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Other Concessions and Cuts in Missouri

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East St. Louis police picket to protest police layoffs November 2, 2015 
Police Pay Gap: Many of America's Finest Struggle on Poverty Wages October 26, 2014 
Jefferson City Police receive training funds July 31, 2014 
All uniformed Columbia police officers to be equipped with body cameras July 25, 2014 
Police union president to mayor: 'Turn on a scanner' July 25, 2014 
Springfield police union to City Hall: Hire more cops May 16, 2014 
Lee’s Summit makes labor agreement with police union April 23, 2014 
'No' vote continues funding for police, firefighters April 3, 2014 
Missouri House endorses limits on union payments April 1, 2014 
Jury awards $1.14 million in age discrimination suit against Missouri Department of Public Safety March 28, 2014 
Ignore Chief Darrl Forte and move Kansas City toward local police control September 4, 2013 
Uplands Park without police force July 11, 2013 
Nixon signs several bills relating to law enforcement June 27, 2013 
Mo. Gov. Nixon signs public safety measure June 25, 2013 
Presiding Greene County commissioner suggests city's pension tax could continue to help county June 5, 2013 
St. Louis provides lessons for KC on big police change May 25, 2013 
House Includes 'Right-To-Work for Cops' in Public Safety Bill April 28, 2013 
KC police union drops efforts to collect fees from non-members April 5, 2013 
Mo. Senate endorses union paycheck bill March 12, 2013 
Wildwood Authorizes $2.9M Police Contract with St. Louis County December 13, 2012 
Shake-up in St. Louis police? Not right away, says city November 8, 2012 
KC leaders face three key public-safety matters November 7, 2012 
Contract awarded for KC’s new East Patrol campus October 25, 2012 
St. Louis County police chief floats special taxing district idea  October 23, 2012 
U City Approves Hiring Four New Police Officers October 23, 2012 
Missouri voters finally to vote on local control of St. Louis police October 18, 2012 
St. Louis Police Officers Association says it is neutral on city control October 17, 2012 
Columbia teachers elect union representation October 12, 2012 
Despite Push to Compare Prices, Manchester Police Renew Dispatch Contract With Ballwin October 10, 2012 
Police shift staff to deal with patrol officer shortage September 1, 2012 
Police lawyer funds brought into question August 20, 2012 
Council discusses past safety funds May 9, 2012 
St. Louis police budget would give some officers raises, reduce force by 80 April 19, 2012 
City of St. Louis will soon have fewer police officers April 18, 2012 
Police Layoffs April 18, 2012 
St. Louis police chief to recommend cutting 80 officers April 17, 2012 
East St. Louis lays off police support staff March 20, 2012 
Chief: St. Louis police budget gap can be met without layoffs February 16, 2012 
Finally, KC’s leaders move to cut costs in fire, police February 15, 2012 
Clayton Awards $1M Solar Contract for New Police Station  February 7, 2012 
Firestorm brewing as city manager outlines cuts to KC department January 17, 2012 
Dellwood official says Ferguson plan to take over policing falls short January 12, 2012 
Furloughs cancelled in City of St. Louis October 25, 2011 
Police group feels slighted by board July 29, 2011 
Fire, police unions question safety May 17, 2011 
Missouri Labor Educator Judy Ancel Says Phony Violence Advocacy Allegations Are Another Attack On Working People May 2, 2011 
Federal grant will save St. Louis firefighters' jobs  March 31, 2011 
Police & City to Look for Third Plan on Health Insurance March 24, 2011 
Gap between public-private compensation is highest in Missouri  March 18, 2011 
St. Louis police cuts averted, fire layoffs loom  March 16, 2011 
Study: Mo. public employees underpaid March 4, 2011 
Showing 51 items