not PFC’s chief search, at listening session February 24, 2012 
Wisconsin recall rival slams Scott Walker February 24, 2012 
Governor Scott Walker Defeated Again as Workers Vote for OPEIU Local 95! February 23, 2012 
Wisconsin Workers Sticking with the Union February 23, 2012 
Q&A: What do you think about changes in collective bargaining that were made at the state level, and the impact those changes had on the district? The staff? February 15, 2012 
In Wisconsin, Progressives Against Progress February 14, 2012 
One year later  February 11, 2012 
Dem Falk would veto budget unless collective bargaining restored February 8, 2012 
It's a one-issue recall February 8, 2012 
Unions ask Democrats in Walker recall to make budget veto pledge February 8, 2012 
One year later, lower-paid state workers feel pinch of CB law  February 6, 2012 
State's public workers cope with reduced buying power following Walker legislation  February 5, 2012 
Governor Walker and the Koch Brothers Are Behind Arizona's Fight Against Unions February 3, 2012 
Plutocracy Now: What Wisconsin Is Really About February 2, 2012 
Union membership dwindles in Wisconsin, U.S. February 2, 2012 
Five Racine County unions have requested recertification, election process to follow February 1, 2012 
Walker’s Union Law Saves Wisconsin Money as Teachers Quit School February 1, 2012 
Workers have a right to stick together  January 28, 2012 
Marquette poll shows Wisconsin split on collective bargaining January 26, 2012 
The 99 Percent Respond To Wisconsin Governor Walker’s State Of The State Address January 26, 2012 
Reject collective bargaining for public workers, reform recall January 24, 2012 
Unionism in Wisconsin and the GOP Race January 24, 2012 
Unions Influential Despite Collective Bargaining Changes January 19, 2012 
Harsdorf takes questions from critics at listening session in Hudson January 18, 2012 
City Council OKs contract for firefighters  January 17, 2012 
Confused about collective bargaining January 17, 2012 
Wisconsin Governor's Foes Have 1 Million Names for Recall January 17, 2012 
Wisconsin’s Recall Movement Drops A Ton And A Half Of Democracy On Anti-Union Governor Scott Walker January 17, 2012 
Recall petitions expected Tuesday January 13, 2012 
Record number of public workers retired in 2011  January 13, 2012 
Miyazaki photo exhibit— True faces of Wisconsin protesters January 12, 2012 
Scott Walker, Texas Ranger January 12, 2012 
Public officials must work to lower costs January 11, 2012 
School Board Notebook January 11, 2012 
Merrill to vote on new police contract  January 10, 2012 
Two Wis. employees file brief favoring bargaining reform January 10, 2012 
Wis. public safety workers paying more under law  January 6, 2012 
Gov. Scott Walker: Collective Bargaining Is an Expensive Entitlement January 5, 2012 
Walker discusses recall at D.C. think tank January 5, 2012 
Will GOP's 2011 star survive recall in 2012? January 5, 2012 
A new chapter for the Milwaukee Teachers Education Association January 4, 2012 
Wisconsin recall effort proves as divisive as Gov. Scott Walker's collective bargaining changes January 4, 2012 
Elected officials must be held accountable January 2, 2012 
Walker went too far  December 31, 2011 
2011 in review, No. 3: Teachers and others protest budget bill December 28, 2011 
2011 in Review: Passage of Act 10  December 26, 2011 
Parisi's referendum wording misleading  December 26, 2011 
Ozanne may ask court to reopen collective bargaining suit without Gableman December 22, 2011 
Parisi OKs Collective Bargaining Referendum  December 22, 2011 
State Supreme Court may be asked for rehearing on collective bargaining lawsuit December 22, 2011 
County Board rejects referendum  December 21, 2011 
Milwaukee council OKs pact with police union  December 20, 2011 
Recall Petitioners Drawing Crowds in Conservative Areas December 19, 2011 
Bargaining rights are human rights December 18, 2011 
Bargaining process hopelessly flawed December 17, 2011 
Why it’s important to recall Kleefisch too December 17, 2011 
City workers get revised employee handbook December 16, 2011 
Legal Troubles Loom For Wisconsin Gov. Walker In FBI Probe Of His Aides December 16, 2011 
Rumor mill, lies lead to recall December 16, 2011 
Wisconsin Recall Walker Movement Collects More Than 507,000 Signatures In 30 Days December 16, 2011 
Ten Months Later, AP's Scott Bauer Still Contradicting Himself, Misstating Wis. Collective-Bargaining Law December 15, 2011 
Ask voters to decide on bargaining December 14, 2011 
IAM’s Manitowoc Crane Strike Sparks Solidarity Against Walker-Style Union Busting December 13, 2011 
Majority of education unions vote to recertify December 9, 2011 
Unions not asking for extra pay December 8, 2011 
December 7th: one year anniversary of Walker detailing budget plan December 7, 2011 
Republican Scrooges giving out lumps of coal December 7, 2011 
Ad: Rebecca “yogi” Kleefisch on collective bargaining December 6, 2011 
Referendum on unions sought December 6, 2011 
Wisconsin Lt. Gov. Kleefisch attacks collective bargaining in new ad December 6, 2011 
Collective bargaining law violates Wisconsin’s constitution December 1, 2011 
GB police and fire unions suing city December 1, 2011 
2 unions: Collective-bargaining law is unconstitutional November 30, 2011 
As More Than 300,000 recall Signatures Pile Up Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Is Losing Rather Than Creating Jobs He Promised November 30, 2011 
Milwaukee workers union ask judge to void collective bargaining law November 30, 2011 
Two Wisconsin state worker unions sue over new collective bargaining law November 30, 2011 
Unions bring lawsuit over collective bargaining November 30, 2011 
Balanced Budget in Wisconsin Comes At Too High A Price November 29, 2011 
Unions ask judge to declare bargaining law unconstitutional November 29, 2011 
Public Union Wins Injunction in Milwaukee  November 28, 2011 
Walker Fumbles Collective Bargaining question November 22, 2011 
Despite Limited Power, Some State Worker Unions Recertify November 18, 2011 
First Wis. pay plan under union law up for vote November 17, 2011 
Wisconsin's Walker takes on critics as recall effort begins November 15, 2011 
Push for hearing on collective bargaining put in spotlight November 9, 2011 
Democrats using Ohio's collective bargaining fight as fuel for Walker recall November 8, 2011 
Collective Bargaining Changes Are Working in Wisconsin October 27, 2011 
Recertification voting begins for six state employee unions October 27, 2011 
On using Gov. Scott Walker’s collective-bargaining limits to help balance the city of Milwaukee budget, Barrett walked a fine line October 26, 2011 
Schools turn to handbooks to set employee policies October 26, 2011 
Walker joins CW 14 Focus Sunday October 14, 2011 
Wisconsin: Bill introduced to restore collective bargaining rights October 13, 2011 
Legislation would bring back Wis. collective bargaining October 12, 2011 
Legislation to restore collective bargaining rights introduced October 11, 2011 
Many local school unions reform before deadline October 2, 2011 
Dumb and Dumber September 30, 2011 
City, police/fire unions reach deal on new contracts September 27, 2011 
Heard in Wisconsin: 'Collective bargaining is alive and well' September 27, 2011 
Mayor Soglin, police and firefighter unions agreement means no layoffs or furloughs September 26, 2011 
Municipalities look to create grievance procedure to replace collective bargaining September 26, 2011 
Poll on repealing Walker’s bill shows WI is divided September 26, 2011 
Lower-paid public employees contributing higher percentage of income to benefits under new law September 23, 2011 
Collaboration key as Wisconsin school boards, educators deal with changes September 22, 2011 
MI Report Chronicles Success of Wisconsin Budget Reforms September 22, 2011 
Wis. doesn't have to bargain with biggest unions September 22, 2011 
Wisconsin voters mixed on collective bargaining September 20, 2011 
Municipalities work on new grievance procedures September 19, 2011 
2 Milwaukee public safety unions approve deals September 15, 2011 
Milwaukee Police Association rejects contract offer September 15, 2011 
Wisconsin teachers unions face uncertainty for future September 11, 2011 
Police Union Contract Includes No Pension Concessions September 7, 2011 
Minn. Union Labor Supporters Weigh-In on Wis. Collective Bargaining Law September 5, 2011 
Prosser tempered ruling on bargaining September 3, 2011 
School Districts In Wisconsin Starting To Feel the Pain Of Collective Bargaining Law September 2, 2011 
Many thanks to public employees August 31, 2011 
State union leader ask Wis. governor for meeting August 31, 2011 
Wis. teacher retirements double over last year, after collective bargaining fight August 31, 2011 
Republicans Banned from Labor Day Celebration? August 29, 2011 
Another Lawsuit Against Union-Busting Law August 22, 2011 
Public employees deserve thanks for helping county cut health costs August 20, 2011 
Menasha board sets budget workshop August 18, 2011 
Milwaukee, Madison workers seek to overturn collective bargaining law August 18, 2011 
We Are Wisconsin: Recall Elections Delivered Powerful Political Message August 18, 2011 
Recall election: Sen. Robert Wirch and Jonathan Steitz August 15, 2011 
Republicans survive key Wisconsin recall elections August 10, 2011 
Two Wisconsin GOP State Senators Recalled For Attacking Collective Bargaining August 10, 2011 
Wisconsin Democrats stand by plan to recall governor August 10, 2011 
Wisconsin Republicans Win 4 of 6 Seats in Recall Election, Retain Senate August 10, 2011 
Wis. GOP holds off Democrats in recall elections August 10, 2011 
Voters Say Election Is Referendum On Walker August 9, 2011 
Collective Bargaining Law May Have Unlikely Fate: Compromise August 8, 2011 
County reaches settlement on union grievance August 8, 2011 
Milwaukee to see net gain from state budget August 8, 2011 
Recall eve: New Wisconsin collective bargaining law will save Milwaukee millions in health-care costs August 8, 2011 
Wisconsin recalls center of fight over GOP agenda August 7, 2011 
Wisconsin recalls center of fight over GOP agenda  August 7, 2011 
Collective Bargaining is Cancer, says WI Senator Luther Olsen  August 5, 2011 
Darling/Pasch Debate Gets Heated August 4, 2011 
Republican State Senator Randy Hopper stands by budget repair vote during recall August 4, 2011 
Kapanke Recall Candidates Involved in Intense Race August 2, 2011 
Pasch doesn't see quick reversal on collective bargaining August 1, 2011 
WisPolitics: Hopper, King discuss 18th SD race on 'UpFront' August 1, 2011 
Hopper, King steadfast as recall election nears July 31, 2011 
Walker okays up to $500,000 for private legal fees on controversial bill July 29, 2011 
Employers need tools to control overtime payouts July 28, 2011 
Recall campaigns aren't focusing on collective bargaining July 28, 2011 
Collective Bargaining Repeal: the best thing that ever happened to Wisconsin schools July 27, 2011 
Democrat Holds Onto Wis. Senate Seat in Recall  July 20, 2011 
Labor pains: What Wisconsin tells us about Catholics and unions July 20, 2011 
Hopper, King Spar in Recall Election Debate July 19, 2011 
Recall elections begin amid Wis. union law fallout  July 19, 2011 
Wisconsin Recall Elections: Why They Matter July 19, 2011 
Wisconsin voters go to polls in first recall election July 19, 2011 
Gov. Walker sober about upcoming recalls July 18, 2011 
Recall Season Opens in Wisconsin July 12, 2011 
‘Madness Abounds’ as Fake Candidates Confuse Wisconsin Recalls July 11, 2011 
Some union members pleased with Walker's changes July 11, 2011 
Brad Palmer: Recall elections right July 10, 2011 
Report: Protests could have been handled better July 9, 2011 
Wisconsin Prisoners to Replace Union Worker July 9, 2011 
Workers File New Suit Against Wisconsin Anti-Union Law; Prison Labor Could Replace Public Employees July 8, 2011 
48th Assembly Special Election  July 7, 2011 
Change to constitution would enforce open meetings law July 7, 2011 
Minnesotans launch "Downeyville" in response to shutdown July 7, 2011 
What We Can Learn from Wisconsin July 7, 2011 
Wisconsin inmates used for government work July 7, 2011 
Neenah settles with teachers amid collective bargaining changes July 6, 2011 
Wisconsin Senate recall primer: What you need to know about upcoming elections July 6, 2011 
Wisconsin recalls move forward  July 3, 2011 
'Fleeing' Wisconsin senators earn NEA award July 2, 2011 
Members chipped in $23.4 million to WEAC in 2008 union dues July 1, 2011 
Spanbauer showed gutsy independence July 1, 2011 
Support staff at NFdL Schools will share in costs of continued insurance coverage July 1, 2011 
We're Not Going to Take It July 1, 2011 
Gov. Scott Walker shows puzzling disconnect June 30, 2011 
Bargaining law takes effect; legal fight persists June 29, 2011 
Collective bargaining law takes effect June 29, 2011 
Diminished, union leaders promise action June 29, 2011 
Union law in effect today  June 29, 2011 
Wisconsin's controversial public union law takes effect June 29, 2011 
Criminal probe of scrap between Wisconsin justices June 28, 2011 
Small shakeup in Wisconsin recalls June 28, 2011 
State answers unions' federal lawsuit June 28, 2011 
State objects to unions’ federal challenge of collective bargaining law June 28, 2011 
Union contracts coming to end June 28, 2011 
Wisconsin: Union Curbs Are Taking Effect June 28, 2011 
Time likely runs out for contract with county union June 27, 2011 
Walker says he should have prepared public earlier for his sweeping changes June 27, 2011 
Walker says he should have prepared public earlier for his sweeping changes June 27, 2011 
Walker signs $66 billion budget June 27, 2011 
Union contracts will come to an end on Wednesday June 26, 2011 
What is going on at the Wisconsin Supreme Court? June 26, 2011 
Supreme Court spat got physical June 25, 2011 
Unions pour money into Dems recall war chests June 24, 2011 
Divided Supreme Court upholds collective bargaining law June 23, 2011 
Wisconsin loses: The GOP budget shows its contempt for citizens June 23, 2011 
Metal detectors taken down in the Capitol June 22, 2011 
Debate continues over whether collective bargaining restrictions are making a difference June 21, 2011 
Judges behaving badly June 21, 2011 
Reforms will affect political activities June 21, 2011 
Wisconsin Supreme Court Upholds Collective Bargaining Curbs June 21, 2011 
What’s next for Wisconsin Act 10? June 20, 2011 
Wisconsin court upholds anti-union legislation pushed by Republican governor June 20, 2011 
Wisconsin unions try to battle back June 18, 2011 
Second lawsuit in Wisconsin June 17, 2011 
Supreme Court reinstates collective bargaining curbs June 17, 2011 
Unions Make Final Effort to Stop Wisconsin Labor Law June 17, 2011 
Cities League, Mayor Urge Police and Fire Be Added to Collective Bargaining  June 16, 2011 
Walkerville Day 13: Building A Movement To Wrest Power From Walker June 16, 2011 
Wisconsin Public Employees Sue to Stop Bill Curbing Collective Bargaining June 16, 2011 
Wisconsin Unions' Federal Suit Against Gutting Of Collective Bargaining Charges Its Unconstitutional June 16, 2011 
Court Restores Wisconsin's Law Barring Public Unions June 15, 2011 
Loss Of Collective Bargaining Starts To Sink In With Workers  June 15, 2011 
WIN Special Report: Thousands Rally Vowing To Take Wisconsin Worker Uprising Into Summer Recall Elections June 15, 2011 
Caledonia Firefighter Among Those Surrounding State Capitol June 14, 2011 
County Board again to consider contract with largest union June 14, 2011 
Deja vu all over again in Wisconsin June 14, 2011 
Latest union proposal exempts Wis. transit workers June 14, 2011 
Wisconsin Supreme Court reinstates law stripping public workers of collective bargaining rights June 14, 2011 
Chamber's agenda right wing June 12, 2011 
GOP leaders agree on basics of budget bill June 12, 2011 
GOP lawmaker says police, fire unions 'bought out' colleagues June 9, 2011 
Huebsch says he believes Supreme Court will act quickly June 9, 2011 
Legislator says police, firefighters bought way to special treatment June 9, 2011 
State preparing for big budget protests next week June 9, 2011 
Empowering Public Employees: Lessons From the Women's Movement June 6, 2011 
Republicans ask Wis. justices to act in union case June 6, 2011 
What’s Next for Wisconsin?  June 6, 2011 
Wisconsin Governor Asks Top Court To Toss Legal Challenge to Union Law June 6, 2011 
GOP right to include police, firefighters in bill June 5, 2011 
Wisconsin Protesters Erect 'Walkerville' Tent City To Protest Scott Walker's Budget Cuts  June 5, 2011 
Budget confrontation rocked the state - and beyond June 4, 2011 
Emily's Post: The Wisconsin GOP and its quest to blot out the sun June 2, 2011 
Judge strikes down anti-union law June 2, 2011 
Newspaper's lawsuit seeks sick notes for Madison school teachers during protest June 2, 2011 
Resistance To Republican Austerity Budget Fires Up Again in Wisconsin - Joint Finance Committee Delays Scheduled Session At Packed Meeting June 2, 2011 
“Walkerville” Tent City Going Up In Madison This Weekend As Thousands Are Called Out For Capitol Direct Action  June 2, 2011 
Judge Strikes Down Wisconsin Collective Bargaining Ban June 1, 2011 
On Wisconsin May 31, 2011 
Real problem is collective bargaining May 30, 2011 
Ruling adds to unions' uncertainty May 30, 2011 
School districts press to reach agreements May 30, 2011 
State's deficit fuels political divide May 29, 2011 
Judges have a say in a democracy May 28, 2011 
Wisconsin Judge Boosts Recall Election Efforts May 28, 2011 
Carpenter Introduces Bill to Make Collective Bargaining Protected under State Constitution May 27, 2011 
Collective Bargaining for Wisconsin State Employees Remains Intact May 27, 2011 
Judge Voids Wisconsin Antiunion Law  May 26, 2011 
Lawmakers differ on bargaining ruling May 26, 2011 
Polls Show Due To Attacks On Labor Republican Governors In Wisconsin And Ohio Would Lose Big In Revotes May 26, 2011 
Protestors meet Gov. Walker in Wausau May 26, 2011 
Walker defends collective bargaining limits May 26, 2011 
Wisconsin Court Voids Changes to Public Employee Collective-Bargaining Law May 26, 2011 
Grass Roots: Walker budget 'not moral,' says faith group May 19, 2011 
Why Scott Walker Drives Liberals Crazy May 19, 2011 
State Officials Dismiss Ethics Complaints Over Bill May 18, 2011 
Last effort to recall Wisconsin senators after union bill fails May 17, 2011 
Dems' thuggery knows no bounds May 16, 2011 
New Yorkers to Protest Bailed Out Wisconsin Bank May 16, 2011 
Special Report: Wisconsin rallies for 90th Day of protests against Governor Scott Walk May 16, 2011 
Tens of Thousands Rally in Wisconsin to Declare: 'This Fight is NOT Over!' May 16, 2011 
Firefighters, police officers to fight bill that would limit their collective bargaining ability May 14, 2011 
Round 2 on tap at state Capitol May 14, 2011 
Bill would extend bargaining restrictions to police, firefighters May 12, 2011 
Commentary: Wisconsin's political recalls are dirty business May 11, 2011 
Rep. Marklein faces critics during listening session May 11, 2011 
State to get $600 million infusion  May 11, 2011 
Wisconsin Sens. Robert Cowles, Dave Hansen get challengers for possible recall races May 11, 2011 
GAB staff: Enough signatures Kapanke for recall May 10, 2011 
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says Milwaukee County paid employees over $170,000 in 2010 to work for their unions May 9, 2011 
Legislator Seeks To Add Collective Bargaining To State Constitution May 7, 2011 
Letters: Public employees will have less to spend May 6, 2011 
Unions might drop state status May 6, 2011 
Push to put collective bargaining in constitution May 5, 2011 
Open Letter in Support of University of Wisconsin Students, Faculty and Staff May 4, 2011 
Wisconsin Top Court Seeks Collective-Bargaining Case Briefs May 4, 2011 
Sen. Carpenter proposes workers rights amendment May 3, 2011 
Barrett rips into Walker at DPW event, drops hints about possible recall election May 2, 2011 
My Turn: Public vs. private: The union debate  May 2, 2011 
The harsh reality of layoffs May 1, 2011 
Motorcycles Will Roar In April 30th Worker Solidarity “Thunda Around The Rotunda” Rally In Madison April 29, 2011 
Collective bargaining changes could be in budget April 27, 2011 
Collective bargaining in the NFL April 27, 2011 
Husband of Dane County Judge Sumi speaks out April 27, 2011 
Mayor Ponto to Joint Finance: Add Police, Fire to Collective Bargaining Changes April 26, 2011 
Views to be shared of Wisconsin budget repair bill at University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley April 25, 2011 
Green Bay Sen. Dave Hansen reflects on budget repair bill actions April 24, 2011 
Wisconsin legislators feel the heat even outside of Madison  April 24, 2011 
A Poll on the Governor's Motive April 23, 2011 
Unions vow the fight for rights will continue April 23, 2011 
Wisconsin, Ill. split on state unions April 23, 2011 
By Day’s End Recall Petitions Will Have Been Filed Against Five Wisconsin Republicans, Three Dems April 22, 2011 
Editorial: Public officials have difficult balancing act with labor April 21, 2011 
Labor last stand? Missouri a prototype for Walker's policies April 21, 2011 
Wis. court challenger will seek statewide recount  April 21, 2011 
John Nichols: Walker ‘progressive’ to bust unions? No way April 20, 2011 
Three Down, Five To Go In Wisconsin Recall Petitions Against Anti-Union GOP State Senators April 20, 2011 
Hopper gets an earful at listening session April 19, 2011 
AP Falsely Claims Scott Walker Admitted Collective Bargaining Restrictions Won't Save Money April 18, 2011 
Labor's last stand? Creating new governance structure a tall order April 18, 2011 
Wis. Dems file recall petition for 3rd GOP senator April 18, 2011 
Sarah Palin Rallies in Wisconsin, Praises Governor Walker April 17, 2011 
Unions: Hurting business or helping wage gap? April 17, 2011 
Letter: Planned vote shocks reader April 16, 2011 
Palin: Wis. gov doing the right thing with unions April 16, 2011 
Sen. Brown calls Wisconsin budget 'will of the people' April 16, 2011 
Choice for superintendent has been in spotlight lately April 15, 2011 
Protesters in Madison this winter (photo by Andy Stenz - andystenzphotography.com) Dane County Exec could Drop Collective Bargaining Lawsuit April 15, 2011 
State Headlines From Wisconsin Public Radio, April 15 April 15, 2011 
Wisconsin governor defends hobbling unions  April 15, 2011 
Gov. Scott Walker: Collective Bargaining Is Not a God-Given Right April 14, 2011 
Gov. Walker testifies before House committee April 14, 2011 
Judge to decide fate of lawsuit challenging collective bargaining law by end of week April 14, 2011 
Kucinich blasts Gov. Walker at Hill panel April 14, 2011 
DOJ tells Supreme Court key deadline looms over collective bargaining law April 12, 2011 
Walker's first 100 days a mixed bag April 12, 2011 
Wisconsin vote debacle gets messier April 12, 2011 
Fervor of Wis. debate shifts to recall elections April 10, 2011 
All workers have benefited from unions April 7, 2011 
City, county considering union contract extension April 6, 2011 
Kloppenberg/Prosser Supreme Court election results April 6, 2011 
Kloppenburg Declares Win in Wisconsin Referendum Race April 6, 2011 
Kloppenburg leads by 224 in Wisconsin Supreme Court race April 6, 2011 
Split over union law reaches Wis. court race April 6, 2011 
Wisc. labor fight is far from over April 6, 2011 
Wisconsin race, proxy fight in union conflict, still too close to call April 6, 2011 
Wis. voters send governor strong, angry message  April 6, 2011 
Fighting for “Cheese” in the “Cheese State”: MLK And Organized Labor April 5, 2011 
Wisconsin's Supreme Test April 5, 2011 
Wisconsin Supreme Test April 5, 2011 
Error message Fishing into a Wisconsin professor's emails. April 4, 2011 
The Religious Right's Anti-Union Crusade April 4, 2011 
Thousands Rally as One Across Wisconsin to Mark April 4 April 4, 2011 
Wisconsin recall drive already making history April 4, 2011 
Wisconsin's rallying cry: Throw the bums out April 4, 2011 
Wisconsin’s union battle takes it to the court April 4, 2011 
Tea party, labor spend big in Wis. high court race  April 3, 2011 
Unions rally in support of Wisconsin workers April 3, 2011 
Marching in Milwaukee to Remember MLK April 2, 2011 
Wisconsin Unions Threaten Businesses April 2, 2011 
Wis. union law still unenforceable April 2, 2011 
Intimidation by public employees is not OK April 1, 2011 
Legal hearings, budget, election prep cap off week April 1, 2011 
Second suit challenges budget repair April 1, 2011 
Wisconsin Judge Extends Bar on Public Worker Collective Bargaining Law April 1, 2011 
Judge rules bargaining law not in effect March 31, 2011 
Union warns of boycotts for lack of support March 31, 2011 
Wisconsin Professors Unionize, Defy Walkers Law on Collective Bargaining March 31, 2011 
Wis. GOP pressing ahead with anti-union law March 30, 2011 
More Public Employees Choosing to Retire March 29, 2011 
Wis. officials reject judge's order on law March 29, 2011 
About the Budget Repair Bill, as told by a Republican police officer March 16, 2011 
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