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Other Concessions and Cuts in Tennessee

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Memphis Police Department recruiting new officers as benefits battle continues August 22, 2014 
Police Launch RESTART Initiative August 22, 2014 
Judge dismisses union lawsuit against Memphis over 4.6 percent wage cut July 22, 2014 
Sick Calls Drop, But Benefits Debate Still Volatile July 15, 2014 
Police lieutenant challenges ballot language in domestic partnership referendum  July 1, 2014 
It Doesn’t Look Like Metro Police Will Get Their 3% Raise June 17, 2014 
Nashville FOP launches campaign for police raises June 13, 2014 
Chattanooga Police Seek to Level Out Pay Inequities March 12, 2014 
Vacancies outnumber new jobs in Chattanooga Police Department budget August 17, 2013 
Laid off Jellico, TN police officer files lawsuit against city August 16, 2013 
Berke Adding 60 Police Officers; Fire And Police Included In 1.5 Percent Pay Increase In No-Tax-Increase Budget July 31, 2013 
Collegedale, Tenn., may further widen who gets health benefits July 23, 2013 
Fire Union Says City Hall Treating Them Like Plantation Days June 1, 2013 
Union leaders cheer Mayor Karl Dean's reversal on pay May 21, 2013 
Metro now planning pay raises May 20, 2013 
City Labor Talks Head to Impasse April 16, 2013 
Fire, police unions' poll shows opposition to axing benefits March 11, 2013 
Police Union Commercial Bashes City Spending February 28, 2013 
Memphis Moves to Raise Line-of-Duty Death Benefits February 20, 2013 
Fraternal Order of Police endorses City Council candidates  February 8, 2013 
Memphis Police Association Commercial Blasts City of Memphis February 7, 2013 
Memphis Police union 'frustrated' by proposed benefit cuts November 30, 2012 
Jellico internal memo becomes public, layoffs suggested November 28, 2012 
12 Police Master Patrolmen File Suit Over Pay Issue October 9, 2012 
JC Village Board Decides on Shared Police Agreement with Binghamton October 2, 2012 
Police chief: Laying off 200 officers would be 'devastating' May 24, 2012 
200 Nashville police officers may lose jobs if Dean's budget proposal fails May 17, 2012 
Police Association Says Memphis Needs to Wake Up April 25, 2012 
Police chiefs improvise to stretch their budgets February 15, 2012 
Nashville mayor's call for smaller budget cuts is relief to departments January 18, 2012 
Radical right unfairly attacking public employees December 28, 2011 
MPD wives protest pay cuts, pension changes December 1, 2011 
Police Wives Rally Against Cuts November 30, 2011 
Ruling signals setback for Calif. in pension case November 30, 2011 
Have the Democrats dumped Dunnuck? October 25, 2011 
Memphis' public employee unions sue city to block pay cuts July 11, 2011 
After recent shootings, Memphis may reconsider pay cut for city employees July 6, 2011 
Sheriff makes his case to commission for pay raises May 24, 2011 
Letter: All city workers deserve respect April 24, 2011 
City workers take their case to council April 13, 2011 
Police Union airs grievances at City Council April 13, 2011 
Police union cites growing gang problem as need to boost benefits March 24, 2011 
Middle Tennessee public servants face cuts in benefits March 8, 2011 
Haslam says compensation for public workers should rival private sector March 1, 2011 
FOP Leaders Say Take Home Car Policy Cuts Police Protection February 13, 2011 
Showing 45 items