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Collective Bargaining in Missouri

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Missouri City City Council adopts pay increase for police personnel May 19, 2015 
Springfield police union ratifies collective bargaining agreement April 1, 2015 
Police union angry budget surplus won’t go to wages January 16, 2015 
Police bargaining unit OK'd, union election next October 28, 2014 
Ozark aldermen send police union issue to public hearing October 14, 2014 
Springfield police union, city can't reach agreement in first-ever contract negotiations September 23, 2014 
Police, at wage-pact impasse, say 'time to ... protest' September 12, 2014 
Hannibal City Council passes new agreement between city and firefighters union September 2, 2014 
St. Louis Police Officers Approve New Union Agreement June 26, 2014 
St. Louis city police voting on proposed union contract June 25, 2014 
St. Louis County Police salaries back on the table March 27, 2014 
Springfield Police Concerned About Collective Bargain Wording September 27, 2013 
Springfield police air bargaining 'concerns' September 26, 2013 
Greene County OKs union bargaining process May 21, 2013 
County ponders bargaining rules May 17, 2013 
Police union formation likely to involve lawyers May 14, 2013 
Ozark police unionization still under exploration May 13, 2013 
Board to continue union talk April 30, 2013 
Police collective bargaining move sparks allegations in Manchester April 23, 2013 
Manchester hires special counsel, accused of bullying tactics April 22, 2013 
Bullying Accusations Arise As Manchester Police Seek Collective Bargaining Representation April 16, 2013 
As Manchester Police Consider Union, City Seeks Outside Attorney April 15, 2013 
Labor unions rally for collective bargaining rights March 27, 2013 
Ozark police pursue union March 26, 2013 
Osage Beach considers collective bargaining process for employees March 22, 2013 
New union agreement with KC police sparks outrage March 11, 2013 
Supreme Court Rules Against Chesterfield in Collective Bargaining Case December 5, 2012 
Missouri SC rules cities have duty to collectively bargain November 26, 2012 
Missouri Home Care Workers Prepare For Collective Bargaining After Decisive Legal Victory October 30, 2012 
School board to take up collective bargaining policy September 9, 2012 
School board approves bargaining policies  January 9, 2012 
Dellwood aldermanic impasse over police continues  December 14, 2011 
Board considers collective bargaining policy  December 13, 2011 
Supreme Court considers collective bargaining issues November 7, 2011 
Supreme Court considers collective bargaining issues November 7, 2011 
Collective bargaining cases from St. Louis area aired at Missouri Supreme Court November 3, 2011 
School board delays collective bargaining decision October 11, 2011 
Teachers are free to make a choice October 9, 2011 
Teacher bargaining proves to be complex September 27, 2011 
St. Louis Police Officers Ratify Historic, First Union Contract May 26, 2011 
MO Supreme Court Will Decide FOP Status for U. City & Chesterfield Police May 3, 2011 
Officers vote to unionize May 3, 2011 
Slay, legislators cautiously optimistic about local control measure April 21, 2011 
Deal for Local Control of St. Louis Police Flies in Face of Conventional Logic April 20, 2011 
U.S. Rep. Cleaver cheers working people April 6, 2011 
McCarty: Right to work plan is wrong for Missouri April 1, 2011 
State workers tell Missouri lawmakers: Stop stealing from us April 1, 2011 
Missouri House supports right to secret ballot in union elections March 15, 2011 
Missouri Joins Wisconsin, Indiana in Right-to-Work Bill Debate March 15, 2011 
Missouri Right-To-Work Bill Appears Dead -- For Now March 15, 2011 
Right to sanity: Not much support among business or labor for right-to-work in Missouri March 15, 2011 
Schoeller: Right to work will bring jobs to Missouri March 15, 2011 
Missouri Senate holds first 'right-to-work' debate  March 14, 2011 
Right-to-work is good for Missouri March 10, 2011 
Mo. Senate panel advances 'right to work' bill February 16, 2011 
Mo. governor opposes 'right-to-work' legislation February 11, 2011 
Missouri Republicans Oppose So-Called Right to Work February 7, 2011 
Your views: No gains for Missourians January 17, 2011 
Right-to-work laws not seen as employment-maker January 8, 2011 
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